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I'm at my boss's funeral, kneeling and whispering at the coffin.

"Who's thinking outside the box now, Gary?"


Seeing his shares plummet on a black morning during the recession, the boss called to his secretary, “Get my broker, Miss Wilks!”

”Certainly, sir. Stock or pawn?”


Following the release of the latest chapter in the Indiana Jones series, Hollywood producers worry they're running out of cherished classic movie heroes to turn into sad, pathetic, old failures.

"Indiana Jones is the cultural icon of virility and energy," Jackson Jones, producer at LucasFilms Ltd., said. "What we've done in the latest movie is create an Indiana-Jones-esque character that's just sort of a flaccid old cranky bummer who sucks at life. It makes us wonder: what other beloved movie characters can we neuter and ruin? Don't worry, we're on the hunt!"

Disney producers have announced they're also searching for more old characters to turn into sad parodies of themselves.

"Luke Skywalker was a hero for the ages," Lucasfilm Producer Kathleen Kennedy told reporters. "We're proud of the way we took his character and just ground it into dust, poured gasoline on the dust, lit that dust on fire, and then urinated on the ashes before shoveling up the remains and flushing them down the toilet, after which we condemned everyone who hated what we did to the character as a racist. Ha! Classic!"

Three new Indiana Jones movies are in the works, including a storyline that sees Indy fighting for the good seat at bingo night and failing everyone who ever depended on him in his life. The films will also star Phoebe Waller-Bridge as a delightfully insufferable know-it-all who is good at everything all the time.

At publishing time, sources confirmed there were still some Luke Skywalker fans out there, leading Lucasfilm to announce a Star Wars reboot that will recast Luke as a Communist black trans woman.



There was a time when we printed out maps from Mapquest and traveled like pirates.

I hate it when you offer someone a sincere compliment on their mustache and suddenly, she's not your friend anymore.

Every rule has an exception, especially this one.

By the time I realized my parents were right, I had kids that didn't believe me.

If you can buy a person's friendship, it is not worth it.

Marriage is like a tourniquet; it stops your circulation.

The road to success is marked with many tempting parking places

God speaks to us in hunches.

You'll notice that a turtle only makes progress when it sticks out its neck

No matter how bad it gets, I'm rich at the dollar store.


The phone rings, I answer.

The voice at the other end says, "I have all your passwords!" and I quickly reply, "Thank you! Let me grab a pencil."

Quote of the Times;
“We are happy when we are growing.” - Yeats

Link of the Times;
This Is the Final Battle – With You at My Side We Will Demolish the Deep State:

Issue of the Times;
Fake News and Government Pushing Climate Change Conspiracy Theories by Dr. Joseph Sansone
Satellite images published on The Gateway Pundit showed that a dozen fires a week or so ago in Quebec started at almost the exact same moment. Over a hundred separate fires were reported. This indicates the possibility that it was a deep state attack. The northeastern United States was hit with a haze from the fires. Politicians and the media immediately pushed the man made climate change conspiracy theories in what looked to be a trial run of a climate change lockdown as people were advised to stay indoors.

Canada’s Psychopathic authoritarian prime Minister Justin Trudeau immediately blamed the fires across Quebec as a result of climate change. Almost on cue New Jersey psychopathic authoritarian governor Phil Murphy pushed the same conspiracy theory:

Make no mistake, from the wildfires in Canada to those cropping up with increasing frequency and severity in our own backyard, these extreme weather events are tangible – and devastating – evidence of the intensifying climate crisis.

Over a hundred separate fires were reported and all seem to have started within a short period of time. This was documented via satellite imagery. Yet this apparent deep state terrorist attack was ignored and the man made climate change conspiracy theory was promoted by government and media.

According to this man made climate change conspiracy theory, human activity is creating excess C02 in the atmosphere and that is causing global warming. This of course is folly. Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn points out that C02 is an effect of climate changes, not a cause. Corbyn elucidates that C02 has been steadily rising while temperatures on the planet have been oscillating, and that increased C02 levels are actually the result of the Medieval warming period that occurred 500-800 years ago. C02 of course, as Corbyn points out, is the life blood of plant life and is not harmful to the environment. Corbyn also says that lower solar activity and current weather extremes are indicative of being on the cusp of another little ice age. Corbyn also points out that only .3% of scientists publishing papers on climate change attribute it to human activity.

Those pushing the man made climate change conspiracy theories know that climate change is a natural phenomenon. This is why man made climate change conspiracy theorists changed their story over the decades. First pushing a new ice age, then to a depleted ozone layer, then global warming, and finally, to climate change. Climate change is a natural phenomenon that has always occurred. Changing the mantra to climate change is actually a hypnosis technique called utilization. Utilization is a technique where you utilize everything that occurs to deepen the trance state. In the same fashion, when using the climate change boogey man, all changes to the weather are then blamed on human activity. The weather of course, is always changing. Always has, and always will.

While those orchestrating the climate change conspiracy theory are aware of their deception, those following have fallen victim to Group Think, or what is now being called Mass Formation Psychosis. I have written about this issue in an article almost a year ago, entitled, The Psychology of the Climate Change End Times Cult. Essentially, this secular end times cult is driven by a deep seated hatred of self, humanity, and ultimately, God. Think Jonestown on a global level.

Regarding man made climate change, I will repeat what I wrote in that article:

Climate change is almost too stupid to address. Without getting into the weeds on climate change, let’s just consider some basic facts. The climate is and always has been in a constant state of flux. This is a fact. Even the Sahara Desert alternates between a dry and wet climate every 20,000 years. The planet has been warming since the end of the ice age. There have also been periodic increases and decreases in temperature since the end of the ice age. The younger dryas period lasted from 12,900 and 11,600 years ago. In less than a hundred years this cooling period occurred plunging much of North America and Europe back into ice age conditions and ended abruptly approximately 1300 years later. The cooling period toward the end of the Roman Empire and early dark ages and the medieval warming period are examples, as was the mini ice age, where we saw George Washington enduring the chilling cold at Valley Forge. Then there was the warming period which started by the time the American War Between the States raged.

Although, what is not dumb, and quite frankly is rather intelligent, in a twisted Machiavellian sort of way, is the fact that while human activity is not causing climate change, climate changes appear to be occurring through deliberate geoengineering. Climate change is being influenced by human activity, it is just being done on purpose, and not the result of a thriving civilization harming the environment.

In the case of the fires in Quebec, the effect was that a haze covered the northeast. This looks to be a trial run for future climate change lockdowns. An uninformed population can easily be manipulated by the deep state as we have seen. Blocking out the sun for Quebec and the northeastern United States is a way to strong arm the population to obey willingly.

News of the Times;
DOS Attack Against James O’Keefe:

US National Debt Hits All-Time High Of $32 Trillion:

US Government Spent $12,700,000,000 To Bail Out 10 Wealthy Depositors Amid Banking Crisis:

The American Tyranny That Taxpayers Are Funding:

All aboard the gravy train: an independent audit of US funding for Ukraine:

‘Daniel Penny Effect’ Seen in NYC Subway Attacks:

“We’re Coming for Your Children,” Declare “Queer” Pride Marchers in NYC:

LGBT Protesters Allegedly Strip Naked And Play With Children:

Vatican investigates Texas bishop for leading Prayer March:

Pope Francis Welcomes Artist Who Submerged a Crucifix in Glass of Urine:

Patriot Front unmasked as FEDS pretending to be white supremacists:

Offshore Follies:

Sweden announces wind and solar "too unstable" to meet country's energy needs:

The Ever Growing Trillions of Dollars Per Year Demands to Fight Climate Change:

Joe Biden Says Putin Is “Losing the War in Iraq”:
Dogs prepare you for babies.

Cats prepare you for teenagers.


ME: Is this the helpline for alcoholics?

VOICE: Yes it is.

ME: What's a good Mojito recipe?


Having been married ten years and still living in an apartment, the wife would often complain about anything, as she was tired of saving every penny to buy a "dream home."

Trying to placate her, the husband found a new apartment, within their budget. However, after the first week, she began complaining again.

"Joel," she said, "I don't like this place at all. There are no curtains in the bathroom. The neighbors can see me every time I take a bath."

"Don't worry," replied her husband. "If the neighbors do see you, they'll buy curtains."


Top five possible brand names for lab-grown chicken:

Chicken Pretenders

Shake 'n Fake

Imposter Farms

Fake Breasts

What the Cluck?


If every day is a gift, can you tell me where I can return Monday?

Quote of the Times;
“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” - 1 Timothy 6:10

Link of the Times;
BlackRock Exec Admits on Camera: “We Control the World – Depopulation Is Good for Business”:

Issue of the Times;
Churchill’s War: The Real History of World War II by Paul Craig Roberts

All truth-tellers are denounced, and most end up destroyed. Truth seldom serves the agendas of powerful interests.

The one historian from whom you can get the unvarnished truth of World War II is David Irving.

On the bookjackets of Irving’s books, the question is asked: What is real history?

The answer is that real history is history that travels straight from history-maker to the history-maker’s documents and from the document archives to the historian’s book without political input and free of academic and patriotic prejudice. It is history that cannot be bought.

Irving’s Hitler’s War was published in 1977. Irving was an archaeologist digging in history who located and dug up previously unknown documents and archives. He lets the factual record tell the history. He is exact and scrupulous and does not curry favor. The Board of Deputies of British Jews wrote: “The book was thoroughly researched . . . It confirmed Irving’s reputation as one of the world’s most thorough researchers and an exciting and readable historian.”

The first volumn of Irving’s Churchill’s War was published in 1987. The second volumn in 2001. The third and final volumn is awaited.

These works far surpass all previous histories of the war and all accounts of the agendas and events that produced the war. Irving is not motivated to curry favor with the ruling establishment, to make us feel self-righteous in our victory by demonizing the opponent or to grind any personal, ideological, or political axe. He lets the history-makers speak for themselves in their own words, and it is seldom a pretty picture.

Irving’s books sold millions of copies, and he was well-to-do. But he fell foul of Zionists, oddly enough because he documented actual atrocities against Jews. The problem was the attrocities he found differed from the official holocaust story. He documented a holocaust of a sort, but it is a different one than the Zionists prefer. If I understand correctly, infuriated Zionists with plentiful funds used unethical tactics and brought lawsuits, the defense against which eventually bankrupted him. Little wonder most historians choose to suck up to powerful interests by validating their claims and explanations. The fake history they write is a self-protective device like a bullet-proof vest.

I previously reported on Hitler’s War and the first volumn of Churhill’s War in my most widely read article— . As I quoted Irving’s account that Jews were killed, but in a more ad hoc than organized way, Zionists rushed to my already defective Wikipedia biography to attribute Irving’s words to me, thereby labeling me a “holocaust denier.” When I complained of the misrepresentation, I was fobbed off with the reply that I would not have quoted Irving if I had not agreed with him. In other words, if you report in a book review what a writer says, it means you agree with him. I am not qualified to agree or to disagree with Irving. Indeed, few people are.

People in the Western world have been indoctrinated for 75 years into a white hat/black hat story of World War II that exonerates the “allies” and demonizes Hitler and Germany. To tell people, especially elderly ones whose memory of the war was formed by war propaganda, that the “allies” were as bad or worse war criminals than the Germans brings fire and brimestone down on one’s head. It nevertheless needs to be done, because our view of ourselves reflects the make-believe story of the war with which we are inculcated. In the false history comes strength for the opinion that we Americans and our country are exceptional and indispensable and that these traits justify Washington’s hegemony over the world. Our destruction in whole or part of seven countries in the 21st century, our withdrawal from arms limitation agreements, our dangerous demonization of militarily powerful countries such as Russia and China all rest in our self-righteous view of ourselves. Of course, not all Americans share these self-righteous views, but the views are the basis for both Republican and Democrat foreign policy. Even the left-wing, or whatever remains of it, believes in war in order to overthrow dictators and “bring democray and human rights.”

In what follows I am not going to attempt a review of Irving’s second volumn on Churchill. Instead, I will report some of the findings that documents reveal, findings that will be new information for most readers. But first a preface.

Hitler did not start World War II. England and France launched World War II with a declaration of war against Germany. Hitler did not want a war with Britain and France and tried to avoid it and then end it with a peace agreement very favorable to Britain and France. Hitler regarded the British Empire as essential to the survival of European dominance. He promised Churchill in exchange for an end of hostilities that Germany would defend the British Empire with the German military anywhere in the world that it was in jeopardy. Hitler left a large part of France and French North Africa unoccupied. He left the French fleet in French hands.

Hitler’s aim was to restore the integrity of the German nation which had been torn apart and distributed to Czechslovakia, Poland, Denmark, and France by the Versailles Treaty which had been forced on Germany after World War I by a policy of starvation. Germans in the territories turned over to Czechoslovakia and Poland were being persecuted and murdered. Hitler had no choice but to do something about it. He recovered German territorty from France, Czechoslovakia, and Denmark without war.

The same outcome was likely in Poland except the British interfered. The British gave the Polish military dictatorship a “guarantee” to come to Poland’s aid if Poland refused Hitler’s demands. Consequently, the Polish dictatorship broke off negotiations with Germany. Germany and the Soviet Union then split Poland between them.

The guarantee compelled “British honor” to declare war on Germany—but not on the Soviet Union—and the hapless French were pulled along.

The British relied on the “powerful French military” and sent an expeditionary force which was promptly trapped at Dunkirk where Hitler let them go, thinking that an act of magnanimity and his refusal to humiliate the British would bring an end to the conflict. However, Churchill kept Hitler’s overly generous peace terms from the British people and from Parliament. Churchill had wanted war and had worked hard for one and now that he had power and a chance to repeat the military leadership of his great ancestor, the Duke of Marlborough, he was determined to keep his war.

With Hitler in control of Europe, Churchill began working harder to get the US into the war. All along the way President Roosevelt had given Churchill war encouragement but without promising any definite course of action from America. Roosevelt wanted Britain at war. He knew it would bankrupt the British and place them economically in Washington’s hands, which would permit the US to break up the British system of trade preferences that allowed Britain to control world trade, destroy the British Empire, dethrone the British pound and replace it with the dollar. Roosevelt was an enemy of empire except America’s own. From FDR’s standpoint, World War II was an arrack by the US on British trade preferences that were the backbone of the British Empire.

So Churchill got his war which cost Britain her empire, and Roosevelt replaced the British Empire with an American one. FDR paid a cheap price—about 300,000 US combat deaths. In her defeat of Germany, Russia lost about 9,000,000 soldiers in combat deaths and 26 million people altogether,

After the Russians stopped the German offensive, the war could have ended, but FDR and Churchill had established a policy of unconditional surrender, which shackled allied wartime foreign policy to two more years of death and destruction.

As Pat Buchanan said, it was The Unnecessary War:

The war served Churhill’s path to power and Washington’s empire.

Volumn 2 begins in 1941. Irving has tracked down and unearthed many documents that permit a better understanding of the war. Many official papers are still under lock and key and many have been destroyed. The effort to suppress truth from coming out continues 75 years after the war.

Secrecy is used to hide crimes. It is reputations that are protected, not national security.

Churchill used secrecy to protect his war crime of ordering the bombing of civilian residential areas of German cities with his emphasis on bombing the homes of the working class as they were closer together which helped the conflagation to spread. Churchull would first have the civilian areas firebombed, and then when firemen and rescue workers were engaged the British would drop high explosives. Churchill ignored military targets, preferring instead to break the morale of the German population by bombing civilian areas. He tried to get the British Air Force to include poison gas when dropping incendiary and high explosive bombs on civilian residential areas.

As the British people did not know Churchill was bombing civilians, Churchill hoped Hitler would be provoked into replying in kind. Hitler refused for three months to take the bait, but finally his military insisted that unless he bombed the British they would keep on bombing German civilian areas. Hitler gave in but initially insisted that only British industrial targets be bombed. Once a few bombs went astray, Churchill had his rallying cry that the Nazi barbarians were bombing civilians. He got away with this, but officials in the know worried that the British Air Force, especially “Butcher” Harris, would face war crimes trials when the war was over. British generals and admirals disagreed with Churchill’s bombing policy. They regarded it as unprofessional and unprincipled. They complained that it harmed the war effort by denying the army and navy needed air support.

In November 1942 British Air Chief Portal compared the German bombing of Britain with the British bombing of Germany. The Germans had dropped 55,000 tons of bombs, killing 41,000 British and destroying 350,000 homes. The British had dropped 1,250,000 tons of bombs, killing 900,000 German civilians, maiming one million more, and destroying 6,000,000 German homes. The UK/US firebombing of Dresden at the end of the war stands as one of the worst war crimes in history. It killed as many or more civilians as the atomic bombs Washington dropped on the two Japanese cities, also at war end.

Churchill was determined to bomb Rome, but was resisted by the British Air Force. In contrast, Hitler ordered the German military not to risk the destruction of Rome by defending it.

Churchill ordered the bombing of the French fleet, which Hitler had left in the hands of Vichy France, killing around 3,000 French sailors. Churchill together with FDR and Eisenhower invaded French Northwest Africa which was in the hands of Vichy France. Vichy France Admiral Darlan used his influence to persuade the French not to resist the invasion, thus minimizing British and American casualties. Darlan cooperated in every way. His reward was to be assassinated in a plot organized by Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden, later one of Britain’s disastrous prime ministers. The assassin protested that he was promised immunity by the British, but was quickly executed to silence him. Eden, whose ambition was larger than his intelligence, was in DeGaulle’s pocket, and DeGaulle wanted Darlan out of his way to power.

The military schemes that Churchill imposed on the British military, such as his invasion of neutral Norway, always came to a bad end, but he rescued himself with masterful speeches in Parliament.

The British had a poor opinion of Eisenhower, and FDR had a poor opinion of Eden. There was so much conflict between the British and the Americans that it is amazing they were able to agree to any plan of action. The American people disliked the British for drawing them into “their war.” The British disliked the Americans for the Negro troops sent to England where they were believed to be responsible for rapes and a crime wave. A lot of propaganda was necessary to focus the hate on the Germans.

The British did not want to sacrifice Arab interests to Zionists but usually did because Zionist had the money. Churchill himself was indebted to a multimillionaire Jew who bailed him out when he faced bankruptcy. Zionists attempted to use their leverage over Churchill to force his approval of both more Jewish immigration to Palestine and for the formation of a “Jewish fighting force,” allegedly to fight the Germans but in reality to drive Palestinians out of Palestine. Zionists promised Churchill that if he would agree to their demands, they would bring the US into the war against Germany. Such was their power.

The British saw Zionists interests as detrimental to their hold on their Arab colonies. When deportations of Jews and their mistreatment began leaking out, the British Foreign Office saw the reports as the work of the international Zionist campaign to create sympathy and to use the sympathy in behalf of their Palistanian purpose. When 700 Jews found incapable of work were shot in a work camp, the Foreign Office responded, “Information from Jewish refugees is generally coloured and frequently unreliable.” Eisenhower was pleased with Darlan and was unaware of Eden’s plot against him. An American newsman told Eisenhower’s staff that the agitation against Admiral Darlan came from “Jews of press and radio who wish to make certain we were fighting a war to make the world safe for Jews.” The Jews cried wolf so often that when he actually showed up they were not believed.

Much information emerges in the second volumn about Churchill’s charcter, personal habits, excessive drinking—he was dependent on alcohol—and autocratic ways. He could turn people against him and then with a speech or by taking special notice of them put them back in his pocket. Churchill had flaws and the ability to survive them. Irving does not excoriate Churchill. He merely shows us what he was like. There are things to admire and things to disapprove.

Moreover, it is not only Churchill who was ambitious. All were. It is a mystery that organization survived ambition. Somehow officers were able to devote time to war against the Germans from the time they spent warring against one another for commands and promotions. The same with cabinet ministers. The same for the military services fighting one another for resources. And the same for the Germans. The Italian and German generals were so jealous of Rommel’s initial successes in North Africa that they worked to undermine him.

And German efficiency also bites the dust. German intelligence never caught on that the British were reading their codes and knew precisely every shipment to resupply Rommel which the British seldom failed to send to the bottom of the Mediterranean. One would think that after nothing gets through time and again that a light would come on.

Churchill was frustrated by his inability to come to Stalin’s aid. He tried to compensate by sending supply convoys. The convoys lost half of more of the ships along with escorting Royal Navy warships. British admirals resisted these death convoys, but Churchill, perhaps afraid that WW I would repeat with a Russian separate peace, leaving Britain to face Germany alone, insisted. He continually sent reassuring messages to Stalin, who was not reassured.

Stalin must have despaired of the fighting capability of his British and American allies. All the British could do was to sic an entire fleet on a single German warship and bomb French and German civilians. In North Africa the British failed to push out the outnumbered Germans and called in the Americans. Eisenhower was far from a good field commander. After Rommel smashed through the Kasserline Pass, delivering to the American army “one of the most resounding defeats ever inflicted on the Americans in war,” Rommel reported to Berlin that despite being outnumbered and without supplies, he could again take the offensive. He attributed success in part to “the low fighting value of the enemy.” Eisenhower’s aide Harry Butcher recorded, “We sent out some 120 tanks and 112 didn’t come back.” Churchill shared Rommel’s dismissal of the American fighting man. “After Kasserline Churchill made little attempt to conceal his contempt for the American forces and their fighting value.”

The Germans, of course, were vastly overextended. In addition to a 1,000 mile Russian front and being bombed at night by the cowardly British who attacked unprotected civilian residential areas, Hitler had to occupy Europe and to rescue his Italian ally by sending troops to Greece and North Africa. The Germans might have had the will, but they did not have the resources to fight most of the world in a war of attrition.

Germany lost 4 million soldiers on the Russian front. On the Western front, which did not materialize until the Soviets had the war won, Germany lost a few hundred thousand. The Americans and the British never faced an intact Germany army. They faced understaffed divisions of an army exhausted and worn down by three years of fighting the Red Army. Hitler had 80% of his remaining forces on the Russian front. To oppose the Normandy invasion in June 1944 Germany had divisions of less than full strength with no reserves and little fuel. Despite the weakness of German forces, it took the Americans six and one-half months to reach the Ardennes, where the invasion was halted for 6 weeks by a German counterattack.

Despite these facts, in recent celebrations of the Normandy Invasion the Americans in a show of extreme pettiness prevented the participation of Russia. The Americans and British persist in pretending that they all by themselves won the war.

Volumn 2 has 200 pages of footnote references. It has a 35 page index. It is the kind of history that only gets written once in a century. Irving is clearly the master of historical documentation. When you disagree with Irving, most likely you are disagreeing with the documented historical record.

News of the Times;
Biden Regime Lumps Christians, Conservatives, and Republicans into Same Category as Nazis:

Majority of “new jobs” in the US under Biden have gone to foreigners, not Americans:

Rogan Rips Biden Over Lifetime Of Lies, Shady Ties To Ukraine And China:

Delaware Prosecutors Hid FBI Bribery Document From IRS Investigators:

Florida man sentenced to life without parole for murder of pregnant 19-year-old:

Biden ‘mainstreams terror financing’ of Hizballah, using American tax dollars:

Desperate Army, Air Force Recruit Immigrants With Promise Of Rapid Citizenship:

What Is the Talmud? Definition and Comprehensive Guide:

Rabbi who is charged with raping adoptive sons was arrested for attacking ANOTHER boy:

Rabbi caught in underage sex sting gets prison time:

Jew Caught Cashing Father’s Holocaust Reparation Checks After He Died:

Nation’s First Elected Transgender State Rep. Arrested On Child Porn Charges:

Texas Homeless Map Shows a Shocking 10K Living in Camps:

Progressive Activist's Killer Has Finally Been Caught:

1,000 accidental 911 calls from music festival:
So, HBO Max is now just Max.

Your move, Peacock.


A waiter brings the customer the steak he ordered, with his thumb over the meat.

"Are you crazy?" yells the customer. "What's with your hand on my steak?"

"Sorry," answers the waiter, "I don’t want it to fall on the floor again."


We visited our newly married daughter, who was preparing her first Thanksgiving dinner. I noticed the turkey thawing in the kitchen sink with a dish drainer inverted over the bird. I asked why a drainer covered the turkey.

Our daughter turned to my wife and said, “Mom, you always did it that way.”

“Yes,” my wife replied, “but you don’t have a cat!”


Top five things that Bigfoot has to say to people every summer:

"No, I'm not with ZZ Top"

"Keep that Nair away from me!"

"Size 35, if you must know."

"Hanson's Plumbing? Yeah, the shower drain is clogged again."

"How do you know that hair in your soup is from me?"


Supreme Court Judge Samuel Alito is coming under fire for accepting a luxury fishing trip from a Hedge Fund owner and Republican megadonor who has appeared in front of the Supreme Court 10 times.

I'm not one to judge, but I would for a luxury fishing trip.

Quote of the Times;
“The belief in the possibility of a short decisive war appears to be one of the most ancient and dangerous of human illusions.” - Lynd

Link of the Times;
Hyped Ukraine Counteroffensive Flops:

Issue of the Times;
The Issue that must Not be Mentioned by John Hinderaker

Over the last few years, the establishment, including government agencies like the FBI, the hegemonic tech companies that control social media, and the press generally, has tried hard to suppress information on several topics. These topics include, among others, the effectiveness of anti-covid measures and treatments, the safety of covid vaccines, Joe Biden’s corruption, and the existence and prevalence of voter fraud. Wrongspeak on any of these topics has been branded as disinformation, and has been likely to result in a ban from Twitter, Facebook and so on.

Despite these efforts at censorship, Rasmussen finds that most Americans have no illusions about the integrity of our elections:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 54% of Likely U.S. Voters believe cheating is likely to affect the outcome of the next presidential election, including 30% who think it’s Very Likely. Forty-one percent (41%) say election cheating is unlikely to affect the 2024 outcome, including 24% who consider it Not At All Likely.


Fifty-six percent (56%) of voters believe it is likely that state and federal officials are ignoring evidence of widespread election fraud, including 36% who think it’s Very Likely. Forty percent (40%) say it’s unlikely officials are ignoring election fraud, including 27% who view it as Not At All Likely.


A majority (52%) of voters now believe that cheating likely affected the outcomes of some races in last year’s midterm elections, including 30% who say it’s Very Likely. Thirty-eight percent (38%) don’t think last year’s midterm elections were affected by cheating, including 25% who view it as Not At All Likely. Another 10% are not sure.

So, to the extent that liberals have tried to instill confidence in the integrity of our elections by banning discussion of that subject, they have failed. Actually, I suspect that pretty much everyone understands that talk of voter fraud is more or less verboten, and many probably infer that election fraud is a worse problem than it actually is. Similarly, I suspect that censorship of discussion of adverse side effects of covid vaccines has created in some minds a perception that the vaccines are more dangerous than they really are.

Probably the instance where censorship was most successful was the boycott on information about Joe Biden’s corruption in the weeks leading up to the 2020 election. In that case, the boycott undoubtedly delayed widespread knowledge of the evidence of corruption that had emerged, but not for long. Current polls indicate that most Americans correctly believe that the Bidens have been taking money from foreign interests in influence-peddling schemes.

It must frustrate liberals no end to see that their apparent control over the flow of information, via their dominance of the press and social media, avails them so little, and in some instances may actually be counterproductive.

News of the Times;
Durham Goes Off On FBI, CIA, Schiff During Wednesday Testimony:

Confidence In America Is Collapsing:

Here's how NATO trainers knowingly sent Ukrainian troops to their deaths:

Kids' reading scores have soared in Deep South states:

Former CNN producer sentenced to 19+ years in prison for sexually assaulting 9-year-old girl:

Vegan Activist Group Goes After Minor League Baseball Team:

Dem lawmaker equates American Muslims with 'white supremacists':

12 killed, more than 100 shot in Juneteenth celebrations:

House Democrat Stacey Plaskett says Trump 'needs to be shot':

Council Member Who Wanted to Tax White Owned Businesses Loses Reelection:

The trans school conspiracy exposed:

University of Cincinnati gender studies professor giving ZERO grade for using phrase 'biological women':

Democrat Donor Arrested for Starting Massive California Fire that Destroyed 100 Homes:

Four nursery children, aged 1 to 3, stabbed at random in play park:

45,000 still without power in Houston area as extreme heat returns:
About 1500 people will be treated in emergency rooms this year after getting hurt playing Ping Pong.

As a public service, this is where I'll remind you this is NOT the sport where you jump over the net when you win.


Judge: "Haven’t I seen you before?"

Man: "Yes, your Honor. I taught your daughter how to play the drums."

Judge (banging the gavel): "Twenty years!"



We get to the point where A.I. mows my lawn and I'll be a fan.

Mothers of teenagers know why animals eat their young.

Non-conformists are all alike.

The trouble with doing it right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was!

The extra mile isn't half as long as all those other miles.

A grown-up is someone who suffers from responsibility.

They who are afraid to ask are ashamed of learning.

Sign in a travel agency window: "Please go away."

Hummingbirds have forgotten the words,

Everything on land is within walking distance.


Nothing looks good on me anymore,” wailed a customer modeling an outfit in front of the department store’s mirror.

“Nonsense, ma’am,” soothed the salesclerk. “That dress says it all.”

“That’s the problem,” the woman replied. “I need a dress that keeps its mouth shut.”


In Star Wars, anyone can jump into any spaceship and know how to fly it.

I've just spent 20 minutes in a rental car and can't figure out how to turn on the headlights.

Quote of the Times;
If God believed in free speech, blasphemy would not be a sin. - Vox Day

Link of the Times;
What Is Cognitive Dissonance:

Issue of the Times;
Why Propaganda Works by Caitlin Johnstone

It’s not really deniable that western civilization is saturated with domestic propaganda geared toward manipulating the way the public thinks, acts, works, shops and votes. Mass media employees have attested to the fact that they experience constant pressure to administer narratives which are favorable to the political status quo of the US empire. The managers of empire have publicly acknowledged that they have a vested interest in manipulating public thought. Casual naked-eye observation of the way the mass media reliably support every US war, rally behind the US foreign policy objective of the day, and display overwhelming bias against empire-targeted governments makes it abundantly obvious that this is happening when viewed with any degree of critical thought.

To deny that these mass-scale manipulations have an effect would be as absurd as denying that advertising — a near trillion-dollar industry — has an effect. It’s just an uncomfortable fact that as much as we like to think of ourselves as free-thinking sovereign agents immune to outside influence, human minds are very hackable. Manipulators understand this, and the science of modern propaganda which has been advancing for over a century understands this with acute lucidity.

By continually hammering our minds with simple repeated messaging about the nature of the world we live in, propagandists are able to exploit glitches in human cognition like the illusory truth effect, which causes our minds to mistake the experience of having heard something before with the experience of having heard something that is true.

Our indoctrination into the mainstream imperial worldview begins when we are very young, largely because schooling is intertwined with the same power structures whose information interests are served by that worldview, and because powerful plutocrats like John D Rockefeller actively inserted themselves into the formation of modern schooling systems.

Our worldview is formed when we are young in the interests of our rulers, and from there cognitive biases take over which protect and reinforce that worldview, typically preserving them in more or less the same form for the rest of our lives.

This is what makes it so hard to convince someone that their beliefs about an issue are falsehoods born of propaganda. I see a lot of people blame this problem on the fact that critical thinking isn’t taught in schools, and I’ve seen some strains of Marxist thought arguing that westerners choose to espouse propaganda narratives because they know it advances their own class interests, and I’m sure both of these factor into the equation to some extent. But the primary reason people tend to remain committed to their propaganda-installed perspectives actually has a much simpler, well-documented explanation.
Modern psychology tells us that people don’t just tend to hold onto their propaganda-induced belief systems; people tend to hold onto any belief system. Belief perseverance, as the name suggests, describes the way people tend to cling to their beliefs even when presented with evidence disproving them. The theory goes that back when humans lived in tribes that were often hostile to each other, our tribal cohesion and knowing who we can trust mattered more to our survival than taking the time to figure out what’s objectively true, so now we’ve got these brains that tend to prioritize loyalty to our modern “tribes” like our nation, our religion, our ideological factions and our pet causes.

This tendency can take the form of motivated reasoning, where our emotional interests and “tribal” loyalties color the way we take in new information. It can also give rise to the backfire effect, where being confronted with evidence which conflicts with one’s worldview will not only fail to change their beliefs but actually strengthen them.

So the simple answer to why people cling to beliefs instilled by imperial propaganda is because that’s just how minds work. If you can consistently and forcefully indoctrinate someone from an early age and then give them a mainstream ideological “tribe” with which to identify in their indoctrination, the cognitive glitches in these newly-evolved brains of ours act as sentries which protect those worldviews you implanted. Which is exactly what modern propaganda, and our modern political systems, are set up to do.

I often see people expressing bewilderment about the way the smartest people they know subscribe to the most ridiculous propaganda narratives out there. This is why. A smart person who has been effectively indoctrinated by propaganda will just be more clever than someone of average intelligence in defending their beliefs. Some of the most foam-brained foreign policy think pieces you’ll ever read come from PhDs and Ivy League graduates, because all their intelligence gives them is the ability to make intelligent-sounding arguments for why it would be good and smart for the US military to do something evil and stupid.

The Oatmeal has a great comic / about this (which someone also made into a video if you prefer). Importantly, the author correctly notes that the mind’s tendency to forcefully protect its worldview does not mean it’s impossible to change one’s beliefs in light of new evidence, only that it is more difficult than accepting beliefs which confirm one’s biases. It takes some work, and it takes sincerity and self-honesty, but it can be done. Which is happy news for those of us who have an interest in convincing people to abandon their propaganda-constructed worldviews for reality-based ones.

Sometimes just being patient with someone, showing empathy, treating them how we’d like to be treated, and working to establish things in common to overcome the primitive psychology which screams we’re from a hostile tribe can accomplish a lot more than just laying out tons of objective facts disproving their believed narrative about Russia or China or their own government or what have you.

And above all we can just keep telling the truth, in as many fresh, engaging and creative ways as we can come up with. The more we do this, the more opportunities there are for someone to catch a glimmer of something beyond the veil of their propaganda-installed worldview and the cognitive biases which protect it. The more such opportunities we create, the greater a chance the truth has of getting a word in edgewise.

News of the Times;
The Most Depraved Crime I Ever Handled:

Lesbian couple 'beat one woman's 5-year-old son with a Hammer:

Biden Baffles US Audience, Closing Speech With 'God Save The Queen':

'If You Love Your Children, Flee The State': California GOP Lawmaker:

New Jersey Schools Report More Than 4,200% Increase In Nonbinary Students In Four Years:

Instacart driver allegedly leaves infant daughter in 100-degree car for nearly an hour:

Burisma Energy Accountant, Who Blew Whistle on Biden Bribery Scheme, Found Dead:

Cabinet secretary admits to lying under oath - why does she still have her job:

Illegal border crossers so far this year outnumber the population of 8 states:

Five Dead:

Migrant-Smuggling "Influencers" Use TikTok To Advertise:

Celebrate Good Times, Come On! Patriotic Boycotts Cost Woke Corporations $28 BILLION:

Massachusetts middle school students tear down rainbow decorations and chant their pronouns are 'U.S.A.':

Penn State Professor and Dog Lover Accused of Bestiality is a Longtime Liberal:

Politicians In Our Major Cities Have Decided The Solution To The Crime Wave:
Must be Father's Day on Sunday.

My family just asked, "So, how do you want to get this over with?"


It's a good time to not be in Texas.

With tarantula mating season being in May, it’s around now that baby Tarantulas start popping up out of their burrows. A female spider can lay as many as 1,000 eggs in a location. And get this - after a female finds a partner and mates, she often eats the father of their offspring for two reasons: added protein, which creates "larger eggs" and it gets rid of the need to worry about a Father's Day gift.

It's a win-win.


I was just having a conversation with someone who is about to buy a Mac computer. I was against it and an argument started.

I said there were too few people supporting the Mac.

He responded, "When was the last time you heard of a virus on a Mac?"

And I said, "See, even people who write viruses don't support them!"


A man went to the doctor and said: “Doctor, I keep having visions of the future.”

“When did these start?”

“Next Thursday.”


Twitter is a lot like hockey.

I only watch it for the fights.

Quote of the Times;
“A man’s admiration for absolute government is proportionate to the contempt he fells for those around him.” – Alexis de Tocqueville

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Tucker on Twitter:

Issue of the Times;
Merrick Garland Is Slowly Defining A New Criminal Class, And Soon You’ll Be Part Of It by Michele Sosa

What do Kyle Rittenhouse, Donald Trump, Nick Sandmann, Mark Houck, Sarah Comrie (the so-called “Bike Karen”) and Daniel Penny all have in common?

All of them are victims of the “two-tiered justice system” and the leftist media court of public opinion. Conservatives often protest this double standard, understandably since none of these people committed any crime. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Justice Department has effectively become a symbol for this kind of persecution in tandem with its local lackeys, criminal foot soldiers and the corporate press.

Crying about double standards or “two-tiered justice,” however, misses the point. There is no “double standard” — only a hierarchy without you in it. Their persecution of everyone from political opponents to everyday people is designed to remind you that they are the elite and you exist at their pleasure.

To enforce this new hierarchy, Garland and his allies have created a new category of criminal straight out of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917: the “political criminal.”

Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote in Gulag Archipelago (pg. 505 if you’re interested) that in the early days of the USSR, thieves and murderers were often treated with kid gloves. They could be rehabilitated, the party line went, and they were often allowed to commit crime if they targeted the right people.

Not so for anyone considered a “political criminal,” either directly or by association. Those people eventually ended up in the GULAG. Now this might seem unsurprising, until you realize that the crime of opposing the state could be something as simple as having more money than your neighbor, belonging to the wrong ethnic group, being Christian or simply existing.

Such people were referred to as “terrorists.” Sound familiar when Joe Biden and the media constantly harping about “white supremacist, ultra-MAGA terrorism?” That label should terrify you.

We’ve seen how we deal with terrorism abroad. We lock them up, don’t give them any due process, or just kill them. That is what Biden and co. are implying they want for you, the political terrorist.

In the leftist mind, conservatives who oppose them are peons. Leftists and their minions are the elite (or at least above you in the social hierarchy) and can do whatever they want without consequences. As long as they serve a purpose, the party has their backs no matter how evil or depraved they are.

In practice, this relationship means that Kyle Rittenhouse was supposed to let his attackers bash his head in. They supported our corrupt system and held all the right views. Kyle Rittenhouse, regardless of his political views, was wrong for opposing them, making him an enemy of the state.

Donald Trump was supposed to roll over and surrender the presidency without a fight. His crime was opposing the Swamp. Same with Daniel Penny. Jordan Neely was part of the left’s strategy to foment chaos. He had every right to be a criminal. Penny had no right to stop his activities as far as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is concerned.

Don’t want your kids to be sexualized in schools and raped down the road? That makes you a terrorist too. You don’t even have the right to defend your own children.

As for Sarah Cowrie, even if she paid for that bike, as far as the left is concerned, she had no right to it because in the left’s twisted world, white people are always wrong – the facts be damned. And if things had gotten violent, you bet the media would have justified it all the way or covered it up.

And the list goes on, and on, and on.

Meanwhile, violent criminals get a pass every time. They are victims of society, liberals say. They can be rehabilitated if only we give a little more money to the system – usually money coming from the political enemies they persecute.

But the reality is that the criminals are coddled not because leftists love them but because they are useful. The Soviets even had a term for this – “social allies.” And for the left, every type of anti-social, child-grooming, murderous criminal is indeed an ally to knocking down the system that allows free people to flourish.

And one more thing: if leftists are trying to lock conservatives up for “terrorism” now, it won’t be long before they start trying to kill you.

News of the Times;
Owner of two of San Fran's largest hotels STOPS making payments on $725 million loan:

Doom Loop Accelerates As Westfield Abandons Largest San Fran Mall:

US Air Force tweets image of soldier saluting the LGBTQI+ Pride flag:

Man Arrested While Attempting To Read Bible Verse at Pennsylvania Pride Event:

UN Sending Home Peacekeepers Implicated in Sexual Abuse:

Assisted Suicide Deaths Up 35% in Canada:

Maryland Democrat declares White women should be struck down from leadership:

Ellen Page was violently punching herself in the face and hearing voices in her head:

The US is building factories at a wildly fast rate:

Biden and ATF just created 29 million felons:

WaPo out with helpful "How NOT to get carjacked in D.C." guide:

Agency lets workers individualize email signature lines, then bans Christian symbol:

U.K. Royal Navy ‘Distressed and Concerned’ by Illegal Chinese Salvage of WWII Wrecks:

Nottingham triple murder suspect:

Federal jury awards regional Starbucks manager $25 MILLION for being fired because she is white:
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