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Why does Santa only have to work one day a year?

He got them to put a Claus in his contract.


Why does Willem always play the villain in movies?

He’s DaFoe.


Americans opening their mailboxes were greeted with a wonderful holiday surprise, as the White House had mailed them Christmas cards with the heartwarming message, “You will get sick and die this winter.”

The Christmas cards are part of the Biden Administration’s recent uplifting Christmas messaging campaign, which kicked off when Biden announced with jovial flair, “We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death.”

The hope-filled greeting cards were packaged in a beautiful, glittering gift basket alongside a vaccine-filled syringe and a pack of abortion pills, all nestled in a bed of now-worthless shredded dollar bills.

Sadly, many conservative Americans will never receive the President’s heartfelt message of grief and hopelessness, as the USPS lost most of them.


Seeing her friend Marcia wearing a new locket, Ashley asks if there is a memento of some sort inside.

“Yes,” says Marcia, “a lock of my husband’s hair.”

“But Larry’s still alive?”

“I know, but his hair is gone.”


Why did the contractor close his fencing business.

He was having a hard time making ends meet.

Quote of the Times;
"We ask why the vaccine passport? Why this collar they want to put on the Brazilian people? Where is our freedom? I'd rather die than lose my freedom." - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on vax mandates

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Issue of the Times;
Remember Al Gore? He's no longer making predictions by Joseph Farah

Good old Al Gore – the first climate doomsday hysteric.

You don't hear much from him these days. I wonder why?

Now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg and Joe Biden are left to beat the drum. And, of course, the corporations and rest of the signers of the Paris Climate Accords.

What's Al Gore doing these days? "Former Vice President Al Gore is the cofounder and chairman of Generation Investment Management, and the founder and chairman of The Climate Reality Project, a nonprofit devoted to solving the climate crisis. Gore was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1976, 1978, 1980 and 1982 and the U.S. Senate in 1984 and 1990. He was inaugurated as the 45th Vice President of the United States on Jan. 20, 1993, and served eight years."

That's his official bio courtesy on

Notice he's still founder and chairman of "The Climate Reality Project," though reality has never been his strong suit.

For instance, in December 2009, the man who once proclaimed himself, "the inventor if the internet," predicted the north polar ice cap would likely vanish within five to seven years. He said the chances were 75% they would be "be completely ice-free" within that time frame.

Generally, sea ice ebbs and flows seasonally. The North Pole loses only about 50 cubic kilometers – and later the Antarctic South Pole gains ice when it reaches freezing temperatures. So the South Pole gains when the North Pole loses.

Reports Wikipedia: "On 19 September 2014, for the first time since 1979, Antarctic sea ice extent exceeded 7.72 million square miles (20 million square kilometers), according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center. The ice extent stayed above this benchmark extent for several days. The average maximum extent between 1981 and 2010 was 7.23 million square miles."
That sea ice still forms every winter – like clockwork – though that "reality" hasn't stopped the panic.

Of course, Gore didn't comment on his failed prediction. He seldom does.

It was 16 years ago Gore premiered his famous movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," for which he won an Oscar. More recently, he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. He didn't win but got to go to France – no doubt on a private jet.

In his movie, Gore predicted that sea levels could rise 20 feet with the melting of the Antarctic and Arctic ice sheets.

Now, we know that the South Pole is gaining more ice than it's losing. Have you checked the sea levels lately? Gore has – from his perch in his beachfront mansion.

Like most climate cultists, Al Gore firmly believes that carbon dioxide – what you are exhaling – is what controls temperature. He's wrong. The sun does.

Indeed, satellite data show no increase in temperature for nearly the last 25 years despite a constant increase in CO2. The sun, on the other hand, might have a much larger role in the Earth's climate, so much so that some scientists are talking about a significant cooling because the sun is "quieter."

What about hurricanes and tornadoes? Despite the tragedy recently in the Midwest, it's just that – a tragic anomaly. The frequency of EF3-plus tornadoes actually has been declining for over 65 years. Also, the overall number of tornadoes has been unusually low in the past eight years.

Gore said the polar bears were dying. He's right about that – they die when they get old. There are more polar bears now than when Al Gore was born.

What else is Gore wrong about?

He claimed in his famous movie that the Sahara Desert was drying up. This is not true. As shown by satellite images, the Sahel is in fact one of the regions that has gained the most flora density since satellites began collecting images. All of that is due to the reviled CO2, which in effect acts as a fertilizer!

Now you know why Gore has not been seen lately. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can only fool a climate alarmist all of the time.

News of the Times;
A recent survey revealed 5% of people said they would fake their own death if they ever won a lottery prize.

I was thinking of doing that just to shake off a few telemarketers.


There are only two instances when people hate the alarm clock:

1) When it rings.

2) When it doesn’t ring.


When Huffington Post writer Brutto Chalet discovered he was being let go earlier this year, he decided he was going to do what all Americans do when they lose their job: learn to code.

There's just one problem: he suddenly realized the code he was working in was binary.

"Excuse me, professor?" he said to his programming teacher. "Yeah, hi. Brutto Chalet, he/him. Did I hear you correctly? Are we only allowed to work in binary code? Are there non-binary options for us to work with?"

The teacher said that they would just be learning to program atop binary code systems in this particular class, as virtually all computer systems are written in binary.

"Wow - that's really problematic, chief," Chalet said. After apologizing for appropriating the term "chief" from the Native Americans, Chalet excitedly realized that exposing the bigotry of the programming community would make for a great Huffington Post article. It was a few minutes before he remembered that he wasn't a journalist anymore, though.

At publishing time, Chalet had begun work on his very own ternary code computer system, with the hopes of one day expanding the code to as many genders as there are, "400 or 500 or something like that".


An Irishman goes into the confessional box after years of being away from the Church. There's a fully equipped bar with Guinness on tap. On the other wall is a dazzling array of the finest cigars and chocolates.

Then the priest comes in. "Father, forgive me, for it's been a very long time since I've been to confession, but I must first admit that the confessional box is much more inviting than it used to be."

The priest replies, "Get out. You're on my side."


A friend of mine always helps me with maps and diagrams, pointing out all the little symbols and what they mean.

The guy is a legend!

Quote of the Times;
Can you cite one speck of hard evidence of the benefits of "diversity" that we have heard gushed about for years? Evidence of its hand can be seen - written in blood - from Iraq to India, from Serbia to Sudan, from Fiji to the Philippines. It is scary how easily so many people can be brainwashed by sheer repetition of a word. – Sowell

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Issue of the Times;
Young People Turn To Collectivism Because Of These Psychological Disparities by Brandon Smith

Are Americans changing with the times, are the times changing with Americans, or, has nothing really changed at all in the past century?

Before we dive into this discussion it’s important to understand one thing above all else – There is nothing new under the sun. Every “new” political movement or cultural upheaval has happened a thousand times or more in the past. Every “new” form of governance is just a rehashed version of a system that came before it. Every “new” economic structure is one of a handful of preexisting and ever repeating trade methodologies. Every “new” revolution and rebellion is a fight for the same basic goals against the same persistent foes that have always existed since the dawn of civilization. All of human history can be condensed down to a few fundamental and irreconcilable differences, desires, values and ambitions.

This cycle of events is a kind of historical furnace where people and nations are forged. Most go through life without any inkling of the whirlwind; they think the things happening to them are unique and unprecedented. Maybe if human beings lived longer lives they would realize how common such conflicts are and view the repetition with less panic.

The so called “disenfranchised” feel overwhelmed by the tides and completely devoid of any influence over the future. Then there are those that have the ability to see the story unfold. There are those that try to control it and use it to their advantage. There are those that are trying desperately to escape it, even at the cost of reason and sanity. And, there are those that take truly individual action and make history rather than simply being caught up in it.

None of us really knows which path we will choose until we are faced with a defining moment, and none of us knows when that moment will arrive. I know it sounds crazy, but living in interesting times is not a curse, it is a blessing. Of course, not everyone feels this way…

Collectivism Targets The Young For A Reason

As the mainstream media is fond of reminding us, there is a large percentage of teens and young adults today that are turning to collectivist systems like socialism to find protection from what they see as a cruel and unfair era that is inhospitable to their prosperity and emotional security. They feel that the generations that came before them rendered all the fat and siphoned all the wealth this country has to give and now there is nothing left for them. In some cases they are correct, in other cases they have been cleverly misled.

That’s right folks, it’s a return to that epic battle between the inexperienced and naive younglings who will one day inherit the Earth, and the selfish and obstinate “boomers” that supposedly ruined it for them. A battle not just of classes but of generations; nothing new under the sun, same as it ever was.

According to mainstream polling over the past few years there has been an aggressive shift in younger people away from traditional American concepts like free markets (What leftists call “capitalism”) and individualism towards the sweet sugary smell of candy coated socialism. The strange thing is that many millennials and Gen Z kids mistrust government more than any generation that has come before them in recent memory. Yet, more than half of them actually think that socialism (big government) is a “rebellion” against corrupt and intrusive government influence. Yeah, how did they ever come to that conclusion? It’s bizarre.

There are a lot of very insightful theories on why this is happening. Some people argue that public schools and colleges have become subversively communist and ideological, and that recent generations have been exposed to increasing levels of indoctrination. It’s true, the evidence is undeniable that this is happening and the propaganda coming from public schools is so radioactive it’s giving the country cancer.

However, what this theory overlooks is that younger people are targeted with collectivist cultism for a reason – They are already highly susceptible to the narrative. Certain people and groups are more psychologically inclined to adopt particular values and embrace particular solutions.

Young people tend to lean more towards the collectivist mentality, and the elitists behind the curtain encourage and exploit this existing social trait. They don’t create these divisions out of thin air, the divisions already exist in society and they take advantage. That’s the big secret that very few analysts want to acknowledge.

Who Is To Blame?

To be fair, older generations have not helped the situation much. It would have been better if the fight against globalism, collectivism, etc. had been fought and ended decades ago. There have been a lot of false starts. Economically, older Americans have done very little to stop government spending and the Federal Reserve’s money printing bonanza and now we are witnessing a stagflationary crisis which young people are ill equipped to survive. There are many comforts that Baby Boomers took for granted, such as greater buying power of the dollar and easier home ownership, and these are comforts that newer generations will probably not experience.

But then again, blaming the apathy of “boomers” as the sole culprits behind the economic decline of the US is a deflection on the part of young socialists. Let’s be realistic; the vast majority of stimulus creation was accomplished by the Fed between 2008 and today. Millennials are more than old enough to take part of the responsibility. The central bank and the government conjured more national debt and inflationary stimulus in the past decade than all the previous 235 years of our country’s existence combined. Most younger Americans stood by and watched this happen right along with the baby boomers.

Also, accusing boomers of dereliction of duty for not leaping into revolution against the powers-that-be presumes that this was ever their job. It’s a lot like blaming the parents or grandparents of the Founding Fathers for not breaking from England sooner. Maybe there just wasn’t enough momentum yet? Maybe the task was left to the founders era for a reason. Maybe these things are part of a cycle (as mentioned above) and maybe an accounting of our current predicament was not possible until today? Like I said, we don’t get to choose the time in which we live, and moments where tyranny or rebellion are decided are fleeting in history.

Sorry, kids, but someone has to come of age during these moments of malaise and that lot falls to you. Unfortunately, some of you will now be standing in support of the corrupt system instead of fighting against it and we will be finding ourselves at cross-purposes.

The Exploitable Psychological Weaknesses Of Youth

The question again is, why are we on opposite sides? Why are around two-thirds of younger people putting their faith in big government when they are the generation that’s supposed to be the most suspicious of government? What is it with the young and socialism and collectivism?

To be sure, collectivist movements like to present themselves as “revolutionary” and fighting for the “underdogs.” And usually they are marginal in their social presence and seem to be grassroots in origin when they begin. The key to knowing if a movement is real or if it is a controlled farce is to see who is putting their money behind it.

It is not surprising to most conservatives that the political left enjoys endless cash flow from globalist institutions and corporate backers. After all, we’re the people these kids are being encouraged to destroy because we are in actual opposition to the system (save a handful of GOP elites that are conservative in rhetoric only).

Social justice groups are finding enthusiastic allies among the mega-rich, the very people the left claims they are fighting to dethrone. BLM and other leftist organizations have received hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, etc. This is not conspiracy “theory”, this is openly admitted reality.

Colleges in particular have long been a grooming ground for the elites, and it’s important to remember that many leftists are coaxed and manipulated by gatekeepers into the role of angry activists. That doesn’t mean they bear no responsibility for their actions. This leads us to the psychology of today’s younger generation and why they are so often targeted for exploitation by collectivists.

The Vulnerable Psychology Of The Young

Collectivist movements associate with empathetic causes and many young people draw political conclusions based on emotion and empathy. It makes sense; most younger Americans value empathy and charity above all else because they have only been on this Earth for a short period of time. They have thrived for most of their brief existences because of charity and support from other people (like their parents). They move into the adult world wondering why collective support and centralized charity are not there waiting for them. It’s the only system of survival they have ever known, and now the world demands that they stand on their own two feet and make their way alone.

The go to solution is usually to go to college and take on debt. For the past 10-15 years college for most people has become a way to escape the real world for a few years more. A large number of them take on useless majors and pay tens of thousands of dollars for degrees that have no value to any employer. When college ends the escape plan ends and once again reality waits for them, but now they have an average of $30,000 in debt dragging on their necks like a millstone.

This is why the number of young people living with their parents into their 20s and 30s has skyrocketed in the past several years to 52%. When mommy and daddy are no longer the primary means of sustainment they search for a proxy, and the government looks like a tempting replacement.

This is partially the fault of helicopter parents that have spent the better part of their children’s lives trying to shield them from any responsibility or consequences. They have left swarms of these kids completely unprepared for the harsh lessons of the adult world. The fact of the matter is, childhood ends, and dependency ends, and you will have to be able to function without constant help or you will feel the pain of failure. This is how the world works and how it always will work. Socialism/communism and globalism/collectivism all make promises that under their new system you can remain a child for the rest of your life, forever cared for by government. This is a lie.

Collectivist systems do have a habit of making most people equal, in that we are all made equally poor and equally destitute. The Utopian vision of a world without work or worries always has a hidden price tag as well. The sacrifice of personal freedom is the trade and while some don’t see this as a bad thing most of them aren’t old enough yet to understand what they are losing.

A problem more specific to Millennials and Gen Z is that they have extraordinarily high expectations but extremely low initiative and ambition. When the top dream job for young people in poll after poll is “YouTuber” or “Influencer”, you know that our society is in trouble. The expectation is that work will always be minimal while money will always be ample and fame will be inevitable. Social media is built on this very narrative, and the number of “followers” a person has on social media is treated as a currency; subscribers and followers are the new measure of individual success, even if that person has accomplished nothing else in their lives.

Imagine that you have this mentality sloshing around in your brain and suddenly you are faced with the cold hard reality of the 9 to 5 work-a-day world? You are going to be enraged when you realize how much struggle and discomfort it really takes just to pay the rent and put food in your stomach.

Zennials think that older people somehow didn’t have to go through this, but they are misinformed. Nearly ALL OF US struggle in our twenties to get somewhere in life. MOST OF US have lived paycheck to paycheck in our early years. Once you enter adulthood it can take a couple of decades to accumulate any measure of wealth or success, but young people today are utterly impatient with the process and are clamoring for shortcuts. When they realize there are no shortcuts, they feel they have been wronged.

There is a realization that comes to a person only through experience and heartache, and it is this: Life is not a violation of our comfort. Life is not something that is “done to us.” Life is unfair for a reason – It is a test of who we are and who we might become. Life is a relentless test.

Collectivist gatekeepers will spin fantastic narratives of a future devoid of discomfort and free from responsibility. All you have to do is give up all your freedoms and the reward will be a perpetual childhood. It sounds nice, but it is quite evil in its design. Infantizing a society is the first step to enslaving a society. Being dependent on government means giving total control to government; government becomes the parent, and not all parents love their children.

Big government and collectivism are also intoxicating weapons. Much like the “One Ring” in the Lord of The Rings, a lot of people think they can use it for good, but big government power corrupts everyone eventually. There are many people on the political left today that are basking in the dark side of this power. They love the intimidation of the mob, and they love that corporations and politicians are helping them to destroy their enemies.

All social justice is built on the notion that the expectation of betterment is a form of bigotry. Seeing merit as a measure of a person’s value is deemed horrific. In a meritocracy these people have no power, but in a world of “equity” where people compete to see who is the most broken and the most oppressed the power goes to the those who can get the most handouts and special treatment.

Then, there are people that are simply narcissistic and sociopathic, and these are traits that are highly valued in the social media culture and in collectivist regimes. In the new world there will be two types of people who will be allowed to succeed: The people that prove their victim status and the people that have no conscience. If you don’t have any defining social justice points to help you climb the diversity totem pole then you will be stuck, unless you are willing to do almost any evil to get ahead. And maybe this has always been the goal of the establishment – To get our culture to a place where evil is the most acceptable option.

To be clear, there are millions of young Americans that are NOT on board with the collectivist program, but the longer the current dynamic goes on the harder it will be to reverse the damage already done by the system. Something is going to have to change very soon and rather violently. While the young are exploited through their fears of stepping into a world based on merit, collectivist tyranny will only continue to grow.

News of the Times;
Just saw a guy on his Smartphone drinking his Smart Water driving his Smart car.

He looked like a dumbass.


"Beatles or Stones?" I asked my son.

"Why can't I just have something normal for dinner?" he pleaded.


A new study found that politicians cannot be harmed from heart issues related to the COVID-19 vaccines.

"Politicians? Oh yeah, they're totally safe from getting any kind of heart inflammation," said the head of the study, Dr. Ree Boyd. "You gotta have a heart to inflame, ya know?"

Experts say the study illustrates why politicians have been so quick to get vaccinated, while ordinary humans, who have hearts, are more hesitant. "It seems people who have a heart and non-lizard blood flowing through their veins are more likely to be worried about heart issues," said Boyd. "Lizard people tend to worry more about things like how to keep harvesting humans and the eventual total domination of our planet."

"It's just a cultural difference it would seem.", Dr. Boyd concluded.


Before we were married I used to clean my wife's apartment and she used to clean mine.

That's why we finally realized we were maid for each other.


While getting ready for school, our parents would always ask if we washed our "its"....

That's zits, pits, and private bits.

Quote of the Times;
“I ask a simple question, did Dr. Fauci’s response to COVID-19 work? 788,000 lives lost, many because he ignored and sabotaged early treatment using cheap, available, generic drugs in favor of a vaccine that is not as safe or effective as we all hoped it would be.” - Senator Ron Johnson

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Issue of the Times;
The Democrats Have a Hate Problem by Joe Cunningham

The Democratic Party is in trouble politically, socially, and culturally.

Politically, they currently face a major wave against them in 2022. Joe Biden’s numbers aren’t great. The economic issues and COVID-19 still persist. Multiple high-ranking Democrats are opting out of running again. The party can’t decide whether it wants to keep Biden, go with Kamala Harris, or Pete Buttigieg. It’s all basically chaos for them at this point, and there’s no relief in sight.

Socially, this is playing out on various fronts. Hispanic/Latino voters are trending toward the Republican Party as education, abortion, and other family issues take up all the national dialogue. Couple that with the Democratic elite and progressives using “Latinx,” a term that turns out to be offensive to about 40% of those voters. There is a noticeable trend of black families looking for educational alternatives for their children, and that could make the Republican brand more appealing.

There is a noticeable change coming up in the Democratic base, though, that can fundamentally change things even more. This morning, Axios is pointing out that the Democratic Party base has a hate problem.

Nearly a quarter of college students wouldn’t be friends with someone who voted for the other presidential candidate — with Democrats far more likely to dismiss people than Republicans — according to new Generation Lab/Axios polling.

Why it matters: Partisan divides — as each side inhabits parallel political, cultural and media universes —make a future of discord and distrust in the U.S. all the more likely.

By the numbers: 5% of Republicans said they wouldn’t be friends with someone from the opposite party, compared to 37% of Democrats.

71% of Democrats wouldn’t go on a date with someone with opposing views, versus 31% of Republicans.

30% of Democrats — and 7% of Republicans — wouldn’t work for someone who voted differently from them.

The Democrats will argue that this is a result of Republicans being hateful, racist bigots who are way outside the mainstream. However, that doesn’t quite line up with reality. Take abortion, for example.

All one needs to know is the name Ed Stezler. He is a State Representative and authored the fetal heartbeat law in Georgia. His district had trended Democrat. Stacey Abrams won it in 2018 and he barely hung. In 2020, after the Georgia legislature passed Ed’s bill, he became the most highly targeted state house Republican in America. Democrats from across the nation poured money into beating Ed. They made their entire campaign about abortion. They targeted voters. They sent door knockers. They had phone banks. They had celebrities. They outspent Ed Setzler and the Republicans.

Biden beat Trump in his district. The Democrats picked up both Senate seats in his district. Ed won with 50.5% of the vote. Making the race against him about abortion failed.

In Texas, Abortion Barbie a/k/a Wendy Davis, ran for both Governor and Congress. She tried to run on other issues, but had defined herself on abortion as the abortion candidate. Both times, the abortion candidate lost.

In Virginia, Terry McAuliffe ran hard on the issue of abortion and what the GOP might do. But exit polling showed voters who cared about the issue more than any other wound up leaning Youngkin.

Adding to that Virginia bit, there was some data after McAuliffe’s race against Cuccinelli that a last-ditch robocall on McAuliffe’s pro-abortion position actually helped keep that race close. Without that robocall going out, it’s very likely the McAuliffe victory would have been well over the roughly 48-45 victory it was.

The Democrats routinely call Republicans and their activists “culture warriors,” but when it comes to pushing the country in a particular direction away from where it currently is, it’s always the Democrats who have been at the forefront. On abortion, they have been pushing to open up the definition to make it as widely available and as routine as any other form of birth control. With social spending, they have moved to make it more and more available while lowering the requirements further and further, creating programs that are impossible to pay for.

On issues like education, they are tightening their control as much as possible and shutting families out, even going so far as to label concerned parents as “terrorists.”

They are pushing to fundamentally change the country and its values, and anyone who doesn’t see eye to eye with them is treated as human filth. When someone supports a Republican candidate, they are labeled racists and bigots. When someone says they voted for Trump, they’re called an enemy of America and democracy.

Partisanship is bad on both sides, but when you won’t even contemplate sharing space with someone who believes differently than you, Republican or Democrat, that’s a sign of an incredibly unhealthy mental state. We grow and become better as people when we are open to hearing new ideas, and when we learn to argue them sensibly rather than hatefully.

For Democrats, their young voters are unable to even be in the same room as a Republican. That is ultimately going to make the party’s future bleak. Democrats scream for bipartisanship now, but if that’s how Republicans are going to be treated, Democrats will never get it.

And why should Republicans give them any ground?

News of the Times;
Eggs are fantastic for a diet.

If you don't like the taste, just add cocoa, flour, sugar, butter, baking powder and cook at 180-degrees for 30 minutes.


William Shatner has discontinued his line of women's lingerie.

Apparently, Shatner Panties wasn't the best choice for a name.


The controller, working a busy pattern, told the 727 on downwind to make a three-sixty (do a complete circle, usually to provide spacing between aircraft).

The pilot of the 727 complained, "Do you know it costs us two thousand dollars to make a three-sixty in this airplane?

Without missing a beat the controller replied, "Roger, give me four thousand dollars worth!"


What do you get when you cross the Atlantic Ocean with the Titanic?



You know that you're a really boring person when someone steals your identity and then tries to give it back.

Quote of the Times;
“A conspiracy of Democrats, Fake News, FBI, and the CIA recently framed an American President for Russian collusion. That much we know for sure. But our election systems that can’t be fully audited are fair and accurate according to the same people. So stop your worrying.” - Scott Adams

Link of the Times;

Issue of the Times;
Whose Land Did Native Americans Steal Before Europeans Stole It From Them? by Rick Moran

We all know that history is not the left’s favorite subject. Many times, it’s just too inconvenient for their political narratives. Often, history has to be erased or submerged in order to achieve the “greater good” of creating a just and moral society.

In truth, it’s not much better on the right, although generally, the conservative take on American history is more nuanced. Christopher Columbus was an ass — a greedy, cruel, ambitious man who didn’t let anyone stand in his way to achieving riches and power, especially native people. But he was courageous enough to cross an unknown ocean in a rickety ship and with a mutinous crew.

Do his sins outweigh the good he’s done? Not our call. And certainly not the call of biased, cretinous leftists who don’t want to understand Columbus and only use his sins as illustrations in their little morality plays to condemn the entire “Age of Exploration.”

American history did not begin in 1492. There have been human beings residing in North America for at least 20,000 years and probably longer. But the people who crossed the Bering Sea land bridge from Asia to North America during the last Ice Age may not have been the first humans to arrive here. Recent DNA evidence shows that there have been several different migrations to North America with Native American tribes only being the most recent.

And that leads to the inescapable conclusion: the Native Americans who were present on the North American continent when Europeans arrived were not the same Native Americans who arrived 20,000 years ago. DNA evidence tracks the migration of one early American civilization — the Clovis people, so-called because the first tools and weapons were found in Clovis, New Mexico — and reveals that they thrived in both North and South America until about 8500 years ago.

National Geographic:

This has been a big debate for some time, that people some 13,500 years ago were making distinct tools that you can find all over the Americas, so-called Clovis Weapons. This is a new style of weaponry: finely crafted, relatively flat spear points no thicker than an envelope, which required unique skills, and therefore stand out in the record.

Something happened, a cultural change or an arrival. For a long time they were seen as the first people. Now, we’re seeing it more as the middle-age arrival in the Ice Age. Where these weapons came from has also been a huge question for archaeologists. Many have been trying to trace them back to the Bering Land Bridge, but the evidence just doesn’t stack up. Others have tried to trace them to an Atlantic arrival by Palaeolithic Europeans around 20,000 years ago.

Any hint that ancient Europeans settled in North America at about the same time as modern Native Americans cannot be countenanced either by Native American tribes or white liberals. For Native Americans, it is a deep insult to their culture to claim that their origins were anywhere else but North America. They reject any migration theories for religious reasons.

The controversy over Kennewick Man shows the lengths that some Native Americans will go to “protect” their culture. A skeleton found in Washington bore some markers of being Caucasian. A huge controversy erupted as some Native Americans fought to keep science from unlocking the secrets of the skeleton. After more than a decade of legal wrangling, scientists were allowed to examine the priceless find and the skeleton gave up its secrets. The remains are more closely related to modern Native Americans than to any other living population.

There is also a modern-day political reason for rejecting any hint that Native Americans came from somewhere else.

The idea of coming from somewhere else might threaten the notion that they have primacy on the lands. But, they obviously do because they are coming from these much older stories than anybody else. I look at these stories of arrival and think, “Yeah, they come out of the ground because that is how deep their history goes.” It’s a non-scientific view of the world, but it gives us a window into what it means to be in a place for that long.

So what happened to these older, primitive societies — the Clovis people and others who were clearly present in North and Central America before modern Native Americans? They no doubt had what they considered “their land” to hunt and forage. Who stole it from them and wiped them out?

It’s not a simple question because there are so many holes in our knowledge of early North Americans. There may have been tribal conflicts, and there may have been tribal marriages. The DNA record is silent about land claims, but is that really the point?

What happened to Native Americans when European settlers arrived was as tragic as what happened to the Celtic people when the Slavs and Huns invaded Celtic lands just 800 years before the arrival in North America of Columbus. If anything, the Huns were even more brutal than Europeans were to Native North and South Americans. They also massacred entire villages. They also brought disease and pestilence.

To try and single out what happened to Native Americans as somehow uniquely brutal or unusually evil is ludicrous on its face. It doesn’t make what happened to Native Americans morally right to point out that the entire history of human civilization is replete with examples of deadly contact between civilizations. But it explains it in a way that needs to be understood by everyone — right, left, white, and Native American.

In fact, these conflicts have been part of the march of human progress for tens of thousands of years. Native Americans may mourn their lost lands and be enraged by the killing of so many of their people, but for them to ignore the benefits of contact with Europeans is to ignore reality. There has never been an equal two-way exchange when civilizations clash. White Europeans won out because, as author Jared Diamond points out, they had the “Guns, Germs, and Steel” and Native peoples did not. This didn’t make white society better — only stronger.

Jean Jacques Rousseau, the 18th-century philosopher, saw Native Americans as “Noble Savages” — uncorrupted by anything considered “modern. It’s a racist view of Native Americans but it’s still quite popular among many on the left.

“He believed the original ‘man’ was free from sin, appetite, or the concept of right and wrong, and that those deemed ‘savages’ were not brutal but noble,” explains the website The Conversation. In fact, Native Americans before Columbus lived short, brutal lives — just like white people in Europe did. They could be just as devious as any white Europeans. They could lie like white Europeans. They could kill just like white Europeans. Native Americans didn’t need white Europeans to teach them these things.

In American politics today, we don’t do nuance. If the argument can’t be reduced to 140 characters, it’s not made. But as a society, we don’t dwell on the past very much — a failing and a huge advantage given the Jekyll and Hyde nature of our history. “Why is it we hear the loudest yelps for freedom from the drivers of Negro slaves?” asked British writer Samuel Johnson. It’s a duality that continues to bedevil us as we move further along into the 21st century.

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I missed that partial lunar eclipse last Friday morning, which was said to be the longest partial eclipse in almost 700 years.

To be completely honest, I'm only partially disappointed.


A young miss was pacing through her living room waiting for her new beau to arrive. Just then a young man driving a brand new red Corvette was parking in front of the house.

The girl's father glanced out the window at the same time. His chin dropped two feet and his pupils doubled in size. He turned to his daughter and asked, "What does your boyfriend do?"

She replied, "He inherits."


German Health Minister Jens Spahn has announced his aggressive plan to fight Covid, which will include gathering all the unvaccinated people and putting them in special secured areas where they won't bother anyone.

"Ze key to fighting ze Covid ist very simple," said Spahn. "Ve must concentrate all ze filthy inferior people into special camps with very tall barbed-wire fences all around, where they will not infect us with their filthy anti-vaxx influence anymore."

Unvaccinated Germans will also be required to wear highly-visible markings on their clothing, so everyone will know to stay away from them, or turn them in if they attempt to buy food in a public market.

"Zis ist for ze good of ze German volk," continued Spahn. "Ve vill not tolerate zese disgusting unvaccinated in our presence anymore. Heil Science!"

Australia praised the move by the German Health Minister, saying it worked great for their Aboriginal subhumans.


A second cast member of "General Hospital" has been fired because they refused to get the COVID vaccine.

Boy, this is turning into a real soap opera.


According to my chocolate Advent calendar, there are only 3 days left until Christmas.

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“I’m not gonna read it at all. I’ll just sign it.” – Joe Biden signing Veterans’ Bills

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How to Evade Trackers and Tracking Dogs by Kit Arthur

Through years of working with other military professional recon soldiers, special forces, police, and counter-drug agents, I’ve found that every single one of them has the same concern no matter their skill level or area of expertise. And that concern is SERE (Survive. Escape. Resist. Evade.) As a result, I wanted to share with you a few tips on evasion and how to avoid enemy capture when you are being searched for by canines and professional trackers.

As a kid, I used to track deer through the swamp. Little did I know that what I was doing was preparing myself to be a human tracker as an adult. It wasn’t until I found myself being trained by the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) that I understood my full potential resulting from my years of practice tracking deer as a child. This led me to realize that if I could track a human… I could evade one too.

What I’m about to share with you are solid, no kidding, real tactics to evade dogs and human trackers. Almost all of these, I have used in real life. Being able to evade capture has saved my butt a few times now, but evading detection has enabled me to have a successful 13-year career as a Recon soldier.

How to Evade a Tracking Dog

Imagine that a dog sees the scent like a red fog that hovers over the ground where you just traveled. This will assist you in understanding how to evade one.

If the wind moves at 3-5 MPH (a gentle breeze) the scent will travel with the wind about 5-15 yards. A stiff wind at 20-30 MPH the scent will travel 100-200 yards off the route traveled. Anything above 30 MPH, the handler ain’t even going to try because your scent has been totally dispersed everywhere and is just plain gone.

#1 Scent Massing

Yes, you read that right. Run hard to open the gap between your pursuer and yourself. Then stop and start running in a circle. Slowly run in a spiral until the circle is approximately 50 yards in diameter. This is called scent massing. What you just did placed your scent everywhere. As the dog approaches, they just smell you in every direction. With no clear trail, the dog will simply give up. I actually did this during a training mission with a local sheriff’s department.

Thirty minutes prior to the track, the handler had been bragging about how he and his bloodhound had just completed a week-old 26-mile track. (That’s NC state requirement to be certified as a bloodhound tracking handler/dog). Not even 15 mins into the track they hit my scent mass and both just gave up. They had no clue what to do or what had happened. Needless to say, the handler was super pissed at me.

Side Note: Your scent flows off of you the hotter your body gets. That means that your head, sweat, clothing, detergent, etc. are all the scents that make up you as the target. So as soon as you can slow down, do it. Try not to sweat any more than you have to.

#2 Scent Masking

I was running rabbit – in this case, I was giving the dog and his handler something to chase/track for training purposes – for a buddy of mine who was a bloodhound handler for a neighboring county sheriff’s department (it was a different agency from the last one.) I had just finished running about a mile when it started to rain. Not thinking anything of it, I threw on my poncho, walked 25 yards in the woods, and sat down.

I watched for a hot minute while my friend and his dog walked by me about 3 or 4 times. Finally, he called me on the phone and asked where I was. I stood up and scared the crap out of him. When I told him what I had done, he explained to me that I had just taken my scent and put it into a ziplock bag. I totally just scent-masked myself.

Side note: If you can smell someone without the aid of a dog, then you’re within 25 yards of them. (I figured this out also while stalking deer in the swamps of NC.)

Whenever you find yourself evading a dog, be sure to use 2 or more tactics to throw the dog off your trail. Unfortunately, what works for a dog, will not work for a human tracker.

How to Evade a Human Tracker

#1 Sweeping Dirt

We were on the run. My less experienced team member had gotten too close to the target that we were tasked with observing. Their boxer indicated on us – he noticed something or someone (us) was in the bushes and alerted his owner that something was up. Now they were in pursuit. They had deployed about 10 guys on four-wheelers and dirt bikes (I don’t know the actual number – I’m guessing based on the sounds that I heard.) Either way, men armed with AK-47s and God knows what else were looking for us.

We had to cross a path to get to the woods which was our only way out. The problem was that the path was all sand. Which made it perfect for leaving “sign” (sign is anything that proves a human was there. This could be anything from a thread of clothing, a broken branch at shoulder height, a boot print in the dirt, etc.)

Just as the last of the ATVs passed us, we sprinted across the path. I turned and looked back and realized that one of us left a beautiful boot print right on the path! I quickly grabbed a small branch that had fallen off of a pine tree. It still had some of the needles attached. I swept it back and forth on the ground until you couldn’t see the print any longer. Turning, I ran into the woods just before another ATV crept past us. The driver was intently looking at the path for sign, but was moving too fast and drove right over where I had just swept the dirt. As a result, he covered the mark up nicely with a tire track.

You can do this with any stick but one that has its leaves on it still will work even better. Just don’t break it off a tree (this will leave sign. Pick a stick from off the ground! – Also be sure to put it back right where you found it.)

You can also do this with your hands or a shirt if you need to. Unfortunately, it will not work on a trained human tracker. A professional and experienced human tracker is trained to pick up on tricks like that and will recognize that tactic. In my SERE course, I teach individuals counter-tracking tactics that you can use against a professional. However, it is very rare to have a human tracker and a trained track dog at the same time. There are only a select few in the world who are both a canine handler and a tracker. However, I will tell you that it has worked so many times for me that I literally cannot remember them all.

In all but 2 cases I used this very tactic to avoid detection. My targets never even knew I had ever been there. In the story above, covering our sign saved mine and two other guys’ lives.

#2 Crossing Water

If you come across moving water (think a creek or a small river) you can use this to throw off your tracker. It will not work for a tracking dog, but as you will see, I have a trick for that too. Remember that your footprint will leave a nice sign for a tracker to follow. Furthermore, it tells a dog handler that they are on the right track. You can use that to your advantage by leaving them one or two.

Don’t make it too obvious. Also if you’re able to make it to the far side of the waterway then that will work even better at convincing them that you did in fact cross.

Caution: don’t walk backwards in your own tracks! A tracker will see right through that and realize what you did. Instead, just cross the waterway. Run about 500 yards then scent mass the area. You want to be far enough to convince those tracking you that you’re not going to use the waterway. After scent massing the area, scent-mask your body with a poncho. Then walk at an angle back to the waterway. Be careful not to leave any sign!

When you reach the water, you want to be about 100 yards or more downstream from where you first crossed. Slowly take your time until you can find a spot to get into the water without leaving sign and walk downstream for about 1,000 yards. When you get out of the water, be sure to leave no sign and also conduct another scent massing. Then do a scent change. By changing scent you’ll have to roll in something else that smells different. Fecal matter is ideal but dirt will work if you’ve got nothing more pungent to work with. Or if happen to run across an extra set of clothing that doesn’t smell like you, but that is unlikely. (Be careful not to leave sign…Don’t disturb the nearby leaves or trees) and be on your way.

Side Note: When you’re walking in the water (again think of a creek), you’re disturbing the water bed. This causes debris to float in the water. Thus if you travel upstream, you’re sending debris downstream towards the people tracking you. But, by traveling downstream the water will carry the debris with you as you walk.

The moving water will quickly cover up your footprint and thus leave no sign for the tracker to follow. Basically, you just disappeared, and by the time the tracker figures it out…it’s too late. The scent massing and masking are just in case they are working with a tracking dog too. A real tracking team will do that, but it is very rare.

Side Note: If you do leave a track on the creek bed, just use the sweeping dirt method and then splash some water over it. That should dissolve the track efficiently enough.

In conclusion, I want to teach you two other things.

Number 1: When evading be sure to use as many of these tactics as you can.

If you want to head north to your extraction point, then run south. Use whatever applicable tactic you can and then run east for 200-300 yards and deploy a different tactic. Then go south again for another 100-200 yards and deploy another. Head east again and deploy yet another anti-tracking tactic.

Only after you’re sure that you have thrown them off your trail can you start heading north to your extraction point. While the distances are really up to you, the idea is to take them in the opposite direction of where you’re really trying to go.

This leads me to point number 2: Have a plan for extraction! No matter whether you’re on a mission or just trying to live through SHFT in your own home, have a plan to get out fast. As we use to say in Recon, (Have one foot out the door and another on a banana peel).

When you get to your extraction point have a vehicle waiting for you. It doesn’t matter if you stage one prior or if you call in a buddy via radio to come and get you. You need a way to get out of the area fast. This totally removes you and any traceable sign out of the hands of the people tracking you.

I have personally seen a simple car pickup help the runner, both in cases where I was tracking a guy and where I was being tracked. In every one of these cases, the runner got away.

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