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I had my first shot this morning.

I'm going to wait until after my next Zoom meeting before I have another one.


My girlfriend made the allegation, "I think you've having an affair!”

“It’s that Welsh tart from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch isn’t it!”

I said, "How can you say such a thing?"


So, Oprah chatted with Harry and Meghan last week. Buckingham Palace said it was a royal shame.

Prince Harry said he felt let down by his father. When he heard that, Prince Charles couldn't believe his ears. Everyone close by was quick to respond, "We can't believe them, either."

On the positive side neither Harry or Meghan made any claims against Governor Cuomo.

For those of you keeping score at home, the number of Andrew Cuomo accusers is now up to six. So, enough for a basketball team.

The Queen says she plans to call Harry and Meghan. No word yet on what she's going to call them.

If nothing else, Harry and Meghan's interview means at least one more season of "The Crown."

Anyone else getting tired of hearing all the problems people who live in mansions are having?


Top 5 Revelations from the Harry & Meghan Interview:

1. Prince Charles' nickname for Camilla is "Spanky".

2. When Meghan referred to "the firm," she was talking about the mattresses in the palace.

3. The entire Royal Family has been invited on Family Feud. No response yet.

4. William has an annoying habit of referring to Harry as "number two".

5. The Queen actually sleeps in a King bed.


US archaeologists recently dug up a jaw bone and thought they have discovered a new species of Australopithecus.

Sadly, after further examination, it turned out that those remains were that of a murdered British model.

Quote of the Times;
Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man's foes shall be they of his own household. - Matthew 10:34-36

Link of the Times;

Issue of the Times;
Walking the Woke, or Just Talking the Talk by Brian C. Joondeph

Hypocrisy is a tenet of modern liberalism. Those that talk the talk rarely walk the walk, or in the case of leftism, “walk the woke.” Regardless of the issue, the left says one thing and does another.

Examples include environmentalism, where climate warriors fly across the globe in high carbon footprint private jets to commune with fellow environmentalists or to accept awards for their words, rather than their deeds.

Faithful Catholics like Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi have no problem with full term abortion or same sex marriage. Those preaching the loudest about COVID face coverings ditch their own masks when they think no one is looking, like Dr Fauci at a baseball game or President Biden when he forgets where he is.

Racial justice warriors raise the alarms about white privilege, institutional racism, oppression, intersectionality, and many other terms de jour. How do those screaming the loudest fare when the judgment lens in focused in their direction rather than on those they criticize and impugn?

Leading media organizations trip over themselves to be diverse, tolerant, and inclusive. How are they doing in these departments?

For purposes of a baseline, the demographic composition of the United States is 60 percent white, 13 percent black, 19 percent Hispanic and 6 percent Asian, per the US Census Bureau.

The New York Times, whose new motto is “all the woke that’s fit to print”, ousted a reporter who had been at the newspaper for 45 years over using a verboten racial slur “in a conversation about racist language.” Woe to the teacher who reads the wrong passage of Mark Twain’s “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” out loud to his or her class.

How is the Times itself doing in its diversity department? According to Statista, “People of color still have very limited representation within the company, particularly within leadership. In 2020, just 23 percent of leadership roles were occupied by people of color, up by six percent from 2015”, but well below the US demographic.

In 2020, Times employees were only 8 percent black and 7 percent Hispanic, well below their representation in American society. Perhaps an alternate motto for the paper could be “Diversity for thee, but not for me.”

How has the Beltway for the Times fared? Last October, the Washington Post published a long article, “Resources to understand America’s long history of injustice and inequality.” Are they “walking the woke”?

They are not, instead getting worse during the past five years, undoubtedly due to the influence of Donald Trump within their city. From 2015 to 2020, black employees fell from 27 to 20 percent and Hispanic employees rose from only 4 to 5 percent, well below their representation in America.

Uber woke social media giants, quick to censor or deplatform the unwoke deplorables, have similar diversity problems, despite their incessant finger wagging. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission opened a formal probe into “systemic” racial bias in hiring and promotions. Not at Trump Tower, but at Facebook, one of the wokest of the woke.

Several rejected job applicants, “have alleged Facebook discriminates against black candidates.” How diverse are Facebook employees?

In 2020, Facebook employees in the US were 41 percent white, 44 percent Asian, but only 6 percent Hispanic and 4 percent black, far lower than the ethnic composition of the US as a whole.

Fellow woke social media titan Twitter fares no better. The ethnic mix of their employees is 41 percent white, 29 percent Asian, 7 percent black and 5 percent Hispanic.

King of the hill Google must be better than its second tier brethren, right? Not so fast. In their annual diversity report they brag, “We’re advancing a diverse, accessible, and inclusive Google where everyone feels like they belong.”

They talk the talk, but do they walk the woke? According to the Washington Post, their recruiting is hardly diverse, “Google’s approach to historically Black schools helps explain why there are few Black engineers in Big Tech.”

Google’s employee ethnicity reflects what they do, not what they say. In 2020, whites and Asians made up 90 percent of their workforce, with only 4 percent black and 6 percent Hispanic representation. Diversity is for everyone else, not Google, which prefers to hire the best tech talent without regard to skin color.

The NFL takes a similar approach, hiring the best athletes regardless of skin color, resulting in 59 percent black players, enjoying the perks and paycheck of being an elite professional athlete. A diverse and socially just NFL would hire players in proportion to their mix in society as a whole.

Even American cities don’t reflect the diversity they preach. Boulder, Colorado, a beautiful city at the base of the Rocky Mountains, epitomizes the woke culture, with abundant cold brew, vegan ice cream, and kombucha on tap. Although they don’t control their residents, as a company does its employees, how are they doing in the diversity they preach?

Boulder is 80 percent white, 7 percent Hispanic and 1 percent black. So much for diversity. This ethnic mix more reflects an exclusive country club than one of the most woke cities in America.

I am not promoting diversity quotas. Businesses should be free to hire the best employees for their business needs, based on, to paraphrase Martin Luther King Jr, the content of their character, and job skills, rather than the color of their skin.

Those companies that virtue signal their tolerance, diversity, intersectionality, and other social justice buzzwords should expect justifiable backlash if they don’t live up to their own standards.

The New York Times, for example, believes in a free exchange of views within the company. But half of employees are afraid to speak freely over intolerance and cancel culture.

Eventually the left eats its own over unrealistic standards and expectations that even the wokest of the woke cannot meet. When Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss are deemed racist or sexist, and intolerable, nothing is safe from the woke mob.

Those that talk the talk but don’t walk the woke are finding themselves victims of the culture they created. It is hard to have any sympathy toward those hoisted by their own petards.

News of the Times;
My wife and I were waiting for our Covid Jab when the nurse looked at my worried wife and said,

"Don't worry, it's only a little prick."

"For fuvks sake, "I replied, "don't you start as well."


A man walks up to the Widow at a funeral and asks if he can say a word.

"Of course", she replies.

The man plucks up the courage and says, "Bargain".

The Widow looks at him, teary eyed and says, "Thank you so much, that means a great deal".



My wife:







Me: (stands up)

Wife: While you’re up….


A PESSIMIST sees a dark tunnel.

AN OPTIMIST sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

A REALIST sees a train.

THE TRAIN DRIVER sees three idiots standing on the track.


My friend asked me if I thought I would be able to survive if I was stuck on an island in the middle of the ocean.

"Of course I could, mate," I replied, pointing out we live in Australia.

Quote of the Times;
The strange superstition has arisen in the Western world that we can start all over again, remaking human nature, human society, and the possibilities of happiness; as though the knowledge and experience of our ancestors were now entirely irrelevant. – Scruton

Link of the Times;

Issue of the Times;
Why I Am Leaving a Great Career in Public Education by A Disillusioned Administrator

I have worked as a public educator, first as a teacher and then as an assistant principal, for 22 years in a mix of blue and white collar, middle to upper-middle class suburban Metro-Detroit school district. The district I work in is home to the “Reagan Democrats” and its’ residents voted for Barrack Obama and Donald Trump in both candidate’s election and reelection contests. When I first started my career as a young teacher, I knew that many of my colleagues were liberal Democrats and that was not a problem for me. In 1998, despite our political differences, my colleagues and I had some shared values. In particular, these values included a respect for school authority, including our school resource officers (police officers assigned to the high school building I work at), a strong belief in free speech, an insistence on academic freedom, teaching students critical thinking skills, and most importantly -- our shared belief in a colorblind society.

Today, these values have been cancelled and reengineered to fit into the spectrum of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) -- an insidious agenda that heavily discriminates against conservatives and traditionalists of every race -- and is based on the euphemistically termed principles of “anti-racism.” Now, only woke leftist authority is acceptable because all other authority is systemically racist. In schools, this new woke authority is developed in the administrative and teaching ranks through district sponsored anti-racism training -- passed off as professional development -- given by highly paid “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” consultants. Books and materials on how the police are racist, implicitly biased, and purposely target people of color now fill the libraries and classrooms of our public schools. School staff that advocate for free speech and against the cancel culture are now having their employment terminated, which has created a silencing effect for staff members who would dare speak out against the obvious totalitarian nature of being cancelled for one’s opinions. Indeed, conservative and traditional educators are now living through an Orwellian nightmare in modern-day public education. Gone are the days in which we operated according the principles of a colorblind society that Dr. Martin Luther King fought for. Now, under the new narrative, we must work for social justice and equity to rid our schools of systemic racism. This means equality of outcomes, rather than equality of opportunity that the Constitution guarantees.

According to our woke betters, colorblindness is racist and harmful to people of color, because it prevents people from seeing acts of racism in society. The emphasis on skin color that anti-racism is placing on people, rather than seeing each person as an individual, is creating a silent resentment and division within schools and society at large. This has made it impossible for me to enjoy coming to school and working with students and colleagues. Everywhere I look within the school, I am reminded that my thoughts and opinions don’t matter because of my skin color and “privilege.” If I speak out against the obvious racism, hatred and Cultural Marxism of anti-racism, I will no longer be valued as a worthwhile professional who has spent his life’s work positively influencing students. If the wrong people found out how much I despise “anti-racism” and the Critical Race Theory it is based on, I would unjustifiably be labeled a racist, lose the confidence of my employer, and most likely be encouraged to resign. Challenges to the new woke racial orthodoxy are not allowed to occur, and if they do, the end result is a career cancelled and a reputation tarnished.

As a former teacher of history, I have taught many students about the worst totalitarian movements around the world. As I ponder what is happening to our society and public education, I see many similarities to Mao’s Cultural Revolution. In America’s Cultural Revolution, the radical racialists of BLM and Antifa are leading the charge. These two avowed Marxist organizations are full of indoctrinated and disgruntled youth, like the Red Guards of Mao’s China. The campaign of destruction in many American cities and harassment of people minding their own business led by BLM and Antifa, is comparable to the terror unleashed by the Red Guards on China’s intellectuals, cultural relics, and institutions. In China, as in the cities targeted by America’s Marxist youth, statues were torn down, private property was seized and destroyed, those who disagree politically were beaten or killed and great architectural buildings were burnt to the ground.

When our public schools eventually do reopen fully in every state, I fear that the woke Cultural Revolution we are living through will continue to accelerate and make every aspect of the job more difficult for conservative educators like me to continue working in the public schools. The idea of going through a “struggle session” as a 22-year faculty member of my suburban Detroit Area school district is enough to convince me that the uphill battle conservatives (especially Trump supporters) face is not worth having my financial future and reputation ruined. America’s own version of the Red Guard are given prominence within schools for their “voice” and are being supported by school boards, administrative office staff, building administrators and classroom teachers. And as the indoctrination of our youth by mostly left-wing educators continues with anti-racism curriculum and materials, life in schools and society for conservatives will only get worse and more uncomfortable as we fear the consequences of expressing the truth of our beliefs in America as a land of opportunity for all.

News of the Times;
Bloody cops.

Caught me running through town with a bag of money today.

Where were they 10 minutes earlier when someone was nicking my getaway car?


Wife: Wanna fool around tonight?

Me: I haven’t shaved, I'm really gassy and my hemorrhoids are killing me.

Wife: You could have just said “no.”

Me [already naked]: WHY WOULD I SAY NO?


Survivors of Icelandair Flight 198, which crashed somewhere deep in the Arctic tundra last week, lauded vegan survivor Michael Hagen’s unwillingness to sacrifice his principles, even in the face of certain death.

“Once we ran out of food from the plane, we crafted makeshift hunting and fishing tools, but unfortunately for Michael, there’s not much in the way of edible vegetation here and none of us have any real farming experience. We’ve subsisted mostly on native fish and rabbits we’ve managed to catch,” reported survivor Christine Conway, fishing with a handmade spear. “There’s almost no vegetation here, but he insists that he’s ‘fine’ with the little bit of grass he found under the snow. I keep begging him to make an exception until we’re rescued, and he just keeps telling us that eating meat is the number one cause of heart disease. I respect his conviction, but it’s just a matter of time before he succumbs to starvation.”

Despite pleas from other vegan and vegetarian survivors, who briefly suspended their own beliefs, Hagen dismissed their concerns and questioned their commitment to animal rights.

“Hypocrites, the whole lot of them,” a severely emaciated Hagen said, struggling to summon the strength to speak. “They’re probably just ‘fitness vegans’ anyway and don’t actually care about animals. Sure, the pains and frequent diarrhea are bothersome, but thanks to the hallucinations, I’m usually able to tune those out. In fact, one of the pigs those savages murdered just told me the other day to stay the course, and nature will eventually provide for me.”

While medical and survival experts questioned Hagen’s logic, he did receive praise from animal right’s organizations, including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA].

“By allowing himself to slowly waste away, Mr. Hagen is admirably helping sustain the native animal population and reduce the ecological damage done by the plane crash,” stated PETA Head, Ingrid Newkirk. “Even in a situation where there is no way to survive by sustaining a vegan lifestyle, it is despicable that the other survivors have chosen to put their own needs ahead of those of our animal brethren. PETA is working to ensure that survivors receive vegan-friendly meals as soon as humanly possible.”


I was really excited after losing my virginity.

"But what do we do now?" I asked. "Kiss? Cuddle?"

"No, you fuck off back to your bunk," said my cellmate.


Apple are releasing their most dangerous gadget yet.

The device does what it wants, causes problems all around, and makes Americans shit themselves.

It's called iRan.

Quote of the Times;
Men cannot be made happy against their will. – Mises

Link of the Times;

Issue of the Times;
Tucker Carlson Zeroes in on the Left's 'Biggest Fear' by Leah Barkoukis

During his opening monologue on Thursday, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson excoriated the ongoing military occupation of Washington, D.C. and explained why it's still there and what has liberals so fearful.

While the left is admittedly scared of pretty much everything, he acknowledged, fear of "the other" has them most wound up now.

"When you're a liberal, the world is a very scary place, but there is one fear that rises above all other fears in the liberal mind: The fear of "the other." Like all primitive cultures, modern liberalism is tribal," he said. "Liberals understand most of the American continent as a mysterious dark space, like a medieval map populated by drooling Trump voters and violent illiterates with extra chromosomes.

"Liberals despise people like this, of course, and on some level, they know they're hated right back," he continued. "They worry that someday there will be a backlash against the people in charge, which, of course, is them. That's their biggest fear, a peasant revolt."

And so, D.C. looks like Baghdad's Green Zone, he said.

The left and right were fully prepared for another "insurrection" on March 4, but like a child fearful of the monster in the closet, the threat wasn't real.

"A lot of liberals were certain that March 4 was the day the right-wing revolution would finally begin. March 4, they believed, with something called 'QAnon Inauguration Day,'" he said, adding that they have no idea what that means and can guarantee the vast majority of Trump supporters don't either.

"They'd heard about it from Nancy Pelosi, who told her bodyguards to write up a report on the threat of QAnon Inauguration Day. So that's what they did. We never really learned any details, but members of Congress were not taking chances," Carlson continued. "Many of them fled the Capitol Thursday. House leaders rescheduled votes so that the rank-and-file legislators could escape with their lives, if not with their dignity."

What happened was predictable: nothing. More media showed up than anyone else.

This "credible threat" was just the latest in a series of lies to keep D.C. militarized, he argued, because the National Guard is there for political reasons more than anything else.

"This is very strange behavior for a democracy," Carlson pointed out. "In a democracy, leaders are supposed to rule with the consent of the governed. You would think that might have occurred to some people on Capitol Hill. If we're this afraid of American voters, maybe something's wrong. Maybe we're not doing a very good job. Maybe we ought to shut up for a second and listen to the complaints of the people whose lives we control. Maybe then we wouldn't need razor wire around the Capitol.

"Apparently, no one in Washington has thought of this," he added. "Instead, they've convinced themselves that the only Americans who have a problem with the way things are currently going must have been brainwashed by QAnon."

Meanwhile, as the left prepares itself for battle against imaginary threats, Americans are facing real ones on the streets.

"For all the concern over the safety of our elected leaders, there doesn't seem to be any concern for the safety of the people who elected them," he said. "Capitol Hill looks like the Green Zone in Baghdad, but the rest of the city looks like the area outside the Green Zone. Residential neighborhoods in Washington and in cities around the country haven't been this dangerous in years. Americans are dying in huge numbers from street crime, but no one in Congress cares. They're too busy spending tax dollars to shield themselves from the QAnon Shaman and his 70-year-old accomplices."

Maybe Democratic leaders will start caring if Americans blame QAnon for the crimes, he quipped.

News of the Times;

“Alexa, why do I do so terribly with women?”

“My name is Siri.”


Man: Judge, I want to contest 80% of my parking tickets.

Judge: Repeat infractions?

Man: Ok. I want to contest 4/5 of my parking tickets.



Apparently it's rude to poke someone in the forehead and say "Skip Intro" when they start talking to you.

I set my clock ahead to prevent being late, but all it did was sharpen my subtraction skills.

I need a new friend, the last one escaped.

I just fired myself from cleaning my house; didn't like my attitude and I got caught drinking on the job.

If you have to wear masks and glasses, you may be entitled to condensation.

Water is heavier than butane because butane is a lighter fluid.

I'm reading a book called "Quick money for Dummies" by Robin Banks.

Nothing tops a plain pizza.

I never finish anything and have a black belt in partial arts.

It's only Quarantine if it's from the Quarantee region of France, otherwise, it's just sparkling isolation.

I made a huge to-do list for today, now I just need to figure out who's going to do it all.

Beer is like the sun; it rises in the yeast and sets in the waist.

How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom door you're on.

It doesn't matter if the glass is half empty or half full, there's clearly room for more wine!


World's most dangerous jobs 2021:

- Security contractor, Afghanistan

- Miner, China

- Gamekeeper, Republic of Congo

- Harry & Meghan's chauffeur, California


Never trust math teachers who use graph paper.

They are definitely plotting something.

Quote of the Times;
All silencing of discussion is an assumption of infallibility – Mill

Link of the Times;

Issue of the Times;
The Latest In Official "Antiracist" Ideology: Black Kids Are Too Stupid To Learn Math by Francis Menton

It’s been obvious for a while now to anyone paying attention that the currently hot progressive policy agenda going by the name “antiracism” is actually itself racism, and a particularly virulent and insidious species of racism at that. The use of the term “antiracism” reflects Orwellian abuse of language taken to a whole new extreme.

As the “antiracism” cause took over public discourse during the last couple of years, I have offered several comments, for example here
and here In the first of those posts, from April 6, 2019, I noted that the “antiracism” agenda evidenced:

the utter contempt in which the self-anointed elites of our country hold members of minority groups, most particularly African Americans. Somehow, these elites — or at least some very substantial number of them — have decided that African Americans are not capable of accepting personal responsibility in life or of being treated like adults.

And it’s not just African American adults. This post from August 2020, based on research from Thomas Sowell, considered the current progressive campaign against discipline in K-12 schools, by which children from minority groups are increasingly given a free pass for disruptive classroom behavior. My comment:

The question is whether there is an expectation that minority students are capable of becoming responsible adults, and whether their education reflects such an expectation, versus an expectation that they are on track become sub-adults in a lifetime of permanent dependency.

And just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, we now have something called the “Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction,” just issued by some huge collection of West Coast “educators.” The list of collaborating entities that issued this document starts with the Association of California School Administrators, and then the California Math Project, the California Partnership for Math and Science Education, and on and on for dozens more such. Oh, and with the “generous financial support” of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

You mean that up to now you had not realized that math instruction was “racist”? After all, doesn’t 2 + 2 = 4 whatever your race or ethnicity might be? If you think that, then you just don’t understand the current progressive obsession with race as pervading everything. And to fix the racism in math, the clear solution proposed by these activists is of course “antiracism.” In this case, “antiracism” means precisely the very most vile sort of racism, namely treating the black and other minority kids like dopes and refusing to require them to learn the material or hold them to any standards.

Of course, the perpetrators of this document never make their point in quite those words; but still it comes through very clearly. The document is divided into five main parts, called “Strides.” The first “Stride” has the title “Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction.” I’ll give you a few choice quotes from that one. This “Stride” proceeds month by month through the school year, starting before the school year begins in September. The task for that time of year is to set “expectations” — and the important point is that there are to be no expectations for the minority students. Indeed, to set expectations and expect minority students to meet them is classic “white supremacy.” From page 12:

What are my expectations for the year? . . . White supremacy culture shows up in math classrooms when. . . Expectations are not met.

This is a classic example of either/or thinking. If parents don’t show the characteristics of what I think a good parent is, then that parent is bad. If students don’t show the characteristics of what I think is a good student, then that student is bad. This thinking creates meritocracy in the classroom: Students have to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and if they fail it is their fault. It does not give room for the systemic reasons students fail, which often lie in problematic expectations.

Well, we certainly must not have any of that “meritocracy” thing. By February in the school year, it’s time to figure out if the students have learned anything. How about the idea of giving math tests consisting of problems having right and wrong answers, and issuing grades based on the results? Obviously, that is also “white supremacy.” From page 51:

White supremacy culture shows up in math classrooms when. . . Grading practices are focused on lack of knowledge.

Grades are traditionally indicative of what students can’t do rather than what they can do, reinforcing perfectionism. In addition, math teachers also focus grades on what is more easily measurable, rather than the knowledge that we want students to have, reinforcing quantity over quality and often evaluating procedural or skills-based knowledge rather than conceptual knowledge.

What is truly remarkable is the incomprehensible word salad that they are able to spew forth in the effort to obscure the obvious fact that what they are saying is that minority kids must be given a pass if they fail to learn the material.

Well, how about asking the kids to “show their work”? In my day, that was how the teachers tried to figure out if a kid was progressing versus, for example, making a lucky guess of the right answer or, maybe, copying from the kid sitting next to her. Well, asking kids to show work has now become yet another example of the dreaded “white supremacy.” From page 54:

White supremacy culture shows up in math classrooms when. . . Students are required to “show their work” in only one way.

Math teachers ask students to show work so that teachers know what students are thinking, but that can center the teacher’s need to understand rather than student learning. Teachers should seek to understand individual student perspectives and focus on students showing their work in ways that help students learn how to process information.

The document goes on and on (and on and on and on) from there. But you get the gist.

Have the vile racist “antiracists” finally gone a step too far with this one? At least a few iconoclasts seem to be catching on. Columbia professor John McWhorter has a post at Substack on February 28, titled “Is it racist to expect black kids to do math for real?”, that fairly captures the gist:

There is a document getting around called Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction, a guide put together by a group of educators. It has a black boy on the cover. . . . [T]his is in essence a document that could be called “Math For Black Kids.” . . . [T]his lovely pamphlet is teaching us that it is racist to expect black kids to master the precision of math. To wit – its message, penned by people who consider themselves some of the most morally advanced souls in the history of the human species, is one that Strom Thurmond would have happily taken a swig of whiskey to.

As another push back against this nonsense, we have Bari Weiss on March 1, also at Substack, publishing a piece by Princeton math professor Sergiu Klainerman with the title “There Is No Such Thing as ‘White’ Math.” Key quote (it’s the concluding paragraph):

There is no such thing as “white” mathematics. There is no reason to assume, as the activists do, that minority kids are not capable of mathematics or of finding the “right answers.” And there can be no justification for, in the name of “equity” or anything else, depriving students of the rigorous education that they need to succeed. The real antiracists will stand up and oppose this nonsense.

It will take a lot more than just these few to push back successfully against the juggernaut of “antiracism.” But at least it’s a start.

News of the Times;
How many narcissists does it take to change a light bulb?

None, they all use gas lighting.


According to a recent survey, 'doggy style' is the most popular sexual position in Wales.

They're not sexually adventurous, they're just working their way through the animal kingdom.


It’s the year 2030.

Tinder girl: “I don’t normally do this.”

Phone dings.

“Independent fact checkers have ruled that you normally do this.”


Millennial Jamie Thorpe suffered a retail-induced panic attack yesterday after hearing several beloved bands from her youth as background music at a Target department store, according to her medical team.

“I needed to get the hell away from my family for 45 minutes and it turned into the worst decision of my life, I was thumbing through the book section when suddenly I heard Spoon through the store’s speakers. I thought it was fluke, but later I heard Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Fiest, and Tapes ‘n Tapes. This music was the sound of hipster culture 20 years ago; now, it’s the soundtrack to me picking out a paisley duvet cover,” said Thorpe while recovering in her home. “Is this my life now? I mean, my college boyfriend and I used to get stoned and fuvk to this music; now I’m humming along to it while picking out school supplies for my kids. It’s just not right.”

Target’s music licensing director Ellice MacLeod explained the store’s music picks were no accident.

“Our key demographic more or less came of age in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, so we basically used the Wayback Machine to browse Pitchfork reviews from 2005 and loaded up the Muzak station with old, indie blog rock,” said MacLeod. “Any songs that remind shoppers of being young, as well as help them momentarily forget about their bodies slowly decaying, is really good for our bottom line. Research shows people suffering existential crises buy very few home goods.”

Although sympathetic, Gen X-er T.J. Rich stated Millennials should “get used to it.”

“It took some time, but I’ve become OK with seeing grunge and alt-rock co-opted by corporate America. Do you think I love hearing Pearl Jam songs in commercials for ED medications? Hell no,” said Rich while touching up the paint job on his boat. “I’m at the point now where I see a kid in a Nirvana shirt and I think to myself, ‘Kurt Cobain probably made the right choice.’”

Her caregivers say Thorpe has now accepted her fate, and is looking forward to entering the “posting ‘they don’t make music like this anymore’ comments on YouTube videos” phase of her life.


I think my wife has been putting superglue on my water gun collection.

She denies it but I'm sticking to my guns.

Quote of the Times;
"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government of the U.S. since the days of Andrew Jackson." - U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in a letter written Nov. 21, 1933 to Colonel E. Mandell House.

Link of the Times;

Issue of the Times;
Systemic, Institutional Rot: From the Big Freeze In Texas To Fires In California by Ilana Mercer

Some blame a quasi-free electricity market for the collapse of the electrical grid in Texas, during a mid-February snowstorm with temperatures averaging zero. Those same people finger deregulation and isolation from the national and neighboring grids.

The other side argues that an excessive reliance on renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines, was the culprit in a grid collapse that saw 40 percent of the power supply fail within hours of the storm, indirectly causing the deaths of about 60 Texans.

All agree that the oil-and-gas state enjoys both cheap natural gas and abundant wind power, and that its natural resources could have stood Texas in good stead.

The Lone Star State’s human resources are another matter entirely.

Whether wind turbines or gas pipelines, the electrical grid has to be properly maintained. Texas, however, lacked “leadership.” The grid had not been weatherized nor winterized in anticipation of a harsh winter—pipelines had not been insulated and wind turbines never deiced.

Leadership is a euphemism for intelligence. Texas in the winter of 2021 will likely be looked upon as a case of systemic stupidity; systemic rot.

Things start to fall apart when the best-person-for-the-job ethos gives way to racial and gender window-dressing and to the enforcement of politically pleasing perspectives.

Likewise has the emergency personnel managing the blackouts for the nation’s largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, joined California’s political leadership to deliver Third World-quality service to Californians.

When the Associated Press reports, “Among the hundreds of people who handled the blackouts from Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s emergency operations center, only a handful had any training in the disaster response playbook that California has used for a generation,” that is a fancy way of saying “affirmative action.”

It doesn’t help that the American idiocracy is moving at breakneck speed to equate merit-based institutions with “institutionalized racism.”

Or, think about it like this: When merit-based hiring is deemed racist, bridges fall down. Literally.

Recall the deadly collapse of a pedestrian bridge in 2018 at Florida International University in Sweetwater, Florida. Engineers from the FIGG Bridge Group got the mathematics wrong and, oddly, they seemed to have no feel for the properties of cement. As a result, their bridge collapsed, killing six people and injuring 10 others. Something was terribly wrong with those engineers. Rumors were rife. Was it a designer, female-only outfit? Nobody would come clean.

In any event, when spanking-new bridges collapse, trains on maiden trips derail (as Amtrak trains did in Washington state in 2015 and 2018), Navy ships collide (the USS John S. McCain and USS Fitzgerald in 2017) and law enforcement failure and bad faith become endemic, a picture emerges of a sprawling country in which the best-person-for-the-job ethos has given way to racial and gender window-dressing.

The latest exhibit in America’s set-aside and quota fiasco is the Capitol Police. The force received the memo about the unruly protest planned for January 6, but was deaf, dumb, and blind as to how to process the information. I’ve lost count of the security breaches in the White House’s formidably protected perimeter. Memorable is an event from 2014, when Secret Service Director Julia Pierson oversaw an incident in which one female Secret Service agent was easily overpowered and another lass didn’t bother to lock the White House front door.

The reality into which America’s deformed social reformers have thrust us is better understood by reading the cautionary tale of South Africa, through the prism of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa. American reformers were, incidentally, destructively instrumental there too:

“If American institutions continue to subordinate their raison d’être to politically dictated egalitarianism, reclaiming them from the deforming clutches of affirmative action will become harder and harder,” I warned.

South Africa’s gutted institutions were meant to serve as a harbinger of things to come in the United States. In the 10 years since the book’s publication, evidence abounds that societal institutions—state and civil—have been similarly hollowed out like husks.

Like Texas, the South African grid groans under the weight of affirmative action:

[South Africa’s] electrical grid has been degraded at every level: generation, transmission, and distribution. Since distribution is now entrusted to the local, increasingly inept, authorities, candles and paraffin lamps have made a come-back in my home town of Cape Town as well as in other cities. Daily power outages affect industries and services across the country. Rolling blackouts—‘load shedding’ is the local euphemism—are now as typical of Cape Town’s landscape as the tablecloth of clouds that cascades over the majestic Table Mountain.


I’ve lived through Highveld thunderstorms and Cape, South-Easter, gale-force winds. Few and far between were the blackouts. … No, Eskom, the utility that supplied most of the electricity consumed on the African continent, did not run out of juice. It just ran out of experienced, skilled engineers, expunged pursuant to BEE [Black Economic Empowerment, aka affirmative action]. ‘No white male appointments for the rest of the financial year,’ reads an Eskom Human Resources memo, circulated in January of 2008 …

The same supple thinking went into destroying the steady supply of coal to the electricity companies. Bound by BEE policies, whereby supplies must be purchased from black firms first, Eskom began buying coal from the spot market. Buyers were to descend down the BEE procurement pyramid as follows: buy spot coal first from black women-owned suppliers, then from small black suppliers, next were large black suppliers, and only after all these options had been exhausted (or darkness descended; whatever came first), from “other” suppliers. The result was an expensive and unreliable coal supply, which contributed to the pervasive power failures.

The American government is marred, at every level, with similar set-asides, preferential hiring practices and affirmative action, which compromise an already compromised institution (when it comes to the state, where incentives are inverted, the less efficient they are the more funds government departments get).

The U.S. government hasn’t had an entrance test since 1982. It abandoned both the Federal Civil Service Entrance Examination and the Professional and Administrative Career Examination (PACE) because blacks and Latinos were much less likely to pass either of them. In academia, law schools have lowered the bar in admissions and on the bar exam. Universities run a ‘dual admissions system’; ‘one admissions pool for white applicants [and Asians] and another, far less competitive, pool for minorities.

Institutional or systemic rot certainly explains some of the failures on the COVID-19 front.

By way of comparison, the South Koreans entrusted contact tracing to teams of highly intelligent, Sherlock Holmes-type characters. Contact tracing is indeed an endeavor requiring highly skilled detective types. The South Koreans have done it to perfection from the start.

The United States was never in control of COVID-19. We never had serious contact tracing to help prevent spread. Rest assured, though, that had COVID-19 been caught in its infancy, and contact tracing implemented to that end, the government would have used it as a job creation opportunity. Instead of merit-based appointments, state and federal authorities would have turned it into a job-creation project for minorities.

No doubt, our country is suffering a blackout of intelligence. It is collapsing under the black hole of affirmative action.

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