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The difference between America and England?

Americans think 100 years is a long time.

The English think 100 miles is a long ways away.


An Englishman, a Frenchman, a Spaniard and a German are all standing watching a street performer do some excellent juggling. The juggler notices that the four gentleman have a very poor view, so he stands up on a large wooden box and calls out, “Can you all see me now?”






101 Great Quotes on Computers


"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers."
(Pablo Picasso)

"Computers are like bikinis. They save people a lot of guesswork."
(Sam Ewing)

"They have computers, and they may have other weapons of mass destruction."
(Janet Reno)

"That's what's cool about working with computers. They don't argue, they remember everything, and they don't drink all your beer."
(Paul Leary)

"If the automobile had followed the same development cycle as the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a year, killing everyone inside."
(Robert X. Cringely)

Computer Intelligence

"Computers are getting smarter all the time. Scientists tell us that soon they will be able to talk to us. (And by 'they', I mean 'computers'. I doubt scientists will ever be able to talk to us.)"
(Dave Barry)

"I've noticed lately that the paranoid fear of computers becoming intelligent and taking over the world has almost entirely disappeared from the common culture. Near as I can tell, this coincides with the release of MS-DOS."
(Larry DeLuca)

"The question of whether computers can think is like the question of whether submarines can swim."
(Edsger W. Dijkstra)

"It's ridiculous to live 100 years and only be able to remember 30 million bytes. You know, less than a compact disc. The human condition is really becoming more obsolete every minute."
(Marvin Minsky)


"The city's central computer told you? R2D2, you know better than to trust a strange computer!"

"Never trust a computer you can't throw out a window."
(Steve Wozniak)


"Hardware: The parts of a computer system that can be kicked."
(Jeff Pesis)


"Most software today is very much like an Egyptian pyramid with millions of bricks piled on top of each other, with no structural integrity, but just done by brute force and thousands of slaves."
(Alan Kay)

"I've finally learned what 'upward compatible' means. It means we get to keep all our old mistakes."
(Dennie van Tassel)

Operating Systems

"There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence."
(Jeremy S. Anderson)

"19 Jan 2038 at 3:14:07 AM"
(End of the word according to Unix-2^32 seconds after January 1, 1970)

"Every operating system out there is about equal. We all suck."
(Microsoft senior vice president Brian Valentine describing the state of the art in OS security, 2003)

"Microsoft has a new version out, Windows XP, which according to everybody is the 'most reliable Windows ever.' To me, this is like saying that asparagus is 'the most articulate vegetable ever.' "
(Dave Barry)


"The Internet? Is that thing still around?"
(Homer Simpson)

"The Web is like a dominatrix. Everywhere I turn, I see little buttons ordering me to Submit."

"Come to think of it, there are already a million monkeys on a million typewriters, and Usenet is nothing like Shakespeare."
(Blair Houghton)

Software Industry

"The most amazing achievement of the computer software industry is its continuing cancellation of the steady and staggering gains made by the computer hardware industry."
(Henry Petroski)

"True innovation often comes from the small startup who is lean enough to launch a market but lacks the heft to own it."
(Timm Martin)

"It has been said that the great scientific disciplines are examples of giants standing on the shoulders of other giants. It has also been said that the software industry is an example of midgets standing on the toes of other midgets."
(Alan Cooper)

"It is not about bits, bytes and protocols, but profits, losses and margins."
(Lou Gerstner)

"We are Microsoft. Resistance Is Futile. You Will Be Assimilated."
(Bumper sticker)

Software Demos

"No matter how slick the demo is in rehearsal, when you do it in front of a live audience, the probability of a flawless presentation is inversely proportional to the number of people watching, raised to the power of the amount of money involved."
(Mark Gibbs)

Software Patents

"The bulk of all patents are crap. Spending time reading them is stupid.
It's up to the patent owner to do so, and to enforce them."
(Linus Torvalds)


"Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming."
(Brian Kernigan)

"Complexity kills. It sucks the life out of developers, it makes products difficult to plan, build and test, it introduces security challenges, and it causes end-user and administrator frustration."
(Ray Ozzie)

"There are two ways of constructing a software design. One way is to make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies. And the other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies."
(C.A.R. Hoare)

"The function of good software is to make the complex appear to be simple."
(Grady Booch)

Ease of Use

"Just remember: you're not a 'dummy,' no matter what those computer books claim. The real dummies are the people who-though technically expert-couldn 't design hardware and software that's usable by normal consumers if their lives depended upon it."
(Walter Mossberg)

"Software suppliers are trying to make their software packages more 'user-friendly'. Their best approach so far has been to take all the old brochures and stamp the words 'user-friendly' on the cover."
(Bill Gates)

"There's an old story about the person who wished his computer were as easy to use as his telephone. That wish has come true, since I no longer know how to use my telephone."
(Bjarne Stroustrup)


"Any fool can use a computer. Many do."
(Ted Nelson)

"There are only two industries that refer to their customers as 'users'."
(Edward Tufte)


"Programmers are in a race with the Universe to create bigger and better idiot-proof programs, while the Universe is trying to create bigger and better idiots. So far the Universe is winning."
(Rich Cook)

"Most of you are familiar with the virtues of a programmer. There are three, of course: laziness, impatience, and hubris."
(Larry Wall)

"The trouble with programmers is that you can never tell what a programmer is doing until it's too late."
(Seymour Cray)

"That's the thing about people who think they hate computers. What they really hate is lousy programmers."
(Larry Niven)

"For a long time it puzzled me how something so expensive, so leading edge, could be so useless. And then it occurred to me that a computer is a stupid machine with the ability to do incredibly smart things, while computer programmers are smart people with the ability to do incredibly stupid things. They are, in short, a perfect match."
(Bill Bryson)

"Computer science education cannot make anybody an expert programmer any more than studying brushes and pigment can make somebody an expert painter."
(Eric Raymond)

"A programmer is a person who passes as an exacting expert on the basis of being able to turn out, after innumerable punching, an infinite series of incomprehensive answers calculated with micrometric precisions from vague assumptions based on debatable figures taken from inconclusive documents and carried out on instruments of problematical accuracy by persons of dubious reliability and questionable mentality for the avowed purpose of annoying and confounding a hopelessly defenseless department that was unfortunate enough to ask for the information in the first place."
(IEEE Grid newsmagazine)

"A hacker on a roll may be able to produce-in a period of a few months-something that a small development group (say, 7-8 people) would have a hard time getting together over a year. IBM used to report that certain programmers might be as much as 100 times as productive as other workers, or more."
(Peter Seebach)

"The best programmers are not marginally better than merely good ones. They are an order-of-magnitude better, measured by whatever standard: conceptual creativity, speed, ingenuity of design, or problem-solving ability."
(Randall E. Stross)

"A great lathe operator commands several times the wage of an average lathe operator, but a great writer of software code is worth 10,000 times the price of an average software writer."
(Bill Gates)


"Don't worry if it doesn't work right. If everything did, you'd be out of a job."
(Mosher's Law of Software Engineering)

"Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight."
(Bill Gates)

"Writing code has a place in the human hierarchy worth somewhere above grave robbing and beneath managing."
(Gerald Weinberg)

"First learn computer science and all the theory. Next develop a programming style. Then forget all that and just hack."
(George Carrette)

"First, solve the problem. Then, write the code."
(John Johnson)

"Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming; feedback is the treatment."
(Kent Beck)

"To iterate is human, to recurse divine."
(L. Peter Deutsch)

"The best thing about a boolean is even if you are wrong, you are only off by a bit."

"Should array indices start at 0 or 1? My compromise of 0.5 was rejected without, I thought, proper consideration."
(Stan Kelly-Bootle)

Programming Languages

"There are only two kinds of programming languages: those people always bitch about and those nobody uses."
(Bjarne Stroustrup)

"PHP is a minor evil perpetrated and created by incompetent amateurs, whereas Perl is a great and insidious evil perpetrated by skilled but perverted professionals."
(Jon Ribbens)

"The use of COBOL cripples the mind; its teaching should therefore be regarded as a criminal offense."
(E.W. Dijkstra)

"It is practically impossible to teach good programming style to students that have had prior exposure to BASIC. As potential programmers, they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration."
(E. W. Dijkstra)

"I think Microsoft named .Net so it wouldn't show up in a Unix directory listing."

"There is no programming language-no matter how structured-that will prevent programmers from making bad programs."
(Larry Flon)

"Computer language design is just like a stroll in the park. Jurassic Park, that is."
(Larry Wall)


"Fifty years of programming language research, and we end up with C++?"
(Richard A. O'Keefe)

"Writing in C or C++ is like running a chain saw with all the safety guards removed."
(Bob Gray)

"In C++ it's harder to shoot yourself in the foot, but when you do, you blow off your whole leg."
(Bjarne Stroustrup)

"C++ : Where friends have access to your private members."
(Gavin Russell Baker)

"One of the main causes of the fall of the Roman Empire was that-lacking zero-they had no way to indicate successful termination of their C programs."
(Robert Firth)


"Java is, in many ways, C++-."
(Michael Feldman)

"Saying that Java is nice because it works on all OSes is like saying that anal sex is nice because it works on all genders."

"Fine, Java MIGHT be a good example of what a programming language should be like. But Java applications are good examples of what applications SHOULDN'
T be like."

"If Java had true garbage collection, most programs would delete themselves upon execution."
(Robert Sewell)

Open Source

"Software is like sex: It's better when it's free."
(Linus Torvalds)

"The only people who have anything to fear from free software are those whose products are worth even less."
(David Emery)


"Good code is its own best documentation."
(Steve McConnell)

"Any code of your own that you haven't looked at for six or more months might as well have been written by someone else."
(Eagleson's Law)

"The first 90% of the code accounts for the first 90% of the development time. The remaining 10% of the code accounts for the other 90% of the development time."
(Tom Cargill)

Software Development

"Good programmers use their brains, but good guidelines save us having to think out every case."
(Francis Glassborow)

"In software, we rarely have meaningful requirements. Even if we do, the only measure of success that matters is whether our solution solves the customer's shifting idea of what their problem is."
(Jeff Atwood)

"Considering the current sad state of our computer programs, software development is clearly still a black art, and cannot yet be called an engineering discipline."
(Bill Clinton)

"You can't have great software without a great team, and most software teams behave like dysfunctional families."
(Jim McCarthy)


"As soon as we started programming, we found to our surprise that it wasn't as easy to get programs right as we had thought. Debugging had to be discovered. I can remember the exact instant when I realized that a large part of my life from then on was going to be spent in finding mistakes in my own programs."
(Maurice Wilkes discovers debugging, 1949)

"Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place.
Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are-by definition-not smart enough to debug it."
(Brian Kernighan)

"If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in."
(Edsger W. Dijkstra)


"I don't care if it works on your machine! We are not shipping your machine!"
(Vidiu Platon)

"Programming is like sex: one mistake and you're providing support for a lifetime."
(Michael Sinz)

"There are two ways to write error-free programs; only the third one works."
(Alan J. Perlis)

"You can either have software quality or you can have pointer arithmetic, but you cannot have both at the same time."
(Bertrand Meyer)

"If McDonalds were run like a software company, one out of every hundred Big Macs would give you food poisoning, and the response would be, 'We're sorry, here's a coupon for two more.' "
(Mark Minasi)

"Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live."
(Martin Golding)

"To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer."
(Paul Ehrlich)

"A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history-with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila."
(Mitch Radcliffe)


"Everything that can be invented has been invented."
(Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. Office of Patents, 1899)

"I think there's a world market for about 5 computers."
(Thomas J. Watson, Chairman of the Board, IBM, circa 1948)

"It would appear that we have reached the limits of what it is possible to achieve with computer technology, although one should be careful with such statements, as they tend to sound pretty silly in 5 years."
(John Von Neumann, circa 1949)

"But what is it good for?"
(Engineer at the Advanced Computing Systems Division of IBM, commenting on the microchip, 1968)

"There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home."
(Ken Olson, President, Digital Equipment Corporation, 1977)

"640K ought to be enough for anybody."
(Bill Gates, 1981)

"Windows NT addresses 2 Gigabytes of RAM, which is more than any application will ever need."
(Microsoft, on the development of Windows NT, 1992)

"We will never become a truly paper-less society until the Palm Pilot folks come out with WipeMe 1.0."
(Andy Pierson)

"If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger."
(Frank Lloyd Wright)


My uncle represented this guy getting a divorce from his wife of 15 years. Super toxic breakup and they split everything 50/50, even the land that the house they lived in sat upon. Well she decides to build a house right behind the other house, mind you this was a lot of land probably 200 yards separating both home sites, so that the back of the houses faced each other. The house gets built and my uncle gets a call from his client asking about the legality of a situation he had gotten himself into. Apparently his ex wife would spend a lot of time in her backyard, so he saw her all the time. What he did was buy a female dog and name it the same name as his ex-wife. Anytime he would let his dog back in from letting her out he would yell “Susan you bitch! Get in here!” He would also yell if she was peeing on the flowers,”Susan you bitch! Quit pissing on the flowers!” or “Susan you bitch! Quit digging in the dirt!” The ex-wife called the cops on him a couple of times, but there was nothing they could do because the dog was registered under the name of Susan, and it was in fact a bitch so there you go.


As I slipped my finger slowly inside her hole, I could immediately feel it getting wetter and wetter.

I took my finger back out and within seconds she was going down on me.

I thought to myself; "I really need a new fucking boat."

Issue of the Times;
Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Coming into Focus by Conrad Black

Gradually, almost imperceptibly, the outline of a coherent Trump foreign policy is emerging and succeeding. The elements were to withdraw from the role as the default war-maker in the Middle East without creating a vacuum, render Russia less adversarial without facing it down into the arms of the Chinese, and revitalize the Western Alliance to a plausible notion of multilateral contributions and not just an American military guarantee for everyone, ex gratia and pro bono.

At the same time, there would be unrestricted war on terrorist organizations, a revival of nuclear non-proliferation by direct and overbearing threats to North Korea and Iran, and the reconstruction of America’s status as the world’s preeminent economy by tax reductions, deregulation, renegotiation of trade treaties, and encouragement of energy self-sufficiency.

There have been some unfortunate moments from a presentational standpoint, but it is a good plan and it is working.

Changing the Game in the Mideast

Turkey had attempted to masquerade as the patron of the Arabs and was sent packing in remembrance of the Arabs’ 500 years of involuntary enjoyment of Turkish occupation, and after a regional musical chairs game with ancient rivals Iran and Russia, all pretending a common cause in Syria. Turkey was left standing when the music stopped and largely has reconciled with the United States. The two countries will operate joint patrols to keep the Kurds from aggravating Kurdish discontent within Anatolia (Turkish Asia Minor).

Turkish President Erdogan is a distasteful and inconstant ally, but more manageable than the Russian leader Putin, and a Lincolnian statesman compared to the Iranian ayatollahs. The Trump Administration is not prepared to accept permanent involvement of U.S. ground forces in the Middle East. But neither will it accept the creation of vacuums there which foment terrorism, as after Obama’s petulant and abrupt departure from Iraq. This led to the swift rise of ISIS, the disintegration of Shiite Iraq, and thrust 60 percent of the country’s population into dependency on Iran. The entire American effort there: two invasions under the Bushes and Obama’s wind-down, handed Iran the greatest accretion of its influence since the height of the Parthian Empire nearly 2,000 years ago.

Now, making a partial virtue of the failings of the previous two administrations, the crumbling of Iraq and Syria, formerly two of Israel’s most fanatical enemies, strengthens Israeli security, and the encroachments of the Arabs’ ancient enemies and oppressors, the Turks and Iranians, bring Egypt and Saudi Arabia into quasi-alliance with Israel. ISIS and al-Qaeda effectively have been smashed, the United States doesn’t care if Russia has a naval base on the Mediterranean (since Russia could not challenge the U.S. Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean without bankrupting itself). The Russians protect Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his Alawite faction, and the Turks and Americans protect the secular adversaries of Assad and keep the Kurds out of Turkey, protecting Kurdistan from the Turks.

Obviously, the war in Yemen has to end without an Iranian victory and the pressure on Iran must be maintained until this dismal theocracy in Teheran either repents of its ambition for an arc of influence, or collapses from internal anger at its comprehensive corruption and failure.

The Arab powers have greater concerns than continuing to try to distract the Arab masses from the misgovernment inflicted on them with the red herring of Israel, and no one cares a jot about the Palestinians, as the inexcusably delayed movement of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem demonstrated. The bedraggled and discredited PLO leader, Mahmoud Abbas, should soon make a deal which implicitly includes the Egyptians uprooting Hamas in Gaza with America’s and the world’s blessing. Palestine will have to accept a narrower West Bank and a deeper Gaza strip in compensation, with a secure road between them. It will settle down as another dusty, but industrious little country, and the last piece of the puzzle will be Hezbollah—one peep from it and all the neighboring forces will be pleased to dispatch it.

Given the importance of the factors in play, the Trump Administration cannot allow the fracas over purported “journalist” Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi citizen and member of the Muslim Brotherhood, to derail progress in the Middle East. His murder is one of the stupidest and most barbarous acts in the unenlightened history of the House of Saud, and has been hyped to the rafters by the Democrats and their media ciphers, but will be talked out effectively by Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo. It was a disgusting crime, but these are frequent in the Middle East and no significant part of the world’s future can be mortgaged to the victim.

Khashoggi was no great friend of America, despite the mournful caterwauling of the increasingly desperate Democrats, and some well-meaning Republican dupes (like Senator Lindsey Graham, who padded around the Middle East 15 years ago with John McCain demanding fair treatment of the Muslim Brotherhood).

Upending Popular Wisdom on Russia and China

The fixation of the Democrats, and of some gullible Republicans such as Marco Rubio, on the Russians, and the unutterable but now scarcely audible nonsense about collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign in 2016, has caused many Americans to forget the strategic correlation of forces in the world. But the president and his close advisors have realized that Russia could only be dangerous if it were so coldly rebuffed before the whole world that it were driven into the arms of China.

Despite the passing hubbub about his comments in Helsinki (which essentially meant that Trump had more confidence in the assertions of Russian intelligence than in the partisan fabrications of former U.S. intelligence chiefs John Brennan and James Clapper, with some reason), the president has succeeded in shifting America’s attention to the fact that China is its only rival for strategic preeminence in the world.

Trump has struck up and retained a cordial personal relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, but has steadily moved to break down China’s trade surplus with the United States, encouraged China’s neighbors to join hands in resisting Chinese hegemony in the Far East, and used the preeminence of the United States Navy to assure that the Chinese effort to convert the South China Sea into Chinese territorial waters does not succeed.

The fretful assertions that China would surpass the United States as a power, economically and otherwise, in the next 20 years, have died away, as did the claims that Japan would surpass America as an economic power and the USSR as a military power. Now, it is even acknowledged by popular wisdom, Trump-haters, and the somewhat broader and more international category of anti-Americans, (though many of them are Americans), that prejudging the outcome of that contest is unwise.

As he opened relations with China and triangulated the super power rivalry with the Soviet Union in 1972, Richard Nixon said that the world’s five great centers of strategic strength (in terms of population, industry and technology) were the United States, USSR, Western Europe, Japan, and China. Now the Russians are itinerant international troublemakers, inelegantly and inconsistently trying to replicate the feat of Charles de Gaulle in reminding the world of the importance of France, but they are a crumbling custodian of vast geopolitical possibilities, awaiting the development of mature and efficient political institutions. Europe is a cocoon for the containment of Germany, paying Danegeld, for notorious historical reasons, to the working and agrarian classes, but only the British and French retain the remotest concept of how Great Powers conduct themselves. Japan is almost as reticent, but stirred to greater activity than the Europeans by their proximity to China.

Trump and Xi understand that they are the rivals, and there is no real military issue; it is economic predominance and the prestige of the nations. The Americans retain the advantage-the world’s greatest democracy and promoter of democracy. China has no institutions of any public trust except, up to a point, the armed forces. The United States, as in the times of James Monroe and John Quincy Adams, is unchallenged in its hemisphere. Western Europe is slumbering quiescently and is, to an adequate extent, an American ally, and palsied Russia is waiting to begin the primordial task of trying to devise political institutions that will serve its legitimate aspirations. Japan seeks American assistance as a bulwark against resurgent China. This is a constellation that President Trump is steadily strengthening, and it is one that, with continued management, cannot fail to win, and will not try to bar China from being the first of the world’s great nations to regenerate itself. In this process, though not in some of its more jingoistic manifestations, China should not be discouraged.

No one would call Donald Trump a sophisticated geopolitician, (including Donald Trump). But in practice, he is. He is not a historian, but he is a realistic analyst of the present and is building a fine future for his country. Americans sense this, and will respond to it.

Quote of the Times;
“Only a few prefer liberty; the majority seek nothing more than fair masters." – Sallust

Link of the Times;
What did the pig say on a hot summer day?

I’m bacon!


I got my mate an Elephant for his living room

He said "Thanks".

I said "don't mention it".


Why do girls like softball?

It's the only sport played on a diamond.


Navy SEALs no longer allowed to wear blackface

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Special operators will no longer be allowed to wear black face paint after biting criticism from activist groups, sources confirmed today.

The move is aimed to stop the controversial practice of channeling one’s inner black dude before infiltrating a compound.

“We are not 100 percent woke, but this is a big step,” said Lt. Gen. Scott Howell, the current nominee to head Joint Special Operations Command. “We must stop perpetuating the stereotype that all black people are good at tactical operations.”

Recent studies show “blending in with the dark of night” to be a racist artifact of the past. SEALs will now be required to use inclusive rainbow patterns and biodegradable glitter.

“I never felt like I was being racist,” said Petty Officer 1st Class James Largo, “but I understand how cultural biases can find concealment in the covert corners of your mind.”

The changes, which go into effect next month, have support of allies and critics alike. Even hostile countries like Syria and Somalia are excited for the progressive step forward.



The temptation to sing 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' is always just a whim away a whim away a whim away a whim away.

Issue of the Times;
The True History of Millstone Babies by Ann Coulter

Having mastered fake news, now the media are trying out a little fake history.

In the news business, new topics are always popping up, from the Logan Act and the emoluments clause to North Korea. The all-star panels rush to Wikipedia, so they can pretend to be experts on things they knew nothing about an hour earlier.

Such is the case today with “anchor babies” and “birthright citizenship.” People who know zilch about the history of the 14th Amendment are pontificating magnificently and completely falsely on the issue du jour.

If you’d like to be the smartest person at your next cocktail party by knowing the truth about the 14th Amendment, this is the column for you!

Of course the president can end the citizenship of “anchor babies” by executive order — for the simple reason that no Supreme Court or U.S. Congress has ever conferred such a right.

It’s just something everyone believes to be true.

How could anyone — even a not-very-bright person — imagine that granting citizenship to the children of illegal aliens is actually in our Constitution?

The first question would be: Why would they do that? It’s like being accused of robbing a homeless person. WHY WOULD I?

The Supreme Court has stated — repeatedly! — that the “main object” of the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment “was to settle the question … as to the citizenship of free negroes,” making them “citizens of the United States and of the state in which they reside.”

“No Supreme Court has ever held that children born to illegal aliens are citizens.”

Democrats, the entire media and House Speaker Paul Ryan seem to have forgotten the Civil War. They believe that, immediately after a war that ended slavery, Americans rose up as one and demanded that the children of illegals be granted citizenship!

You know what’s really bothering me? If someone comes into the country illegally and has a kid, that kid should be an American citizen!


Give me a scenario — just one scenario — where the post-Civil War amendments would be intended to grant citizenship to the kids of Chinese ladies flying to birthing hospitals in California, or pregnant Latin Americans sneaking across the border in the back of flatbed trucks.

You can make it up. It doesn’t have to be a true scenario. Any scenario!

As the court has explained again and again and again:

“(N)o one can fail to be impressed with the one pervading purpose found in (the 13th, 14th and 15th) amendments, lying at the foundation of each, and without which none of them would have been even suggested; we mean the freedom of the slave race, the security and firm establishment of that freedom, and the protection of the newly made freeman and citizen from the oppressions of those who had formerly exercised unlimited dominion over him.”

That’s why the amendment refers to people who are “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States “and of the state wherein they reside.” For generations, African-Americans were domiciled in this country. The only reason they weren’t citizens was because of slavery, which the country had just fought a Civil War to end.

The 14th Amendment fixed that.

The amendment didn’t even make Indians citizens. Why? Because it was about freed slaves. Sixteen years after the 14th Amendment was ratified, the Supreme Court held that an American Indian, John Elk, was not a citizen, despite having been born here.

Instead, Congress had to pass a separate law making Indians citizens, which it did, more than half a century after the adoption of the 14th Amendment. (It’s easy to miss — the law is titled: “THE INDIAN CITIZENSHIP ACT OF 1924.”) Why would such a law be necessary if simply being born in the U.S. was enough to confer citizenship?

Even today, the children of diplomats and foreign ministers are not granted citizenship on the basis of being born here.

President Trump, unlike his critics, honors black history by recognizing that the whole purpose of the Civil War amendments was to guarantee the rights of freed slaves.

But the left has always been bored with black people. If they start gassing on about “civil rights,” you can be sure it will be about transgenders, the abortion ladies or illegal aliens. Liberals can never seem to remember the people whose ancestors were brought here as slaves, i.e., the only reason we even have civil rights laws.

Still, it requires breathtaking audacity to use the Civil War amendments to bring in cheap foreign labor, which drives down the wages of African-Americans — the very people the amendments were written to protect!

Whether the children born to legal immigrants are citizens is controversial enough. But at least there’s a Supreme Court decision claiming that they are — U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark. That’s “birthright citizenship.”

It’s something else entirely to claim that an illegal alien, subject to deportation, can drop a baby and suddenly claim to be the parent of a “citizen.”

This crackpot notion was concocted by liberal zealot Justice William Brennan and slipped into a footnote as dicta in a 1982 case. “Dicta” means it was not the ruling of the court, just a random aside, with zero legal significance.

Left-wing activists seized on Brennan’s aside and browbeat everyone into believing that anchor babies are part of our great constitutional heritage, emerging straight from the pen of James Madison.

No Supreme Court has ever held that children born to illegal aliens are citizens. No Congress has deliberated and decided to grant that right. It’s a made-up right, grounded only in the smoke and mirrors around Justice Brennan’s 1982 footnote.

Obviously, it would be better if Congress passed a law clearly stating that children born to illegals are not citizens. (Trump won’t be president forever!) But until that happens, the president of the United States is not required to continue a ridiculous practice that has absolutely no basis in law.

It’s often said that journalism is the first draft of history. As we now see, fake news is the first draft of fake history.

Quote of the Times;
Once you start down the road of equality of outcome as the measure of justice, rather than equality under the law, you inevitably start dividing humans into groups, and one of the most obvious ways to do so is race. So, having spent years denying that there is any objective reality to racial classifications, liberals start sifting people into racial categories with an obsessiveness that puts South African policemen under the old regime to shame. Race, among other classifications, becomes a lens through which the whole of social life is examined. In short, there is no racist as fanatical as an anti-racist.

Link of the Times;
My girlfriend broke up with me, so I took her wheel chair.

Guess who came crawling back...


My friend gave this joke 10/10

But he's a mathematician, so he meant 1.


They’ve just opened a new restaurant Downtown. It’s called Karma and they don’t have a menu. You just get what you deserve.

Our local farmer has started feeding his cows with birdseed. That would explain why the milk is going cheep.

There’s a store on Main Street where you can get dead batteries free of charge.

Why is everything delivered by ship called a cargo and yet if it’s delivered by a van it’s called a shipment?

Change your password to incorrect and then if you can’t quite remember it, your computer will say your password is incorrect.

A man delivers a load of bubble wrap. “Where do you want this he asks?” “Oh, just pop it in the corner” was the reply.

I was amused to read the epitaph on the late dentist’s gravestone. It read “He’s now filling his last cavity.”

Why do bees hum? Because they can never remember the words.

What would you call someone with just a nose and no body? Nobody knows.


MEXICO—A migrant caravan full of leftists desiring to enter the socialist paradise of Venezuela departed the United States Thursday and began marching toward through Mexico, stating they will demand asylum so they might experience the far better life that socialism offers.

The migrants claim they are leaving America because of its high standards of living, strong economy, and record unemployment, and hope to find a better life in Venezuela's much more equitable system.

"Everyone there has the same quantity of possessions and food," said one marcher. "Everyone makes millions of dollars, and very few people work. It's a real paradise." The refugees have complex motivations, but the vast majority simply want to see everything socialism has to offer after suffering the amazing benefits of capitalism for too long.

Caravan organizers dispelled rumors that they were funded by Bernie Sanders, claiming the caravan was an organic grassroots movement.

At its current pace, the caravan is expected to arrive just in time for Venezuela to run out of food entirely.



The last time you were in, they stole your pen

Their vault is an old refrigerator

Head of mortgage department is named "Knuckles"

It says on the door, "Insured by F.D.I. Cia"

When you say, "I'd like to make a deposit" the teller says "Oh, thank God!"

Issue of the Times;
Four historical conservatives who scare liberals (and some conservatives) to death by H. W. Crocker III

It’s October. Night comes earlier, the mornings are darker, fog has settled over the land, and liberals — when not busy denouncing the rule of law, rejecting the facts of life, or rioting in pussy hats — sit by their dim, solar-powered faux fireplaces and think the most frightening thoughts.

Once upon a time, liberals were optimists. They invented the Whig version of history, dreaming that everything inevitably improved as liberal ideas spread. But there have always been obstacles on the yellow brick road to progressive paradise — not least the trenches of the First World War that cut straight through what liberalism believed would be a century of peace. The road was pummeled by B-17s in the Second World War. And it took the longest time for liberals to recognize that the red road, running parallel to the yellow brick road, did not lead to a future that “works.” Instead, it was red from the blood of Bolshevik human sacrifice. Still, liberals looking longingly at that road, because the people who built it seemed to know what they were doing, while their own path can be confusing, with unexpected twists and turns, and questions that even they can’t quite answer (such as: when is a man a woman?)

But most terrifying of all is what preceded the yellow brick road: the past — the old road from which liberals diverged. Oh yes, they tell children and newcomers not to look back — or to look back only in horror. It is a road of tangled vines and darkness where loom the old Americans: the racists, the slave-drivers, the plantation patriarchs, the genocidal Indian-killers, the ugly Americans (though many of them were quite a bit better-looking than the current obese, hennaed, pierced, and tattooed variety) who recognized only two sexes as ordained by “God” and “nature,” and who selfishly took a continent for themselves asserting their hateful white privilege.

Still, some liberals can’t help but look back, and if they don’t turn to salt like Lot’s wife, they nevertheless shudder at what they see. They recognize that if the young were to return to that path, to lift the shade that the liberals have cast upon it, the yellow brick road would be abandoned as a mistake, a detour that led people away from a city on a hill where people live as happy, patriotic, free, church-going and law-abiding families, something as frightening as… the 1950s and that scarifying man Ike — an era to which we can never return.

Yet liberals see horrid reminders of the past every day, even on the yellow brick road.

In their very pocketbooks, they might find a portrait of the petrifying Old Hickory, Andrew Jackson. They once honored this American hero because he seemed like the embodiment of American democracy — but that was when liberals like Arthur Schlesinger, James Michener, and Samuel Eliot Morrison thought America was worth celebrating. Now liberals know better. Jackson was a villain who believed in America’s “manifest destiny,” in the republican virtue of the early deplorables, in patriotism and nationalism, and in moving Indians out of the way lest they be exterminated (as they nearly had been in earlier New England wars). Previous generations celebrated Jackson in song and story, in films and histories, as emblematic of rough-hewn Americanism. But he was a very scary man, and if the young admired him again, it would be a problem.

If anything, it’s worse with Robert E. Lee. He is the reason statues are banished from the yellow brick road. He too was a patriot, a military hero, and directly linked to America’s founding. Should the young again admire Lee (as even Lee’s battlefield opponents once did), it would resurrect that terribly subversive idea of the “Christian gentleman.” The young might realize that what they have been taught — the Soviet version of the American Civil War as a struggle between flawed Progressives and despicable Nazis — is wrong, and that the banished books and movies were true: that the war was instead a tragic American Iliad. They might even discover what the Lincoln-admiring imperialist Theodore Roosevelt said: that America emerged from that war with “the proud right to claim as its own the glory won alike by those who wore the blue and by those who wore the gray; by those who followed Grant and by those who followed Lee; for both fought with equal bravery and with equal sincerity of conviction, each striving for the light as it was given him to see the light.”

Then there is Custer. Like Lee and Jackson, he was a Democrat, which makes it all the more awful that this happy warrior (who liked Southern cavaliers), this Indian slaughterer (who shortly before his eponymous last stand testified in Washington against corrupt Indian traders), should once have been admired for his reckless courage, his dauntless bravery, and the pluck that made him the “Boy General” of the Civil War, emerging from humble origins to the height of American fame. But to celebrate Custer is to celebrate “the winning of the West,” which of course was not “won” but stolen from the Mexicans and the Indians by toxically masculine Anglo-Saxons. Thank goodness we do not have their like today. But if young women were to yearn for men like Custer (remembering his storybook romance with Libbie Bacon), and if young men were to be inspired by his courage, loyalty, and swashbuckling ways… why it would be a great retrogression.

Then there is George C. Marshall. At one time, liberals accepted Marshall’s military service and far-seeing diplomacy as admirable. But that was then. Marshall attended the Virginia Military Institute, which to this day honors Stonewall Jackson (not the “Stonewall” liberals care to remember). Marshall held Robert E. Lee as a hero and model for good conduct. He was a staunch anti-Communist (obviously problematic for those who glance wistfully at the red road). And yet despite all that, Marshall puts liberals’ own anti-fascist credentials to shame. How can such men have existed? It raises too many uncomfortable questions, and he and his kind are best left in darkness.

As the liberal shakes off these gloomy thoughts — these fears of what could be, if conservatives ever understood the past and made it attractive to the young — they are consoled that so many self-styled “conservatives” are content to skip down the yellow brick road with them, asking only for occasional detours (to avoid the tolls), agreeing that the statues are best left shrouded, that many of the “heroes” are best disparaged, and much of the past best forgotten. Liberals know that these fellow travelers dream of the day when they can be praised by scribes of the Post, applauded by entertainers of the stage, and garlanded by pussy hat rioters — when they too can be liberals on the yellow brick road.

Quote of the Times;
“You would not call a man humane for ceasing to set mousetraps if he did so because he believed there were no mice in the house.” - Lewis

Link of the Times;
“Last night, I was sitting on the sofa watching TV, when I heard my wife in the kitchen ask: ‘What would you like for dinner, sweetheart: chicken, beef or lamb?’”

“I think I’d like chicken, dear,” I replied.

“You’re having soup, numbnuts. I was talking to the dog.”


A study says in 27 years, almost a quarter of the world’s population will be obese. I accept your challenge.

Tens of thousands of Las Vegas casino workers have voted to authorize a strike next month. What happens in Vegas is soon about to stop happening in Vegas.

Why do they call it beauty sleep when you wake up looking like a troll?

I’m not a perfect person. I’ve made mistakes along the way, some of them highly regrettable. For that, I’d just like you all to know: I blame the Ambien.

Actress Brigitte Nielsen—Sylvester Stallone’s ex—is pregnant at age 54. How could raising a teenager in your 60s ever seem like a great idea?


WEST POINT, N.Y. – From the moment he stepped onto, as he calls it, Apron 9 ¾, West Point Fourth Classman Blaise Boodlesworthy has been waiting for the end of beast barracks when he heard the cadets will gather in Eisenhower Hall under the watchful portraits of many headmaster generals to be sorted in their houses.

“The sorting hat knows best, but I’ve always known in my heart that I’m a Slytherin,” Boodlesworthy said. “Otherwise, I never would have gone to West Point.”

Though the sorting hat ceremony has not been listed on any training schedule or announced in the instructions he received over the summer, the gray arches, imposing stone and green fields of the United States Military Academy, have reassured Boodlesworthy that West Point is the perfect place for a Slytherin.

“Better Hufflepuff than Slytherin,” mumbled Sergeant 1st Class Hagrid, Boodlesworthy’s TAC NCO, a West Point washout himself. “There wasn’t a single chief of staff of the Army who didn’t come from Slytherin.”

Each house has been represented at West Point over the years with varying results. However, approximately 85 percent of West Point cadets are Slytherins. A few Hufflepuffs pop up every year as branch quartermaster or transfer to the Air Force. Ravenclaws are known to graduate after many hours of fatigue duty and fights in the Firstie Club. Exactly one cadet sorted into Gryffindor. He immediately requested a release to become enlisted. He is now in Ranger Reg and hates everything.

Boodlesworthy has been dreaming of joining the House of Slytherin since Hagrid appeared to him in the cupboard under the stairs in his mom’s basement and whispered, “You’re an officer, Blaise.”

However, since coming to West Point, Boodlesworthy’s entitlement, hijinx, and sense that’s he the chosen boy who can fight the Global War on He Who Must Not be Named has earned him many walks in the yard and most likely will make his first platoon frag him.

“Ambitious, shrewd, cunning.” grumbled Hagrid. “Focused on self-preservation. That’d be the lot of them.”


Two attorneys have planned to meet for lunch, but one of them shows up 30 minutes late.

The one who's been waiting asks his partner: "What kept you?"

"I ran over a Coke bottle and got a flat tire."

"A Coke bottle in the road? Didn't you see it?"

"The kid had it under his coat."


I bet that Van Gogh guy cut off his ear by accident and made up that "lost love" story so he wouldn't look stupid.

Issue of the Times;
Trump's Merkel Moment and Ours by Michael Walsh

Three years ago, a horde of "migrants" from the Islamic ummah arrived suddenly in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, marching right through a sovereign nation without a care in the world. They were on their way to the promised lands of old Christendom, and the glittering, helpless welfare societies that tried to offer cradle-to-grave security but too late realized that it forgot the cradle part, and only had the grave to look forward to. Shortly thereafter, the Hungarians sealed their borders, built a fence, and enlisted other similarly minded countries in central Europe to join them in an adamant refusal to admit "migrants" masquerading as "refugees."

The Muslim army was raised and funded by unknown players, but it was welcomed by Angela Merkel, the worst German chancellor since you-know-who. With no personal stake in the future of her country, the childless Merkel was suddenly hailed as Mutti Merkel by her new charges, who then promptly went on a orgy of cultural enrichment that will end with the total collapse of Merkel's government and, hopefully, Merkelism itself. In retrospect, it's clear that the "migrant" horde should have been stopped at the Serbian or Hungarian borders and turned back by any means necessary; Europe is still facing the enormous consequences of Merkel's hideous error.

Now it's America's turn. Thousands of economic migrants -- they make no bones about it -- are heading our way, insouciantly traversing the basket-case failed state of Mexico on their trek to El Norte and boasting that there's no stopping them. The media, speaking for the Democrat party, acts as if this is some sort of natural phenomenon, like an earthquake or a hurricane, and the only "humane" thing to do is to accommodate them in America, no questions asked.

Luckily, President Trump is made of sterner stuff that either Merkel or the media. He's announced he's cutting back on aid to the three worst, most dysfunctional and violent countries in Central America (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador), has demanded that our friends the Mexicans stop them before they reach Texas and Arizona, and has even threatened to use the U.S. military to prevent the migrants from crossing into American territory.

Activists say the journey through of at least 3,000 kilometers (1,800 miles) through Mexico to the US border could take a month. "We are well aware that this country (Mexico) didn't receive us as we expected, and they can return us to Honduras, and we also know there are drug traffickers who kidnap and kill migrants," Juan Flores, one of those migrants, told AFP. "But we live with more fear in our country, so we carry on forward," he added.

But fear of your own befouled nest is no excuse to invade another country. Once, "refugee" meant people fleeing active war zones, who would be temporarily displaced in other countries until the war ended and they could either return to their homes or wait in DP camps until their applications for admission were decided. Today, a "refugee" is anyone who desires to live in the United States, and who should therefore be allowed entry with no questions asked.

Every time you see a Caravan, or people illegally coming, or attempting to come, into our Country illegally, think of and blame the Democrats for not giving us the votes to change our pathetic Immigration Laws! Remember the Midterms! So unfair to those who come in legally.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 22, 2018

Naturally, these blunt sentiments horrify the American Left, which views everything as either America's fault or America's responsibility, and is determined to join forces with its counterparts in Europe in its project of population replacement. Using declining birthrates in First World countries as its wedge, in part by enthusiastically demanding the untrammeled "right" of women to murder their babies in the womb, they now insist that the solution to low population growth is to import foreigners en masse, on the egalitarian theory that a Guatemalan peasant and a Connecticut Yankee are interchangeable in their abilities, work ethic, and cultural patrimony.

This is manifestly untrue (history, in fact, proves it conclusively), but no matter. Such quaint notions as national sovereignty are as outdated as the American Constitution itself - the Left has finally emerged from its pseudo-patriotic closet to call for the destruction of the United States of America. For what is the difference whether the country is invaded by the military units of a foreign power (which hasn't happened in the U.S. since the War of 1812) or an unarmed "caravan" that overwhelmingly consists of military age men and is intent upon violating American law? What do we do with such people?

We stop them. Yes, this is a deliberate provocation - the Left is betting that America won't dare use force to protect itself, wouldn't want to take the public-relations hit that would come with images of American Border Patrol, National Guard or even regular Army soldiers preventing the horde from entering the country. But, as Trump has often observed, either we have borders or we don't, and if we don't we no longer have a country, but simply an economic system that works better than anything in the Arab world or the Latin American countries.

But their problems are not our problems, unless we make them our problems. The president and the country are now being tested, as surely as Khrushchev tested Kennedy with the missiles of October 56 years ago. The former Soviet premier bet the young American president, having botched the Bay of Pigs, would do nothing stop the installation of Russian ballistic weapons in Cuba. He guessed wrong.

Now Trump must hold fast. This has gone beyond a "humanitarian" crisis (one which in any case should be dealt with by the Central Americans themselves) and now a national crisis. If allowed to continue, it will establish a nation-killing principle.

"No one is going to stop us, after all we've gone through," said 21-year-old Aaron Juarez, who was accompanied by his wife and baby and was walking with difficulty because of an injury.

Honduran farmer Edwin Geovanni Enamorado said he was forced to leave his country because of intimidation by racketeering gangs. "We are tired, but very happy, we are united and strong," he said.

Britany Hernandez added: "We have sunburn. We have blisters. But we got here. Our strength is greater than Trump's threats."

We'll see about that.

Quote of the Times;
It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them. – Woderwouse

Link of the Times;
RALEIGH, NC—Local 7-year-old Jayden Perdue was instructed to go to bed this evening, but the boy wasn't about to let the bedtime proceedings go through without a fight.

Perdue quickly formulated a complex strategy in which he would employ a series of clever delay tactics in order to postpone bedtime indefinitely.

"But I have to go to the bathroom," he began, and his parents allowed him to do so. Several minutes later, after they thought he was fast asleep, Perdue emerged once again from his bedroom and declared, "I'm scared. Can you check my closet for monsters, ghosts, and politicians?"

Annoyed but still gracious, Perdue's parents entered the room and assured him there were no monsters of any kind. Satisfied, Perdue wished them good night and pretended to go to sleep.

But moments later, he came out yet again, asking if he could have a drink of water. He continued to get up every few minutes like clockwork, making increasingly grandiose requests, such as asking his parents for a tray of Bagel Bites and a read through of The Silmarillion.

"These delay tactics are unacceptable," his parents told reporters. "It is obvious now that he's simply stretching out the process to its breaking point."


Kim Jong Un said he wants to open a McDonald’s in North Korea, which will most likely offer “Happy to be alive” meals.

Keira Knightly received the OBE award from Queen Elizabeth II. Doesn’t knighting a Knightly seem redundant?

Starbucks is raising the price of its coffee by 10 to 20 cents. I’m considering it a, “Well, I guess we have to be nice to all of you” tax.

Uber says it can detect drunk passengers by the way they hold their phone. I've learned to dial mine with my toes, just to mess with them.

President Trump has said that he has the power to pardon himself, but he will never forgive the producers of "The Emoji Movie" for that they did.

Eunice Gayson, who appeared in the movie, "Dr. No" and was the very first Bond Girl, has died at the age of 90. That was back in the days when someone named Eunice could become a Bond Girl.


So I went to the doctor and he said, "Don eat anything fatty."

And I asked, "You mean like burgers and fries?" and he responded, "No, don't eat anything, Fatty!"


A mechanic was removing a cylinder head from the motor of a Harley, when he spotted a world-famous heart surgeon in his shop. The heart surgeon was waiting for the service manager to come take a look at his bike. The mechanic shouted across the garage, "Hey Doc can I ask you a question?"

The famous surgeon, a bit surprised, walked over to the mechanic working on the motorcycle.

The mechanic straightened up, wiped his hands on a rag and asked, "So Doc, look at this engine. I also can open hearts, take valves out, fix'em, put in new parts and when I finish this will work just like a new one. So how come I get a pittance and you get the really big money, when you and I are doing basically the same work?"

The surgeon paused, smiled and leaned over, and whispered to the mechanic...

..."Try doing it with the engine running!"


A Philadelphia teacher is being accused of taking bribes for good grades.

Who knew they taught politics in elementary school?

Issue of the Times;
The Ranger School Conspiracy by Ray Starmann

The lies from Fort Benning just keep on comin’…

In 2015, former Secretary of Defense Ash and Trash Carter desperately needed some proof; real or fraudulent, that women could hack it in the combat arms. The $36 million dollar, Marine Corps study couldn’t do that. It clearly showed in minute detail how all female and coed units were slaughtered by all male units in simulated combat.

Enter Captain Griest and First Lieutenant Haver, who, along with several other females, were attending Ranger School down at Fort Benning, Georgia. The word quickly went out. There would be one or two Lady Rangers presented to the world, in order to give Carter the ‘proof’ he needed to authorize women to serve in the combat arms and special operations forces of the US military.

As Griest and Haver went through the grueling course and then ‘graduated’, rumors began to seep out that they were being given special treatment in the form of dieticians, endless chances to repeat the school, multiple opportunities to pass patrols, showers every three days and pink curtained cat holes for privacy. Fueling the fire was their plump appearance at graduation. Normally, Ranger School males look like Japanese POW camp survivors on graduation day, strangely, the ladies looked well fed.

People Magazine reporter, Susan Keating seemed to confirm the rumors in her September, 2015 in article titled, ‘Was It Fixed? Army General Told Subordinates: ‘A Woman Will Graduate Ranger School,’ Sources Say.

Keating’s story was quickly lambasted by former Ranger Training Brigade Commander, Colonel David Fivecoat and former Fort Benning Maneuver Center commander, General Scott Miller, who both adamantly claimed that there was no special treatment given to Griest and Haver.

Meanwhile, US Defense Watch was given documents that showed Haver had been one of 50 women at Fort Carson, who spent 90 straight days preparing for Ranger School, in a sort of mad cap pre-pre Ranger School. In fact, Haver flunked land navigation repeatedly at Carson and should never have been sent to Benning in the first place. Even in the days of GPS, a Ranger who can’t use a map and compass is as worthless as a golfer who can’t putt.

Miller was promoted to four star general and is currently serving as commander of all US-led forces in Afghanistan. Fivecoat retired with a full pension and Tricare benefits.

While Keating’s article hit the Internet, Congressman Steve Russell, a former army officer and Ranger School graduate demanded to see the Ranger School records for Griest and Haver. His attempts to obtain the records were repeatedly thwarted by Secretary of Army John McHugh.

Russell was then informed that both Griest and Haver’s records had been destroyed, in violation of army policy. Russell’s requests to view the Green Cards, or Ranger School transcripts for the two women were also denied. To date, Russell has received nothing from the army.

Two months later, Major Lisa Jaster, a 37 year old mother of two ‘graduated’ from Ranger School, in what can only be described as a Diversity Bridge too Far, in the army’s attempts to prove that women can successfully graduate from the course. A 37 year old man graduating from the school is miraculous, a 37 year old mommy of two graduating is a fraud.

After Mommy Ranger’s graduation, another baker’s dozen of female graduated from the school in the last three years.

It was hoped that Secretary of Defense James Mattis would eradicate the PC madness infecting the military, but to date, Mattis has shown himself to be just as worthless as Ash Carter.

Since 2015, the army believed it was doing a successful job of covering up what was really going on at Benning, a conspiracy to defraud the American people and our national security, in order to placate Pentagon diversity crusaders and idiots like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

But, two stories have recently shed light on Ranger School once again.

In June, this year, a source at the Mountain Ranger Camp at Dahlonega had informed USDW that a female Ranger School student was indeed pregnant. Apparently, this student and her boyfriend were in the same Ranger School class. Both students were recycled during the Benning phase. While in the ‘Gulag’ awaiting the beginning of the Benning phase recycle, she got pregnant.

The female was eventually taken out of the course while in the Mountain Phase, and has reportedly been offered a chance to recycle after her maternity leave ends.

Last week, another story from Ranger School broke and it sounded a lot like what was happening at Benning in 2015. Popular Military reported that ‘the first female enlisted soldier to graduate Ranger School allegedly quit during the first phase of training and was given more opportunities to restart phases of the course, according to sources within the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade.’

According to the article, “several sources -including Ranger Instructors (RIs) whose names have been withheld- say that the NCO quit during the first phase of training, but was allowed to come back and even recycle several times, something that has never happened in a course that is supposed to automatically disqualify those who tap out.”

“She was given more recycles and even quit during the first phase,” an RI source said, speaking on conditions of anonymity.

Down the road from the first phase of Ranger school at Fort Benning, at Sand Hill, Infantry recruits claimed that a clear double-standard existed for their female counterparts, including lighter rucks and lower expectations.

“No way,” one soldier told Popular Military last year, after being asked if women were held to the same standards. “Lighter rucks, things like that.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

There’s an old saying, where there’s smoke, there’s fire and there’s a lot of smoke down at Benning, and there has been for three years.

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that since 2015, a conspiracy to pass women at Ranger School has continued under the guise of the senior leadership in the Ranger Training Brigade and in the army.

In order to placate fools in Congress and their superiors, in order to pad their pensions, promotions and future defense contractor jobs, Pentagon perfumed princes have demanded female graduates from Ranger School, national security be damned.

What’s happening at Fort Benning is a disgrace to the brave Rangers who went before in Sicily, at Pointe du Hoc, on Omaha Beach, in Burma, in the Philippines, in Vietnam, Mogadishu, Iraq and Afghanistan.

What’s happening at Fort Benning is a fraud and a conspiracy that goes all the way to the desk of Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

Quote of the Times;
According to Martha Stout, the author of “The Sociopath Next Door”, the most reliable sign of a sociopath is their appeal to a normal persons sympathy, despite their abusive, destructive, manipulative, and mendacious behavior.

“If, instead, you find yourself often pitying someone who consistently hurts you or other people, and who actively campaigns for your sympathy, the chances are close to 100 percent that you are dealing with a sociopath.”

Link of the Times;
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