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Yes, it's February, the shortest month of the year.

However, it's a Leap Year, so this one gets an extension.


Elon Musk announced that his controversial Neuralink brain chip has been implanted in a human.

How's the patient doing so far?

Musk said he'd give him a full examination once he gets back from mowing the lawn and washing his car.


In a move that combines the solemnity of war with the relief of student debt, President Joe Biden has unveiled a groundbreaking promise for Americans contemplating military service in the event of World War III: student loan forgiveness, no strings attached.

Addressing a solemn crowd, Biden declared, “I understand the weight that student loans can place on our youth. So, as your Commander-in-Chief, I’m proud to announce that any American who bravely serves and, unfortunately, doesn’t make it back from World War III won’t have to worry about student loan payments anymore. It’s the least we can do.”

The announcement, which some critics have dubbed the “Ultimate Loan Forgiveness Program,” aims to sweeten the deal for potential recruits while addressing the rising concerns about the looming global conflict.

“It’s a win-win, really,” explained White House spokesperson Harmony McClendon. “Not only do these brave individuals get the chance to defend their country, but they can also rest easy knowing that their student loans won’t haunt their families in the afterlife.”

The proposal has sparked a wave of reactions, with some praising Biden for his innovative approach to easing the burden of student debt and others questioning the appropriateness of tying loan forgiveness to the ultimate sacrifice.

“I think it’s a beautiful sentiment,” said one supporter. “Sure, it’s a bit morbid, but if I have to face World War III, at least I won’t be haunted by Sallie Mae from beyond the grave.”

As the nation grapples with the potential for global conflict and the intricacies of this unexpected student loan policy, one thing is certain: Biden has found a way to make the afterlife a bit more financially comfortable for those who may give their lives in service to their country.


Harvard University's chief diversity and inclusion officer, Sherri Ann Charleston, has been accused of 40 examples of alleged plagiarism in her academic work.

When asked if she should feel guilty, she responded with, "To be or not to be. That is the question."


The average woman complains about men twice a day.

I apparently inspire women to overachieve.

Quote of the Times;
“This is all pre-planned by an elite group of people. That’s what I’m talking about. Event 201 occurred in late 2019, prior to the rest of us knowing about this pandemic. This is very concerning in terms of what has happened, what is happening, what continues to be planned for our loss of freedom. Again, it needs to be exposed, but unfortunately, there are very few people, even in Congress, who are willing to take a look at this. They all pushed the vaccine. They don’t want to be made aware of the fact the vaccines might have caused injuries, might have caused deaths. So many people simply don’t want to admit they were wrong and they’re going to makes sure to do everything they can to ensure they’re not proven wrong. We’re up against a very powerful group of people here, Maria. We need the truth to be exposed, we need more Americans to listen to the truth, to be exposed to the truth, to pull their heads out of the sand, quite honestly, to open up their eyes and understand what is happening to this country. We are going down a very dangerous path, but it is a path that is being laid out and planned by an elite group of people that want to take total control over our lives. And that’s what they’re doing, bit by bit. They do it by massively increasing government spending, increasing the size of government, these amendments that are coming up that are going to be voted on in 2024, the WHO, are frightening and they really risk taking away all of our sovereignty. People have to awaken to the dangers of the moment.” – Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI)

Link of the Times;
If You’re a Hammer:

Issue of the Times;
Downfall of Europe by Bishop Williamson

French Nationalists we may or may not heed,

But Catholics, French, we absolutely need.

The collapse of France and of Europe as a whole is a catastrophic reality. It did not happen overnight. The undermining has been going on for a long time, as French nationalists most keenly saw, predicting the grave consequences for society and civilization, which are now evident. Several outstanding writers, and magazines like Rivarol, have long been sounding the alarm, as dark events followed one after another.

After the collapse of France’s colonial empire and the betrayal of French Algeria the student uprising of 1968 in Paris demonstrated that the French people in general were ready to accept the overthrow of all common sense, Tradition, sane morals, of whatever used to make the greatness of our civilization. Then came the legalizing of abortion, a socialist government in 1981, anti-racism, engineered immigration, reshaping the family, LGBT, transgender, pedophilia, adrenochrome (a real horror), organ sales, “climate change,” chemtrails, etc. Yet there was little public reaction. People might be a little shaken for a moment or two, but soon they settled down again. Yet we speak of “a rise in the standard of living” as though there has been a real bettering of life, when in reality it has been little more than technical – better machines making available more material goods. The result has been that the household’s need for two salaries instead of one splits the mother from the home, especially if she may not like mothering.

For a whole age France radiated worldwide, in general for good, but now it is itself sinking in a moral and economic decline, in such a social and intellectual crisis that it can no longer exercise any such influence. Worst of all, it rejects, scorns and is ignorant of all that it once achieved. Yet surprisingly, that “West,” which is no longer anything more than the puppet of satanic masters who are an oligarchy of materialistic and gnostic globalists, still behaves as though it has a calling to lead the world, somewhat like the Talmudic Jews pretending themselves to be the priesthood of mankind.

And ever since Covid, that monstrous lie designed to test just how far the manipulation of modern man can go, the peoples of the Europe of Charlemagne have fast been enslaving themselves to the banksters of London and New York. The depopulation plan behind Covid goes back at least to the 1970’s when Jacques Attali, still today a key adviser to the French government, said in a public interview, “Useless eaters are good for the slaughter-house.” Hence the dangerous and deadly “vaccinations.”

As for France, it is cut up and sold for profit to the USA and private interests. As for Europe, it is torn apart by the USA-NATO attack on Russia, with the vile mass-media and their commentators spewing lies against Russia, while above all the entire political class keep silent. By their proxy war in the Ukraine, killing half a million whites, the USA have achieved at least one thing – Europe’s economic power and Germany’s competition are broken – German companies are moving to America. Little do the Americans suspect how history shows that such “conquests” are signs of an empire’s imminent fall. Moreover, the West has tied its fate to that of the State of Israel which it worships, but the rest of the world is rejecting such arrogance and degeneracy, and it is not accepting what Israel is doing to the Palestinians.

The complete lack of reaction in all of France’s highest institutions to such infamy of the France of Charlemagne signals the end of a world. They stand and watch, silent and docile, while France rolls into the trash-cans of history. Some hope it will last their time, others continue to sleepwalk, drunk on their own propaganda. Those in power strive to silence all opposition, while World War hangs over their heads.

Our task in politics is to do whatever we can that may have an effect, but it is mainly to preserve for a better future the best fruits of France’s glorious past, just as, when in the sixth century the Roman empire was being swamped by the barbarians, the monks in the monasteries preserved the glories of antiquity. These glories, preserved, played a large part in the building up which followed, of 1500 years of European and Christian civilization.

News of the Times;
Once Safe Small Wisconsin Town Begs Biden:

Musk warns those dealing with Biden's border invasion 'coming for your homes':

Lloyd Austin’s Secret 911 Call Revealed:

Young Girl in Coffee Shop RECOILS After Biden Creeps on Her:

Johns Hopkins dean apologizes to staff after DEI officer sent woke hit list email:

5 Swedish police officers forced to pay fine to convicted Syrian migrant who brutally attacked them:

Biden’s DHS paid over $700,000 to activist organizations to create ‘counter-propaganda’:

Biden’s US border crisis is now deadly enough to kill EVERY American:

Public Charging Stations Turn into Electric ‘Car Graveyards’:

China’s Military Scandal:
Food Network Star Darnell Ferguson has been arrested on strangulation and burglary charges.

Your classic recipe for disaster.


Top 5 Signs you Didn't Try a Dry January:

Your liver served you a court injunction.

The National Distillers Association bribed you to skip it.

It's not December?

You're going to try in February, shorter month.

The booze from New Year's Eve isn't even out of your system yet.



I wish I had a pair of skinny genes.

You don't realize how old you are until you try to get up after wrapping presents on the floor.

My toxic trait is telling people to take care of themselves while I'm running on three hours of sleep, enough caffeine to kill a horse and a cookie.

Why aren't mustaches called "mouth brows?"

You can have my heart, but I need my liver.

I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it.

Lately, instead of cleaning the house, I just turn off the lights.

Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.

I need more friends who understand that I still want to be invited, I'm just not going.

Never test how deep the water is with both feet.


So, first they started charging extra for luggage.

Now they're going to ding us more to be on a plane where the door stays on?


Britney Spears says she is not returning to the music industry.

Not sure where to mail the 'Thank You' notes.

Quote of the Times;
President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act, in exchange for campaign contributions; a decision he later regretted. In 1919, Wilson wrote: “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country, a great industrial nation is now controlled by a system of credit. We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

Link of the Times;
The 5 Best Independent Comics You Can Read For Free Right Now:

Issue of the Times;
Restaurant owner breaks down how inflation causes him to charge nearly $16 for BLT by Alicia Warren

Inflation, a driving force behind many of the challenges businesses face today, has caused one restaurant owner to charge nearly $16 for a BLT sandwich due to rising costs.

Will Restaurants Investment Group founder and CEO Brian Will broke down his monthly expenses during an appearance on “Varney & Co.” after a friend confronted him about the price of his $16 BLT sandwich.

The wholesale cost for the popular sandwich is only $5 according to Will, but the need to cover operational expenses is what caused the meal that was once $12.99 three years ago, to become $15.99 today.

Will detailed his monthly expenses, sharing insight on the business side of running a restaurant and justifying the rising price of meals.

Will spends $20,000 a month on renting a space that houses one of his restaurants in a “new mixed-use development,” arguing it “costs a lot” given the location.

“My utilities [are] $6,000 a month. My labor in December [was] $60,000, which means I’ve got $86,000 of base cost the day I open the doors on January 1,” Will explained.

“You figure in a 32% food cost. I have $11 of gross profit in that sandwich. You take all my costs divided by $11 of gross profit, and I [have] to sell 93,000 sandwiches just to get to zero before I can make any money,” he continued.

Will Restaurants Investment Group was established in 2010.

The premier restaurant management company owns and operates brands like Central City Tavern, The Tavern House, The Derby Sports Bar, and Cantina Loca.

Will told Fox Business that he’s “now dealing with a different economy” than when he first signed the lease for the eatery’s location.

“We signed our lease pre-COVID with fixed increases every year. And I have a personal guarantee, so my rent isn’t going down. It’s going up every year forever,” he stressed.

The commercial real estate industry continues to grapple with the rise in interest rates and the impact of remote work.

Will detailed his monthly expenses, sharing insight on the business side of running a restaurant and justifying the rising price of meals.

“My revenue per operation has dropped about $350,000 per store while my rent has gone up, labor is up 30%, insurance is up 40%, rents up 10%,” the restaurateur stressed.

News of the Times;
This damning video of Joe Biden had all hell breaking loose:

Journos Caught on Tape Joking About Trump Assassination:

81% of Democrats Think Trump Should Be Tossed Off Ballot:

Have the Billions Donated for ‘Racial Equity’ Made Any Difference?

Dem Rep. Yvette Clarke Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Illegals:

Journalist Sneaks Into NYC Migrant Center:

Texas takes control of Eagle Pass park:

How Many Citizens Have Their Rights Impacted:

Why the US can’t find enough troops:

Pentagon Report Reveals Over $1 Billion in Weapons Sent to Ukraine Unaccounted For:

CNN Admits 'Disturbing' Israel-Palestine Policy:

Sentencing Exemplifies Broken System of Two-Tiered Justice:

Parents Who Refuse to Let Their Kids Go Trans Could Face 7 Years in Prison:

This Is What The Fall Of Rome Looked Like:

Jewish tunnels situation is crazy:
Warning: Don't give Rice Krispies to children.

I ate them as a child and now when I stand up, I snap, crackle and pop!


Sharon Osbourne says having cosmetic surgery was "the worst decision I ever made in my life!"

This coming from the woman who married Ozzy Osbourne.


Top 5 Signs 2024 is going to be a Rough Year:

A psychic refuses to give you a reading, gives you your money back and yells, "Get away!"

That new calendar you bought doesn't go past June.

On New Year's Eve, you remembered every single one of your old acquaintances.

It happens to be the Chinese Year of the Honey Badger.

It’s January and you just said, "Is it 2025 yet?".

*.* went around the country, looking for the saddest cities in America.

Number one: Fayetteville, North Carolina.

They were actually excited to win the award.

How sad is that?


New research shows that apes can recognize old friends they haven't seen for decades.

Especially the ones that owe them bananas.

Quote of the Times;
The purpose of this annual report is to provide the most accurate statistics possible about serial killers and their victims. Key findings: – Since 1990, the majority of serial killers were Black (50.9%) followed by White (36.3%), Hispanic (10.6%), Asian (1.9%), and Native American (.4%). – In all decades, the percentage of Black serial killers exceeds the percentage of Black citizens in the United States population. – The percentage of Black serial killers in the United States has steadily increased across the decades from a low of 17% in the 1920s to over 57% in the 2010s. - The Radford/FGCU Annual Report on Serial Killer Statistics 2023

Link of the Times;
The US Government “Misplaced” $21 Trillion:

Issue of the Times;
DEI Can Only Exist in a Noncompetitive Environment by Patrick Bobko

Harvard President Claudine Gay’s recent testimony before the U.S. Congress and subsequent exposure of her academic history have revealed much about the true nature and purpose of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) ideology.

The most significant “A-ha!” moment from le affair Gay is that DEI only “works” in noncompetitive environments such as government and academia. The principles of “diversity” and “equity” implicitly assume that entities and organizations will continue along their current trajectory regardless of who’s in charge. DEI discounts merit, ability, and leadership and assumes as a matter of ideological gospel that “diversity” will more than make up for their loss.

And although this might be true in glacial bureaucracies at Harvard University, the U.S. Department of Education, or Los Angeles City Hall where funding rolls in at the start of every fiscal year and there is virtually no accountability for poor performance, DEI cannot survive in competitive environments where outcomes truly matter.

Harvard is the paradigm example. The university will continue to exist despite Ms. Gay’s shortcomings, as it has for centuries. Eager students from around the world will line up for a chance at a place in the incoming class. Tuition and grants will continue to pour into the university’s coffers. Because of its secure position in academia and absence of any real competitive threats, Harvard has the luxury of making the conscious decision to place a person in a leadership position who, on the available evidence, is unqualified and incapable of effective leadership.

Truth be told, nobody cares whether Gay can lead a university or the quality of her academic work, because she has not one speck of impact on Americans’ day-to-day lives. From her perch at Harvard University, Gay is free to theorize about social injustice and systemic racism and her supporters can quibble about the precise definition of “plagiarism” without impacting the price of gasoline, milk, or mortgage rates. She is someone who exists only on TV in a different world from all but a very, very select few Americans.

And if Gay and her ideas existed only in the Harvard faculty lounge, none of this would be a problem.

But DEI doesn’t exist only at Harvard. DEI is being implemented as an official policy in schools, government, and even the military.

Regarding the military specifically, it should give everyone pause to know that somewhere out there a Claudine Gay is currently commanding an Air Force squadron, an Army regiment, or a Navy ship. The exact same DEI principles that moved Claudine Gay to the top of the heap at Harvard are moving someone just like her through the ranks into a front-line command position.

But unlike Gay’s pedagogical pursuits where nothing is truly lost and little is put at risk, military commanders exist in the most competitive environment imaginable, where results absolutely do matter. Competence, ability, and moral courage are essential characteristics for military leaders at all levels, and they matter absolutely, both to the security of our nation and to the men and women entrusted to the leaders’ command. Gay exhibited none of these qualities.

With this in mind, it is important to remember the dissembling woman with the thick frames and condescending glare was the leader and product of an organization completely committed to “diversity.” Harvard University, widely considered to be the zenith of American academia and home to some of the world’s most promising minds, has completely adopted DEI’s principles and implements them among students and faculty with a zeal that would have made Oliver Cromwell proud. The university boasts a $50 billion endowment and employs nearly as many administrators as students. If there was ever a place where “diversity” could display its proof of concept, Harvard is it.

Gay embodies what DEI purports to be in its most elevated form -- a minority woman ascending the heights of academia at one of this country’s most storied institutions.

Gay is apparently the best result of America’s best DEI program.

Excepting of course, that it is now widely reported that she is a plagiarist. Gay’s doctoral dissertation is alleged to not be the product of her own work or research but was instead stolen from others. If true, this means Harvard University’s president and shining exemplar of DEI is an intellectual thief. And if she passed off someone else’s work as her own to gain her position at Harvard, she is not only a thief but a liar.

And yet for the “diversity” tub-thumpers, none of this matters. The resulting defense of Gay and the dissembling over the precise meaning of “plagiarism” has shown that academic credentials, even for a university president, are of only supplemental importance. The revealed truth of DEI is that what Ms. Gay represents is an order of magnitude more important than what she actually is. Whether she is qualified and can do the job for which she was selected is merely ancillary to her having it. This, of course, can only work for people such as Gay who exist in an environment free from consequence.

Gay’s supporters would push back and say that the backlash shows who the racists really are. But what happens when Admiral Claudine Gay, selected for command because of what she represents instead of who she is, faces a competitive (read: combat) situation with the enemy for which she is unqualified and ill-prepared? What happens when a person such as Gay, selected for a position by virtue of her sexual orientation or ethnicity, without any consideration of consequence, encounters a situation where the consequences are measured in American lives?

Who will DEI’s supporters accuse of being the racists then?

News of the Times;
Cancer drugs are the most profitable for Big Pharma:

Florida Surgeon General Warns Against Using mRNA COVID Vaccines Over Possible Cancer Risk:

People receiving cancer treatment since 2020 skyrocketed by 73%:

Vivek Slams CNN For 'Egregious Interference' After Town Hall Answers Go Viral:

DHS Secretary Admits Over 70 Percent of Illegal Immigrants Are Being Released Into US:

Biden Administration Ramps Up Domestic Oil Production:

Ohio Health Dept Director Who Allowed Clinic to Abort Babies Up to Birth:

Deadly mass shooting in LA:

21 Year Old Black Man Charged With Murder:

TSA official accused of exploiting a family member with dementia is arrested:

Bill Clinton Officially Named As Epstein’s ‘Most Prolific Pedophile’:

What The Fed Accomplished:

More than one million American college students faced penalties for free expression:

Mexican President Demands Joe Biden Grant at Least 10 Million Hispanics Legal Status in US:

Nobody Wants A Glorified Golf Cart:
A former employee of the Jacksonville Jaguars has been accused of stealing more than $22 million from the NFL team.

They've always had trouble with their defense.


Some claim that Nostradamus had predicted that the year 2024 is going to be a year of war and famine.

Of course, keep in mind that in 2023, he had the Carolina Panthers winning the Super Bowl.


An older gentleman, worried about his health, visits the doctor.

“So how long do I have?” he wants to know.

“You smoke cigarettes?” the doctor wants to know.

“Never,” the man replies.

“You drink much vodka?” the doctor asks.

“Never touch the stuff.”

“You chase around with many women?”

“No, I never chase women.”

"I wouldn't wait."


I'm so broke, I rub cologne from magazines on my shirt.

When people say, "Oh, you smell good. What is that?" I tell them, "Page 14."


NASA has released stunning new pictures of Uranus and H.R. says I have to stop there.

Quote of the Times;
World War II was basically a repeat of World War I, in that quashing Germany’s economic and industrial power was the chief goal. In a March 1946 note from Winston Churchill to Harry Truman, the reason for World War II was made clear: “The war wasn’t only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have if we had intended so prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn’t want to.”

Link of the Times;
Do you notice anything different between this Moscow subway and NYC?

Issue of the Times;
Major Scandal Rocks the Italian Catholic Church: Bishops Accused of Funding Illegal Immigration by Amy Me

The Catholic Church, akin to George Soros, is now under scrutiny for its involvement in financing the illegal invasion of Europe.

Rome, Italy – A significant scandal has recently emerged within the Italian Catholic Church, implicating high-ranking church officials, including cardinals and archbishops, in a scheme of organizing and financing illegal migration from Africa to Europe. Investigations led by the prosecutor’s office in Ragusa, Sicily, have uncovered troubling connections between several Italian dioceses and the George Soros-tied NGO “SOS Mediterranea,” accused of aiding and abetting human trafficking under the guise of refugee aid.

Financial Ties and Controversial Figures

The investigations have revealed that these dioceses channeled at least €2 million into operations alleged to support illegal migration. Notably, some funds reportedly ended up in the personal accounts of pro-immigration activists. Key figures implicated include Cardinal Matteo Zuppi of Bologna, Archbishop Corrado Lorefice of Palermo, Archbishop Domenico Battaglia of Naples, Archbishop Erio Castellucci of Modena, and Archbishop Giovanni Ricchiuti of Altamury. Additionally, Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich of Luxembourg is also on the donor list, having contributed €25,000 to these questionable activities.

Luca Casarini: The Radical Leftist Linchpin

Central to this scandal is Luca Casarini, a prominent left-wing activist and a key figure in the NGO “SOS Mediterranea.” Known for his involvement in the 2001 G8 summit protests in Genoa, Casarini has long been under scrutiny for his radical methods and unscrupulous tactics in illegal migrant transportation. These protests, marked by violence and chaos, highlighted his controversial role in the activist community.

In recent years, Casarini has been instrumental in the operations of “SOS Mediterranea,” an organization often working with other left-wing NGO groups like Antifa-tied “Sea-Watch.” These radical groups, have been accused of illegally ferrying migrants from Africa to Europe, raising significant concerns about the legality and ethics of their operations. As reported previously at RAIR, video evidence exposes the coordination between NGO migrant ferries and illegal human traffickers. The human traffickers even advertise their illegal services on left-wing Facebook. Casarini’s deep involvement in these activities has made him a central figure in the ongoing controversy surrounding the role of NGOs in the European migrant crisis.

Luca Casarini, a special synod guest from the aid organization Mediterranea Saving Humans, speaks during a briefing about the assembly of the Synod of Bishops at the Vatican on Oct. 11, 2023. (CNS photo/Lola Gomez)

Casarini and five other individuals working for Mediterranea are under investigation in Sicily for a 2020 incident involving the Mare Jonio ship. At that time, they disembarked 27 migrants in a Sicilian port without permission, following a transaction with the Danish company Maersk. Prosecutors allege this was a payoff in violation of Italian immigration laws, further complicating the ethical landscape of these operations.

Pope Francis’ Involvement and Criticism

Adding to the controversy, Pope Francis‘ interactions with Casarini have drawn criticism and raised eyebrows. Despite his lack of active involvement in Church life, the Pope’s decision to invite Casarini to participate in the Vatican Synod of Bishops in 2019 has been seen as an endorsement of these left-wing globalist practices.

In a move that further intensified debate, Pope Francis notably received a life jacket with a crucifix from Casarini, a gesture interpreted as a symbol of support for the NGO’s activities. This act, along with the Pope’s public welcoming of illegal migrants in Lampedusa, has added to his anti-European stance on migration policies. These actions have not only been a topic of intense debate within the Church but have also sparked discussions on a broader societal level, questioning the Church’s role and stance in illegal migration and refugee aid.

Critics argue that such gestures by the Pope encourage illegal migration and conflict with the interests of European states grappling with illegal mass migration challenges. These incidents underscore the complexities of the Church’s involvement in geopolitical issues, particularly in the realm of illegals and caring more about their well-being than the citizens of Europe.

Church Asylum and Human Smuggling: An Alarming Nexus

This scandal highlights the misuse of “church asylum,” with radical left-wing, anti-European smuggling NGOs like Mediterranea receiving clerical support. Intercepted phone calls revealed that activists privately expressed disdain for the bishops while adopting a reverent tone in direct interactions. Casarini’s right-hand man, Giuseppe Caccia, made derogatory comments about the bishops, and Casarini himself mocked the value of the Pope’s letters of support.

Cynical View of the Church by Activists

A troubling aspect of this scandal is the notion that Mediterranea activists treated the Church as a mere funding source. Intercepts revealed admissions of using church money for personal expenses like rent, thus avoiding regular employment, reflecting a deeply cynical exploitation of the Church’s resources.

The Fallout: Decreased Donations and Damaged Credibility

The scandal threatens to undermine the Church’s credibility. There is growing concern that parishioners may stop donating during Mass, fearing their contributions are funding illegal immigration rather than pastoral activities. This situation poses a serious warning against the Church engaging in financing ideological projects.

Debate on Bishops’ Motivations

The scandal has intensified the debate over whether the implicated bishops followed Pope Francis’ directives or acted independently, driven by their interpretation of his humanitarian vision. Observers suggest that by financing activities supporting illegal migration, these bishops might have been trying to outdo Pope Francis himself in demonstrating commitment to his ideals, a phenomenon being termed ‘out-Bergoglioing Bergoglio.’

This raises serious questions about the autonomy of bishops within the Church’s hierarchy and the misalignment of their actions with official Vatican policies. It also highlights a dangerous precedent where moral and ethical pursuits blur the lines into politically charged territories, exposing the Church’s neutrality and governance.

The debate is not just about the bishops’ allegiance to the Pope’s stance but also about the decision-making and accountability within the Church. It underscores a critical issue: how far Church leaders can stretch the Pope’s vision before it becomes a liability, both ethically and politically, for the Vatican.

News of the Times;
The Most Popular Articles Of The Past Year And A Look Ahead:

Bedlam in Berlin as Police and Firefighters Attacked With Projectiles:

Canadian Health Care Leaves Patients Frozen In Line:

Britain’s Net Zero Disaster and the Wind Power Scam:

Xi sends warning over Taiwan:

Etsy targeted by child trafficking conspiracy theories:

Google Agrees to Settle $5 Billion Class Action Lawsuit:

How the EPA Is Attempting to Kill the Berkey Water Filter:

Portland Poop Crisis Triggers Bacteria Outbreak Normally Found In Third World:

Bill Clinton to be unmasked as ‘Doe 36’:

Former Planned Parenthood Director Commits Suicide After Police Raid:

Collins Comes Clean. Admits Covid Lockdown Was ‘Another Mistake We Made’:

Governor Who Vetoed Bill Blocking Sex-Changes Took $40K From Pro-Trans Hospitals

Gay’s Getting off Easy:

Rome Was Eternal, Until It Wasn't:
We don't hide crazy in this family.

We put it out on the front porch and give it a beer!


I made a huge "To Do" list today.

Now, to figure out who's going to do it.


In a stunning act of humility, retired wrestler and two-time WWE Hall of Fame inductee Hulk Hogan went forward during the altar call at Indian Rocks Baptist Church to be baptized — OH NO HULK'S PULLED OFF THE REVERSAL AND BODYSLAMMED THE PASTOR IN THE PEWS! NO ONE COULD SURVIVE THAT!


Hulk Hogan then climbed to the top of the podium and taunted the crowd before executing a flawless flying elbow drop upon the defenseless pastor and OH IT'S JUST TOO TRAGIC!


Hulk Hogan was finally subdued when a deacon came out from backstage with a folding chair and pummeled the suburban commando, knocking him out cold. The pastor and deacon then heaved Hulk Hogan's unconscious body into the water where they baptized him.

In what some are calling a miraculous experience, Hulk Hogan suddenly opened his eyes and spoke gently to the two men. "Let me tell you, brother. I am now your brother, brother," he said.

Three people were injured during the incident.


According to a new survey, Americans feel that we should all be able to retire when we're 44 years old.

I did.

Just didn't let my boss know.


Tesla is recalling nearly all vehicles sold in the U.S., more than 2 million, to update software and fix a defective system that messes with its autopilot features.

They say just put in the address of your local dealer, hit "drive" and yell, "Lookout!" really loud while on the road.

Quote of the Times;
"A simple question. If Islam is so fantastic, why do Muslims seek refuge in Christian countries?" - Katie Hopkins

Link of the Times;
Prepare for a New, Less Affluent America:

Issue of the Times;
Stand Up Comedian Dave Smith Explains Why Culture War is a Distraction Engineered by Elites by Jim Hoft

In an eye-opening episode of the Patrick Bet-David Podcast, a diverse panel including comedian Dave Smith, finance expert Adam Sosnick, advocate Ricky Aguilar, and financial coach Matt Sapaula recently delved into a medley of pressing political and economic issues.

Dave Smith, in the discussion, presented a compelling viewpoint. He argued that the growing cultural divide in America is not a random occurrence but rather the result of a deliberate social engineering effort.

Smith shed light on a noticeable yet often overlooked trend. Combining his skills as an experienced comedian with the sharpness of a political commentator, he pointed out a significant increase in the usage of controversial terms like “racism,” “social justice,” and “transgenderism” in major media outlets starting from 2012. This observation was supported by various content analysis studies, suggesting a strategic emphasis on these issues in public discourse.

“There are these nexus charts where you can map out words in major publications… Go track how many times the word “racism” was mentioned. And around 2012, it shoots up. Social justice shoots up. Transgenderism shoots up. This was forced on the American people.

Why are we having these conversations now? The people did not wake up one day and decide they want to have a national conversation about chicks with d*cks. That didn’t happen, this wasn’t an organic movement. It was all of the most powerful people deciding this is what we’re going to talk about.”

The purpose behind propelling such topics to the foreground of the national conversation, according to Smith, is a classic diversion tactic employed by policymakers.

“Because when you’re failing on policy, you pivot to a culture war. You put people against each other so they’re fighting each other.

We had in this country, an “Occupy Wall Street” movement where leftists were standing outside of big banks screaming, “We are the 99%.”

Right-wingers had a populist movement called the “Tea Party” where they were outraged about the bailouts of big banks, unsustainable debt, and government spending.

They don’t like that. That’s not what the powers that be like. You’re getting too close.”

Smith suggested that those in power favor public engagement in culture wars over critical examination of monetary or foreign policies, which have broader implications.

He stated that the public’s attention on transgender restrooms and abortion rights gives those in power a sense of relief.

This approach, he posited, serves as a diversionary tactic to shift attention away from crucial policy failures.

“Look, they like you fighting about issues like abortion. I’m not saying abortion isn’t a very important issue, it’s a very important issue. But us fighting about that issue doesn’t scare anyone at the Federal Reserve. It doesn’t scare anyone at the CIA. They don’t care if you fight about that issue.

They love you fighting over transgender bathrooms. And you can see this every day. They’re stoking this culture war because they have to to distract from the fact that they’ve completely failed on everything else.”

Via Chief Nerd:

Dave Smith on Why the Culture War Was Socially Engineered

“The people did not wake up one day and decide we want to have a national conversation about chicks with d*cks.”
— Chief Nerd (@TheChiefNerd) December 24, 2023

You can watch the full discussion here:

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