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I told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high.

She looked surprised.


I've been suffering from depression and making a lot of visits to McDonald's.

I don't eat there.

I just look at the customers to feel better about myself.


A dangerous, far-right extremist has suggested that we treat people of all races equally, shocked and horrified sources confirmed Friday.

The hateful bigot has been canceled for his controversial comments that people should be treated with respect no matter their skin color.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character," said the dangerous, alt-right extremist, according to sources. "I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.”

The offensive comments were platformed at large protests and marches, and everyone associated with the problematic racist has also been canceled.

"I mean, this is literally Nazism," said one progressive Twitter user. "He might as well have grown out a little mustache and invaded Russia. We are scouring his old Facebook photos for swastikas and racial slurs as we speak. I'm sure there's a ton of hateful stuff there."


To reduce waste, our city has told food truck operators that they must donate all unsold items each night.

I applaud the effort, but given how little space the trucks have in the first place, it seems like there's really not much room for waste to begin with. So, I've gotta ask...

How much food would a food truck chuck if a food truck could chuck food?


“I’m the number everybody hates", said 13.

“No way, I am the number everybody hates”, replied 666.

"lol", 2020 chuckled.

Quote of the Times;
Anyone who wants reparations based on history will have to gerrymander history very carefully. Otherwise, practically everybody would owe reparations to practically everybody else. - Sowell

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Issue of the Times;
When the world became unrecognizable in less than a decade by Simon Black

In the year 1520, exactly 500 years ago, a German scholar named Johan Schoner completed a map of the world that was widely considered to be humanity’s most advanced understanding of geography at that time.

There’s scarcely any American continent. Instead he drew some amorphous blobs to mark Brazil and the ‘West Indies’. And there’s a very narrow body of water where the Pacific Ocean is supposed to be, separating Brazil and India.

Obviously we know this is totally wrong. But it was science’s best understanding of the world in 1520.

Then, in 1529, a Venetian named Giovanni Ramusio created an updated map based on the various explorations and discoveries throughout the 1520s.

Ramusio’s map shows the eastern coastline of North and South America, from Newfoundland to the tip of Argentina, and the west coast from Peru through Mexico, with incredible precision and accuracy.

Even by today’s standards, Ramusio’s map looks right. You can see the outline of Florida and North Carolina, the prominence of Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico, etc. almost to the same standard as a modern day map in 2020.

The difference between the two maps is extraordinary. In less than a decade, humanity’s knowledge of the world grew from an almost ‘Dark Ages’ mentality, to that of our modern world.

Their world literally became unrecognizable in less than a decade.

And this newfound scientific understanding ushered in a new era of commerce and wealth that had never been seen before.

It’s amazing when you think about it – how quickly the world can radically change… sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. We’ve seen plenty of examples in our own lifetimes.

In 1995 hardly anyone had even heard of the Internet. By 2005 it became so ubiquitous that we couldn’t imagine our lives without it.

In 2000 hardly anyone had a mobile phone. By 2010 nearly everyone had one.

At the start of 2007, no one had ever seen a touch-screen smart phone – Steve Jobs would unveil the first ever iPhone in January of that year.

And in less than a decade, our entire species has become completely zombified, swiping and scrolling our lives away while we walk, eat, and drive without ever looking up.

Just like the world maps in the 1520s, each of these trends represents a radical shift in the way we live, work, and engage with one another.

We’re living through another one right now… a powerful, dangerous social trend that’s being driven by anger and ignorance.

Think about it: 5 years ago around this time, things still felt pretty normal.

There was always political bickering and ideological conflict… but discourse was pretty civil. No one advocated for violence or called someone else a racist simply for having a different opinion.

Then all of a sudden, in late 2015, people started becoming completely unglued.

At first the madness was isolated– ultra-liberal universities, pockets of social media. We saw crybully students in California and on the east coast physically blocking certain speakers from setting foot on campus – anyone whose opinions they found ‘offensive’.

Like most movements, this one started slowly… but quickly gathered momentum.

Suddenly it became acceptable to expect everyone else to conform to your whiny sensitivities.

Terms like “safe space” entered the lexicon, and ‘social justice warriors’’ started demanding that we avoid using certain everyday words and pronouns to ensure that no one would be offended.

At the same time, socialists came out of hiding and quickly became mainstream. Some of the most popular politicians in the world now are card-carrying socialists.

These people despise wealth. They hate profit. They’re mistrustful of private property. They believe that many private industries should be owned and controlled by the government.

Five years after it all started, these movements– social, economic, etc. have all merged together… and become violent.

Thugs now roam the streets of major cities, physically assaulting anyone they deem an enemy of their movement.

It’s ironic that these criminals call themselves ‘anti-fascists’ or ‘antifa’ given how similar their tactics are to Hitler’s ‘Brownshirts’ in 1920s Germany.

At one recent protest in California, a conservative politician was threatened by an antifa thug who said, “I just want you dead,” and “You’re racist… I can tell by looking at you.”

Protestors, meanwhile, held up signs like “Can’t have capitalism without racism!”

This is now considered acceptable, mainstream thinking – and not just in the Land of the Free. It’s all over the world.

This trend is a major force, like a runaway freight train. And every day they’re more emboldened, so it’s picking up speed.

One might simply hope that it all goes away… that, someday soon, people come to their senses and sanity is restored.

But as we used to say in the military, hope is not a course of action. And given a broader view of history, it’s unlikely that this trend goes gentle into that good night. In fact it’s far more likely to accelerate.

And just like other major trends, this one also stands to fundamentally transform the way we live, work, and do business.

Think about it – this movement, which grows stronger by the day, wants to seize private property, nationalize entire industries, raise taxes to sky-high levels, bankrupt the Treasury with unaffordable entitlements, label all white males as ‘racist,’ and physically assault intellectual dissenters.

It’s fair to say this might have a bit of an impact.

Never forget that we’re talking about people who are irrational and prone to violence.

So, if you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to start thinking about a Plan B.

News of the Times;
After I was diagnosed with liver failure, my wife tried her best to raise my spirits.

"Don't even think about hiding my vodka on the top shelf!," I yelled at her.


I didn't feel like looking at the weather app to check so I just asked Siri: "Surely it's not going to rain again today?"

It replied, "it is, and don't call me Shirley!"

Forgot to take my phone off Airplane mode.


OLUMBUS, Ohio - Local depressed woman Jane Lively mindlessly broke the hot dog-eating world record yesterday after consuming 76 weiners in her darkened, unkempt living room, concerned but impressed sources confirmed.

“Last week I didn’t feel like doing meal planning, so instead I just nabbed a palette of hot dogs from Costco,” said Lively. “I barely remember it, really — I threw a shit-ton of dogs into a boiling pot and put on a Frightened Rabbit record. Less than an hour later, I’ve got an empty tray in front of me, right before I locked into ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ reruns with the sound off. Most days I feel like I barely exist, so the last thing I’d expected was to ever break a world record.”

Former Guinness World Records representative Thomas Sandoval verified Lively’s record-breaking depression binge using footage sent by her roommate, Cassie Degas, who started filming “somewhere around number 12 or 13.”

“I’ll be honest, it took me a while to realize I was watching Ms. Lively and not a found-footage horror film [Degas] sent me by mistake. I’ve never seen such a joyless and disturbing world record attempt in my life,” said Sandoval. “She’s obviously not a trained competitive eater, but she was still dipping the buns in water and eating three dogs at a time. I couldn’t even finish all the footage — instead, I just gave her the record and then immediately quit my job. I’ll also never eat another hot dog so long as I live.”

Former world record holder Joey Chestnut was outraged by Lively’s use of “performance enhancing debilitating illnesses.”

“It’s bullshit, if you ask me. I’ve trained for years to become the best at gorging and debasing my body with encased meat, only to be upstaged by this woman and her chemical imbalance,” said Chestnut. “Call me an ableist, but there needs to be a separate league for depressed people… or at least, put an asterisk next to her name until she starts taking SSRIs.”

Lively’s friends and family are pushing for her to seek professional help, but only after competing in the official Nathan’s hot dog-eating contest later this year.


I’m disgusted my grandparents will be voting Democrat this year.

They never would have done that while they were still alive.


Vegans have been screwing us over from the very beginning.

If Eve had eaten the snake and not the fruit we wouldn't be in this mess.

Quote of the Times;
The evidence does not support broad mask mandates. Yet, now we free-thinkers and free-breathers face jail time and witch hunts for dissenting. It's all about politics, power, and control. - Malkin

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Issue of the Times;
Sweden Was Right After All, Rest Of The World Was Punk’d by Mike Whitney

Why is the media so fixated on Sweden’s coronavirus policy? What difference does it make?

Sweden shrugged off dire predictions of mass die-offs from COVID-19 and did not shut down their entire economy and society, and now their response has been proven correct while the rest of the world stumbled into mass hysteria.

Sweden settled on a policy that they thought was both sustainable and would save as many lives as possible. They weren’t trying to ‘show anyone up’ or ‘prove how smart they were’. They simply took a more traditionalist approach that avoided a full-scale lockdown. That’s all.

But that’s the problem, isn’t it? And that’s why Sweden has been so harshly criticized in the media, because they refused to do what everyone else was doing. They refused to adopt a policy that elites now universally support, a policy that scares people into cowering submission. The Swedish model is a threat to that approach because it allows people to maintain their personal freedom even in the midst of a global pandemic. Ruling class elites don’t want that, that is not in their interests. What they want is for the people to meekly accept the rules and conditions that lead to their eventual enslavement. That’s the real objective, complete social control, saving lives has nothing to do with it. Sweden opposed that approach which is why Sweden has to be destroyed. It’s that simple.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with Sweden’s fatality rate, which is higher than some and lower than others. (Sweden has 543 deaths per million, which means roughly 1 death in every 2,000 people.) But like every other country, the vast majority of Swedish fatalities are among people 70 years and older with underlying health conditions. (“90% of the country’s deaths have been among those over 70.”) Sweden was not successful in protecting the people in its elderly care facilities, so large numbers of them were wiped out following the outbreak. Sweden failed in that regard and they’ve admitted they failed. Even so, the failures of implementation do not imply that the policy is wrong. Quite the contrary. Sweden settled on a sustainable policy, that keeps the economy running, preserves an atmosphere of normality, and exposes its young, low-risk people to the infection, thus, moving the population closer to the ultimate goal of “herd immunity”.

Presently, Sweden is very close to reaching herd immunity which is a condition in which the majority have developed antibodies that will help to fend-off similar sars-covid infections in the future. Absent a vaccine, herd immunity is the best that can be hoped for. It ensures that future outbreaks will be less disruptive and less lethal. Take a look at this excerpt from an article at the Off-Guardian which helps to explain what’s really going on:

“Sweden’s health minister understood that the only chance to beat COVID-19 was to get the Swedish population to a Herd Immunity Threshold against COVID-19, and that’s exactly what they have done…

The Herd Immunity Threshold (“HIT”) for COVID-19 is between 10-20%

This fact gets less press than any other. Most people understand the basic concept of herd immunity and the math behind it. In the early days, some public health officials speculated that COVID-19’s HIT was 70%. Obviously, the difference between a HIT of 70% and a HIT of 10-20% is dramatic, and the lower the HIT, the quicker a virus will burn out as it loses the ability to infect more people, which is exactly what COVID-19 is doing everywhere, including the U.S, which is why the death curve above looks the way it looks.

Scientists from Oxford, Virginia Tech, and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, all recently explained the HIT of COVID-19 in this paper:

We searched the literature for estimates of individual variation in propensity to acquire or transmit COVID-19 or other infectious diseases and overlaid the findings as vertical lines in Figure 3. Most CV estimates are comprised between 2 and 4, a range where naturally acquired immunity to SARS-CoV-2 may place populations over the herd immunity threshold once as few as 10-20% of its individuals are immune….

Naturally acquired herd immunity to COVID-19 combined with earnest protection of the vulnerable elderly – especially nursing home and assisted living facility residents — is an eminently reasonable and practical alternative to the dubious panacea of mass compulsory vaccination against the virus.

This strategy was successfully implemented in Malmo, Sweden, which had few COVID-19 deaths by assiduously protecting its elder care homes, while “schools remained open, residents carried on drinking in bars and cafes, and the doors of hairdressers and gyms were open throughout.

One of the most vocal members of the scientific community discussing COVID-19’s HIT is Stanford’s Nobel-laureate Dr. Michael Levitt. Back on May 4, he gave this great interview to the Stanford Daily where he advocated for Sweden’s approach of letting COVID-19 spread naturally through the community until you arrive at HIT. He stated:

If Sweden stops at about 5,000 or 6,000 deaths, we will know that they’ve reached herd immunity, and we didn’t need to do any kind of lockdown. My own feeling is that it will probably stop because of herd immunity. COVID is serious, it’s at least a serious flu. But it’s not going to destroy humanity as people thought.

Guess what? That’s exactly what happened. As of today, 7 weeks after his prediction, Sweden has 5,550 deaths. In this graph, you can see that deaths in Sweden PEAKED when the HIT was halfway to its peak (roughly 7.3%) and by the time the virus hit 14% it was nearly extinguished.” (“Second wave? Not even close“, JB Handley, The Off-Guardian)

In other words, Sweden is rapidly approaching the endgame which means that restrictions can be dropped entirely and normal life can resume. They will have maintained their dignity and freedom while the rest of the world hid under their beds for months on end. They won’t have to reopen their primary schools because they never shut them down to begin with. Numerous reports indicate that young children are neither at risk nor do they pass the virus to others. Most Americans don’t know this because the propaganda media has omitted the news from their coverage. Here’s a clip from the National Review which helps to explain:

Kari Stefansson, CEO of the Icelandic company deCODE genetics in Reykjavík, studied the spread of COVID-19 in Iceland with Iceland’s Directorate of Health and the National University Hospital. His project has tested 36,500 people; as of this writing,

Children under 10 are less likely to get infected than adults and if they get infected, they are less likely to get seriously ill. What is interesting is that even if children do get infected, they are less likely to transmit the disease to others than adults. We have not found a single instance of a child infecting parents.” (“Icelandic Study: ‘We Have Not Found a Single Instance of a Child Infecting Parents.’“, National Review)

This is just one of many similar reports from around the world. Most of the schools in Europe have already reopened and lifted restrictions on distancing and masks. Meanwhile, in the US, the reopening of schools has become another contentious political issue pitting Trump against his Democrat adversaries who are willing to sacrifice the lives of schoolchildren to prevent the president from being reelected. It’s a cynical-counterproductive approach that reveals the vindictiveness of the people who support it. In an election year, everything is politics. (Watch Tucker Carlson’s short segment on “Kids cannot afford to stay locked down.“)

Here’s a question for you: Have you ever wondered why the virus sweeps through the population and then seemingly dissipates and dies out? In fact, the virus doesn’t simply die-out, it runs out of people to infect. But how can that be when only 1 of 7 people will ever contract the virus?

The answer is immunity, either natural immunity or built up immunity from other Sars-Covid exposure. Here’s more from the Off Guardian piece:

“Scientists are now showing evidence that up to 81% of us can mount a strong response to COVID-19 without ever having been exposed to it before:

Cross-reactive SARS-CoV-2 T-cell epitopes revealed preexisting T-cell responses in 81% of unexposed individuals, and validation of similarity to common cold human coronaviruses provided a functional basis for postulated heterologous immunity.

This alone could explain WHY the Herd Immunity Threshold (HIT) is so much lower for COVID-19 than some scientists thought originally, when the number being talked about was closer to 70%. Many of us have always been immune!“ (“Second wave? Not even close”, JB Handley, The Off-Guardian)

It means that Fauci and the idiots in the media have been lying to us the whole time. It means that Covid-19 is not a totally new virus for which humans have no natural immunity or built-in protection. Covid is a derivative of other infections which is why the death toll isn’t alot higher.

News of the Times;
A politician visited a village and asked what their needs were.

”We have 2 basic needs sir,” replied the villager.

“Firstly, we have a hospital, but there’s no doctor.”

On hearing this, politician whipped out his cellphone, and after speaking for a while he reassured the village leader that the doctor would be there the next day. He then asked about the second problem.

“Secondly sir, there is no cellphone coverage anywhere in this village.”


Facebook confirmed today that to prevent the spread of coronavirus and promote a safe space to virtue-signal, masks will be required on all profile pictures going forward.

If you log in to Facebook you will be prompted to change your profile picture to one where you are wearing a mask. If you don't have a mask, Facebook offers digital mask filters to give the appearance that you're wearing one. Those who refuse the mask will be asked to delete their accounts.

"This is an issue of public safety," said Mark Zuckerberg. "We were seeing people just commenting on things and posting memes and stuff while their face was clearly visible. The CDC currently says that masks are good, and therefore, you must wear a mask." An assistant then whispered in Zuckerberg's ear. "Oh, uh, this just in: the CDC now says that masks are bad. So we'll take this all back." But, before he could reverse the mask order, the CDC issued another update saying that masks were good again.

"Anyway, yes, a mask for everyone. It's a small thing to do to make everyone feel safe."


A man and his wife checked into a hotel.

An hour after checking in, the man calls the front desk.

"My wife and I had a fight and she is going to jump out the window."

"That's a personal matter and we can’t help in this situation.", the front desk replied.

"Personal matter my ass the window doesn't open!"


The Washington Post published an editorial today calling on the New England Patriots to change their team name due to its association with the United States of America.

The article called for the Patriots to change their team name immediately to something that doesn't imply they are proud of their country.

"The negative associations with the horrible country of America should be left in the past," the editorial board wrote. "This name is very offensive to austere religious scholars in other countries, liberals, and Canadians. We must call on the NFL to do better, to be better."

"They must change the name to something that signals that they are not proud to live in this country."

Suggestions for the new name included The New England Colonizers, The New England Oppressors, and The New England Sorry For Being Americans.


Want to know how to get a fat girl in bed?

It’s a piece of cake.

Quote of the Times;
As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death. – da Vinci

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Issue of the Times;
The Summer of Our Gaslighting Discontent by Brian Cates

I’ve got some bad news for you, folks. To get to that massive Trump landslide in November, we’re going to have to go through an ordeal because there will be a relentless and almost overwhelming amount of gaslighting until the election gets here.

A massive amount of time, effort and money will be invested by the Progressive Left to hide the real cultural shift going on in this country, as they use the legacy media to try to manufacture a fake cultural shift in the other direction.

Confederate statues were the start, now in less than two weeks the mob has moved on to founding father Thomas Jefferson and President Abraham Lincoln.

Major corporations are sending out press releases and emails to all their customers vowing to help fight America’s systemic racism and play an important role in the cultural shift away from the country’s irredeemably racist past. Netflix, Amazon, Patreon, GoFundMe, OpenTable, Nike, the NFL, MLB, NBA, the list is endless.

More statues will be removed. More brands will change their name. More corporations will announce massive donations to black causes, including and especially Black Lives Matters, the Marxist Socialist group that functions as the foot soldiers on the ground, driving mass protests.

Thanks to Democrat governors and mayors like Bill DeBlasio, Jenny Durkan, Lori Lightfoot, Jacob Frey, Tim Walz, Gretchen Whitmer, Andrew Cuomo and many others, Americans are getting a LONG HARD LOOK at what happens when you elect ideological lunatics to crucially important jobs in their state/city.

Just the day before he sent city workers to weld shut the gates to Jewish public parks in New York City, DeBlasio was very publicly rubbing shoulders with hundreds of thousands of people at mass protests.

The sane citizens in these blue states have now got to be asking themselves: How did we end up with these incompetent ideologues having such control over our lives?

Remember what I wrote months ago: The Progressive Left across the cultural spectrum has set themselves up to fail at an impossible task.

The constant relentless never-ending gaslighting this Summer and into the Fall will be coming from every direction: from network news channels, from sports channels, from movie-streaming services, from chain restaurants, from many major corporations, and all of them will be delivering the same smothering message.

Ever since Donald Trump shocked them by winning that 2016 election, the Progressive Leftist leadership has been preparing for this sustained ideological blitzkrieg on the rest of America as they go all “1984” on the rest of us.

Very carefully and very deliberately the Progressive Left has spent the past 3 1/2 years positioning its resources and its people for a massive sustained gaslighting campaign they would immerse this entire country in starting the summer before the election.

Yes, they have been carefully positioning and preparing for this epic gaslighting campaign targeting the rest of the country for 3 1/2 years.

In the news rooms…

In the corporate board rooms…

In the broadcast booths…

In the sports leagues…

In the major magazines…

In video games…

In comic books…

Who could ever deny the reality of the gigantic, Mt. Everest-sized cultural shift away from the white supremacist Donald J. Trump that the country is presently going through? Especially when it’s coming at everyone in America from all different directions across the cultural spectrum with one unified voice?

A massive cultural shift away from systemic racism, white privilege and the pathetic white fragility upon which President Donald Trump has built his entire presidency? A huge shift towards Joe Biden, the man who will give us all the highly desired third term of Barack H. Obama?

This Is Only the Beginning
If you’re already sick of this gaslighting, well gird your loins: we’ve all got 4 ½ more months of this insanity to go.

Wait until the NFL season starts in August. The gaslighting campaign will be in full swing by that point. They’re just warming up their throats at this point here in mid-June, testing the gaslighting machinery, running the quality control tests.

By August, when the NFL’s preseason games start, you’re going to see the network broadcasters go back to showing the anthem before every single game, just so they can show the kneelers and talk about them.

After a big viewership plunge in 2018 due to the constant showcasing of the kneeling for the national anthem, the NFL went back to what it had always done before: not showing the anthem except at special games, such as the Thanksgiving game and the Super Bowl. Players stayed in the locker rooms.

See, the NFL only began showing the anthem before every game when Colin Kaepernick started kneeling. Before Kaepernick started doing this, most NFL broadcasts skipped the national anthem, just like they always skipped the player introductions and the coin toss.

Watch what happens this upcoming season every single time Drew Brees or JJ Watt refuse to take a knee during the national anthem when the US flag is being displayed. They seem to think they managed this flag controversy with a couple of comments. They have no idea. The mob is never satisfied.

Every single week they’re going to have to kneel or be forced to apologize…again…for not kneeling. This will begin in the preseason, which will run all through August. Then in September the regular season will start. There will be eight weeks of games thru September and October.

So, this will be twelve weeks with every game broadcast beginning with the national anthem, cameras finding the kneeling people, broadcasters discussing white privilege and America’s systemic racism problem and how wonderful it is that the culture is shifting away from it at last.

Every single game will start this way. With a political protest followed by a political lecture disguised as sports coverage. Three months of this. And this is just what the NFL is going to have on tap for its dwindling fan base from August to November 3. Other sports leagues are also preparing to ‘do their part’.

Because remember, November 3 is the target. All this relentless gaslighting has but one true purpose: to get Donald J. Trump out of the White House. It’ll be coming from all directions, celebrities, actors, musicians, authors, athletes, politicians, in one never-ending wave.

Their Power Is an Illusion
It’s all fake. There is no “huge cultural shift here in America” away from its supposedly “systemic racist” roots. It’s all an illusion. Tiny Marxist mobs are running around pulling down statues and dancing on top of them, celebrating the erasure of the ‘racist past’.

They aren’t really erasing anything. America is still here. But we’re in for an awful 4 1/2 months of relentless gaslighting and I want you to all be prepared for it. Endure to the end. And then pay the Marxist mobs back for what they put the rest of us through.

Their attempts to relentlessly gaslight us “1984-style” for over 5 months is only going to build Trump’s coming massive red wave even bigger.

Gaslighting us about our “systemic racism”.

Our “white privilege”.

About Trump’s [and his supporter’s] “white supremacy”.

About Biden’s mental deterioration.

About the economic comeback.

About the jobs explosion.

About SpyGate and UkraineGate developments.

All this is going to end up doing is enraging all the normal people in the blue states.

Believe you me, every single sane American citizen in this country that can vote is going to be properly motivated to do that by the time November 3 gets here.

After 4 1/2 months of this insanity? Trust me on this, they’re going to have all the motivation they need.

4 1/2 months of being relentlessly ideologically assaulted by this 1984 cult rabidly yelling at us if we’re ‘down for the glorious cause’ and are we ‘ready to join the revolution yet’ and prove we have embraced their Big Brother by taking the knee and saying the words.

They don’t understand. We’ll have already joined a real revolution. And it’s not the one they are babbling to us about. It’s a popular movement made of Americans, not fanatical 1984-type cult members spouting Marxist socialist crap.

There actually has been a dramatic cultural shift in this country over the past few years. But it’s been in the wrong direction as far as these Marxist losers are concerned.

So, the Herculean task the Progressive Left here in America to set itself up to fail at is this: They have to hide the real cultural shift while manufacturing a fake one.

We’ll be relentlessly gaslighted for the next several months about ‘an increasingly unpopular President Trump under siege from all directions’ while the entire culture SHIFTS to Joe Biden [or whoever comes out of the DNC in August as the nominee].

Ever see the movie “Labyrinth”? Jennifer Connelly is a young girl named Sarah whose infant brother has been taken captive by the Goblin King [David Bowie]. He tries one deception after another to get Sarah to yield to him & in the end… he must beg.

In the final dramatic confrontation, Sarah defeats the Goblin King forever by coming to a powerful realization of the truth:

“You have no power over me!”

All the “power” of these tiny Marxist goon squads and their corporate benefactors is an illusion. It’s not real. It only looks impressive and powerful when it’s seen through the lens of popular and social media.

So keep this truth in mind the next 4 1/2 months as you watch many prominent celebrities, newscasters, sports stars, musicians, and major companies all endlessly babbling about this awesome cool cultural shift away from America’s systemic racism [and Donald Trump!] to Marxist Social Justice and Joe Biden.

Well let them babble. This 2020 election is not the referendum on America’s Systemic Racist Past as the gaslighters are so desperate to frame it.

It’s about a return to SANITY. That’s what most Americans will demand, and the elections results will demonstrate that.

News of the Times;

Do you suffer from anxiety that an intruder may be hiding in your room?

You are not alone.


My neighbor’s 4-year-old has been learning Spanish since lockdown.

He still can't say "please" though, which I think is poor for four.


Protestors Criticized For Looting Businesses Without Forming Private Equity Firm

Calling for a more measured way to express opposition to police brutality, critics slammed demonstrators Thursday for recklessly looting businesses without forming a private equity firm first. “Look, we all have the right to protest, but that doesn’t mean you can just rush in and destroy any business without gathering a group of clandestine investors to purchase it at a severely reduced price and slowly bleed it to death,” said one commenter, echoing the sentiments of detractors nationwide who blasted the demonstrators for not hiring a consultant group to take stock of a struggling company’s assets before plundering.

“I understand that people are angry, but they shouldn’t just endanger businesses without even a thought to enriching themselves through leveraged buyouts and across-the-board terminations. It’s disgusting to put workers at risk by looting. You do it by chipping away at their health benefits and eventually laying them off. There’s a right way and wrong way to do this.”


Yesterday my husband thought he saw a cockroach in the kitchen. He sprayed everything down and cleaned thoroughly.

Today I’m putting a cockroach in the bathroom.


Due to the refraction of the light rays, shooting fish in a barrel isn't really so easy.

Not true for the second shot, though after the water has run out of the barrel because of the hole made by the first shot.

Shooting dead fish in a barrel really is easy. Stupid, but easy.

Quote of the Times;
Laws are silent in time of war. – Cicero

Link of the Times;

Issue of the Times;
Top 20 most scandalous facts about the Russia hoax

1) There Was No Collusion

There was never any collusion between Trump and Russia, and even those perpetuating this treasonous coup attempt knew that from the beginning.

Even the NY Times admitted early on that the evidence didn’t add up. Even the Washington Post eventually acknowledged that the left’s phony attempts to defend the conspiracy theory held no water. Even those who promoted the narrative most aggressively eventually admitted it is “likely false.”

And the FBI’s own internal documents prove the dossier was composed entirely of outright falsehoods, unverifiable gossip, or common knowledge background information that was already publicly available when the dossier was created.

2) There Was No Obstruction

President Trump exercising his absolute and unconditional authority under the Constitution to appoint, remove, or pardon any FBI Director for any reason cannot be legally construed as “obstruction of justice.” Especially since the official being fired in this case, FBI Director James Comey, was guilty of such egregious and well-documented corruption, dishonesty, and incompetence.

Additionally, even the Mueller Report acknowledged that FBI Director Comey’s abuses of power were impeding President Trump’s “ability to manage domestic and foreign affairs” (pg. 255), that Trump fired Comey knowing that his removal would prolong the investigation (pg. 4, 5), and that firing Comey was not “designed to cover up a conspiracy” of any kind (pg. 256).
Furthermore, the DOJ’s own stated position on this (and Comey’s) has always been that “the FBI Director is removable at the will of the President” and that “no statute purports to restrict” it. The president’s discretion on which investigations or prosecutions to allow under the Constitution is also unmistakably absolute.

The Mueller Report also acknowledged that President Trump’s actions were “facially lawful” (pg. 320), that he in no way “directed or aided [attorney Michael] Cohen’s false testimony” (pg. 316), and that he wasn’t “involved in an underlying crime” of any kind (pg. 321). Trump did everything out in the open (the opposite of how someone trying to commit obstruction acts), never asserted executive privilege, and freely offered up more than a million pages of documents.

3) It Was A Bought-And-Paid-For Hoax

Democrats literally purchased this phony election-year scandal. Concocted by a communist Obama subversive at the CIA, John Brennan, the plot was to peddle DNC-funded misinformation from Hillary’s campaign as legitimate intelligence and to hire a corrupt, Trump-hating British spy (Christopher Steele) to manufacture foreign evidence to make it look valid. Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson pleaded the 5th to avoid criminal prosecution for his involvement in this scam.

Intelligence officials were warned well in advance that Steele was a discredited fraud and knew his absurd claims could never be used in court (they fired him while falsely pretending not to base their entire ‘investigation’ on him). But the point was to sabotage Trump’s election and presidency, not to convict him, so legitimacy didn’t matter.

They were even caught colluding with Putin’s closest advisers to try and legitimize this hoax. And the more it fell apart, the more desperate and absurd their conspiracy theories became.

4) Obama’s Politicized FBI

Obama’s FBI lied to a federal judge, selectively edited and falsified documents, withheld crucial evidence, and illegally spied on Trump to frame him. These crimes were confirmed long ago by a federal judge, but “journalists” responded with a near-total media blackout.

The IG report found that FBI agent Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page acted as “biased” partisan activists taking “official action to impact a presidential candidate’s electoral process.” As Obama loosened the rules on sharing classified information, his agencies illegally unmasked officials and leaked their classified conversations with Russians to the press, deliberately compromising national defense to create the appearance of collusion.

The Obama administration laundered the fake dossier through official channels and reproduced it as legitimate intelligence to make it look real, while also leaking raw intelligence reports containing nothing but uncorroborated speculation and gossip to the press.

It staged fake, wildly misleading encounters between Trump aides and foreign spies overseas to manufacture the appearance of collusion and entrap them, and then illegally leaked that to the press as well, to justify launching the hoax. They did all of this while also illegally manipulating documents to falsely exonerate Hillary in a shockingly brazen crime spree that is approximately a thousand times worse than Watergate.

Some were counting on Hillary to win so she could cover up their prior misconduct on her behalf. But as Justice Department official Bruce Ohr’s wife (who worked for Fusion GPS) put it when openly acknowledging her own attempts to frame and destroy Trump’s wife and children…most were committing these felonies simply “because [they] favored Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate.”

And when it all fell apart, they responded by illegally doctoring and burying the evidence, pretending that the outcome was inconclusive instead of complete vindication (zero evidence means exoneration in an ‘innocent till proven guilty’ system of law), and by dishonestly implying obstruction of justice without actually making the accusation.

5) The Actual Collusion Was From Democrats

Robert Mueller, who was nominated for U.S. attorney by Bill Clinton and supported for FBI Director by Barack Obama (and who had a long ‘history of illicitly targeting innocent people’), assembled a biased team of power–abusing “investigators” (13 Democrats and 0 Republicans) to frame and destroy Trump. It was composed entirely of partisan Democrat hacks who attended Hillary’s “victory” party, worked for Hillary, represented her in legal battles, and were on the record plotting to rig the election against Trump.

Granted, finding objective professionals to investigate political controversies can be difficult when almost every political donation made by DOJ employees is to Democrats. But Mueller went out of his way to select the most corrupt and lawless partisan extremists. One member of his team was even singled out in 2014 and condemned by a federal judge for “intentional, serious” misconduct.

Working closely with Mueller to destroy President Trump from every conceivable direction simultaneously and overthrow the election were:

⦁ Rep. Adam B. Schiff, whose role in this conspiracy was to back up whatever erroneous claims the FBI made against President Trump, even to the point of blatantly and deliberately lying about there being “direct evidence” of collusion.
⦁ Τhe U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan, led by a Chuck Schumer loyalist whose incredibly partisan Democrat boss was fired by Trump, headed up the assault on Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen.
⦁ New York Attorney and vindictive partisan Democrat General Barbara D. Underwood (whose Hillary-advisor boss had to resign) was put in charge of destroying President Trump’s businesses and family.
⦁ New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, which is run by hysterically left-wing Trump Derangement Syndrome poster-child Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.
⦁ Partisan Democrat and Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh, who is tasked with destroying President Trump’s businesses in the D.C. area.
⦁ Clinton crony and discredited liar Lanny Davis, who advocated to overthrow President Trump based on the 25th Amendment (another scandalously criminal coup attempt that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein conspired to implement, and then lied about) and admitted to enabling the erroneous 2016 Russia-Trump Tower smear.
⦁ Sleazy, incompetent “creepy porn lawyer” Michael Avenatti.
⦁ The Constitution-trampling leftist ideologues at the ACLU, who frivolously sued Trump over 100 separate times just in his first 10 months in office.
⦁ Feinstein staffer Daniel Jones, who raised $50 million from wealthy donors to investigate Trump-Russia connections and hired the manufacturers of the fake dossier.

6) There Was Never Any Evidence

FBI Director Comey admitted there was no evidence when the investigation began (which means it was illegal to launch it in the first place), and that there was still no evidence again a year later when Mueller was appointed. Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe confirmed this as well. But Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein still vengefully retaliated against Comey’s firing (as did McCabe) by appointing long-time Comey friend Robert Mueller to start a completely fraudulent investigation based on literally nothing.

And as the false collusion narrative increasingly fell apart, Mueller escalated his targeting of Trump associates rather than re-examining his premise (like a professional, objective law enforcement official following the evidence would do), and vindictively targeted anyone close to him with unprecedented Constitution-shredding abuses of power, under the guise of prosecuting completely unrelated and often fabricated “process crimes.”

7) Roger Stone Railroaded For Jaywalking

After coordinating with CNN (which CNN tried to lie about) to be there for a fully militarized SWAT team raid on this elderly man in his pajamas with automatic weapons on live TV (which CNN dishonestly tried to spin as the FBI having politely ‘knocked on the door’…despite CNN itself having already admitted that it was a highly unusual show of brute force never used on white collar ‘criminals’), all the FBI had to charge him with was obscure financial crimes related to his own private business practices from years before.

Mueller also tried to terrorize journalist Jerome Corsi into a false confession (even targeting and frightening his stepson) to weaponize it against Stone. Mueller’s indictment of Stone actually proved even further that there was zero collusion with Russia (from anyone other than Democrats). His conviction by an openly biased jury for made-up “process crimes” got him a harsher sentence than what is given to child pornographers, rapists, and murderers.

8) Michael Cohen Railroaded For Jaywalking

Even the Washington Post admitted he was blatantly falsely accused by the fake DNC-funded dossier. So he was sentenced to three years in prison for something completely unrelated that isn’t even a crime, which occurred long before Trump was even a candidate.

9) Carter Page Falsely Targeted With Gestapo Tactics

Even the FBI admitted its spying on this Trump administration official was completely illegal from the beginning. They intentionally misrepresented the discredited dossier as “verified” and erroneously smeared him as a Russian spy to obtain an invalid warrant and spy on Trump’s campaign. The FBI continued trying to frame him for long after it was clear the collusion narrative was a deliberately staged fraud. This criminal abuse of power was so egregious that the FISA court banned those who requested the illegal wiretaps from ever filing another request.

10) Michael Flynn Railroaded for Jaywalking

The FBI illegally leaked classified conversations between Flynn and Russian officials to create the appearance of collusion. They framed him even after having already acknowledged that he did nothing wrong and officially clearing him of any wrongdoing. They are on the record devising ways to “get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”

They hid critical evidence that proved his innocence, blackmailed him by threatening to destroy his family, and invented a phony violation of an obscure 1799 law called the Logan Act (which we now have proof didn’t even happen), to falsely railroad him to prison. Discredited Mueller hack Peter “insurance policy” Strzok, who was demoted over his humiliating misconduct and openly unprofessional partisanship, oversaw this travesty of justice.

It was so clear to all involved that what they were doing was both illegal and immoral that Obama ordered National Security Adviser Susan Rice to write herself memos repeatedly insisting that she had told everyone to conduct themselves “by the book” in case they were ever investigated.

And even when the DOJ dropped its case, the corrupt Clinton-appointed hack who helped frame Flynn in the first place contradicted his own rulings to pretend away the proof, committed an unprecedented abuse of power to continue dragging out this obscenely unjust lawlessness, and had to be ordered by an appeals court judge to stop stalling and rule on the motion to dismiss the case.

11) Obama Was The Ringleader

These crimes, as well as everything the FBI did to falsely exonerate Hillary, all happened with Obama’s direct knowledge and supervision, on his orders. This should surprise no one considering the ACORN president’s long history of politicizing and weaponizing government for partisan gain. It also happened with FBI Director Comey and Deputy FBI Director McCabe bragging about working around Trump’s White House legal counsel and misinforming and manipulating Flynn out of his right to an attorney.

The collapse of the Flynn case exposed critical evidence proving that the entire Russia collusion hoax was a staged, treasonous fraud from the beginning. Much like Democrats using the DOJ to steal the Senate in 2008 (by withholding exculpatory evidence from Senator Ted Stevens and lying to the jury), and them stealing Roy Moore’s Alabama Senate seat by fabricating scandalous misinformation against him (they also orchestrated fake Russian ‘bots’ to look like they were helping him), this was about silencing their opponents with phony power-grabbing scams.

12) Paul Manafort Railroaded For Jaywalking

Mueller interrogated Manafort more than a dozen times, and after still finding nothing to prop up the left’s fake Russia-Trump conspiracy theory (which is unsurprising considering Manafort’s entire career revolved around hurting Russia rather than helping it), he manufactured frivolous irrelevancies to charge him with regarding his own private business dealings from long before. Never mind the fact that the FBI was repeatedly warned that the evidence being used to destroy him was a debunked fraud.

He literally used outright torture (23 hours per day of solitary confinement—an extreme short-term measure reserved for the most violent and dangerous criminals) to coerce a false confession out of Manafort, in open defiance of the 8th Amendment, just as they did to Maria Butina (the claustrophobic Russian who ‘confessed’ after being repeatedly tortured in this way).

The FBI then interrogated him nine more times trying to brow-beat him into saying something that would hurt President Trump. Meanwhile, the rabidly partisan and vindictive tyrants at the New York attorney general’s office simultaneously filed charges against Manafort not because they were in any way warranted under the law, but merely to ensure he ended up in prison even if pardoned.

13) Lives Destroyed, Rampant FBI Crimes Still Ignored

All of these individuals and more were relentlessly smeared, framed, persecuted, and bankrupted by the Democrat lynch mob and their FBI accomplices on incredibly flimsy or even fabricated evidence to harm Trump. Meanwhile, those FBI and DOJ officials who committed even the most egregious crimes and abuses of power in trying to frame Trump remain completely untouched by the legal system to this day.

Even those officials who were caught doctoring and destroying evidence were not charged. Even those who rigged the investigation into Hillary’s emails, even those who were repeatedly caught blatantly lying at every turn, even those who violated bribery and fraud statutes and openly admitted to committing major felonies…none were ever prosecuted.

When FBI Director Comey was fired for lying to President Trump about being under investigation and for withholding critical information to help frame him (as well as for lying about the law and usurping the Attorney General in falsely exonerating Hillary), he illegally stole, leaked, and later destroyed even more unauthorized government documents to hurt Trump. He faces zero consequences to this day.

Lisa Page, the former Clinton intern, and Democrat donor and activist (the one who describes Republican voters as ‘retarded,’ ‘the crazies,’ and ‘ignorant hillbillies’ who ‘smell.’) entrusted to impartially investigate Hillary and Trump, who was then caught red-handed colluding with her married boyfriend to frame Trump and falsely exonerate Hillary…even she was never indicted.
This was despite admitting under oath that there was never a single shred of evidence of collusion to begin with. For more on the FBI’s unhinged culture of corruption, see the FBI analyst who was sentenced to prison for illegally hacking a political enemy to protect Mueller.

14) Brazen Hypocrisy

Much like how Democrats were caught on video bragging about blackmailing Ukraine before falsely accusing President Trump of doing the same thing and impeaching him for what only they actually did (thereby imposing yet another glaringly ludicrous double–standard)…Hillary and other Democrats have been repeatedly caught colluding with Russia at America’s expense for personal gain while staging the Russia collusion hoax against Trump.

This is even beyond the colluding they did with Russia to erroneously frame Trump. They were even repeatedly caught illegally selling U.S. foreign policy to the highest bidder through the Clinton Foundation. And despite all of this well-documented back-stabbing disloyalty and treason, they all face zero consequences.

15) Jaw-Dropping Conflicts Of Interest

As with Loretta Lynch, who should have recused herself from the Hillary email investigation due to her close personal and professional relationship with Hillary’s husband, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe had no business being involved in these investigations because Hillary Clinton had funneled major financial contributions to his wife’s state senate campaign. Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein also had unacceptable conflicts of interest, which he was even confronted about by his own co-conspirators.

Likewise, Mueller had multiple disqualifying conflicts of interest that made it illegal to even appoint him in the first place. He was close friends with a key witness (FBI Director Comey), he was deeply connected to nearly every FBI official involved in the case (which regulations insist trigger the appointment of someone ‘outside’ the DOJ), and was a witness in his own investigation, which regulations explicitly forbid. He also had been turned down for FBI Director by the target of the investigation, and also had a previous business dispute with that target (Trump had earlier refused to refund an expensive golf membership Mueller no longer wanted).

16) Night-And-Day Double-Standard

The FBI blindly took Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s word for it when they were caught secretly meeting on a tarmac five days before his wife was to be questioned by the FBI. They violated every rule and ethical boundary to falsely exonerate Hillary before even interviewing her.

They also bent over backward to help all five of Hillary’s co-conspirators, even though they were repeatedly caught committing perjury…even giving them all blanket immunity in exchange for nothing and helping them destroy evidence critical to ongoing DOJ and Congressional investigations. This in-your-face lawlessness absolutely shocked veteran legal community leaders, who described it as deeply “alarming” and “appalling.”

The FBI refused to put Hillary under oath, to challenge any of her excuses, or to question her 39 separate attempts to claim ignorance. Despite the overwhelming evidence that she had committed enough felonies to spend the rest of her life in prison, they refused to even levy a single charge against her. You know, because the FBI has to be careful about looking like it is trying to rig elections.

Yet then it responded to completely unsubstantiated and ludicrous conspiracy theories against Trump by recklessly violating every rule and ethical boundary to treat it as gospel and immediately weaponize all of it.

17) The Most Appalling Media Misconduct In Modern History

The news media, some of which were straight-up paid by Democrats to spread the fake Russia collusion narrative, decided to believe the dossier at any cost and utterly discredited themselves with relentless scandal-mongering hysteria, constantly insisting that “the walls are closing in” on “Manchurian candidate” Trump, only to eventually be humiliated by the facts.

More than 90% of their coverage was overtly hostile and antagonistic toward President Trump. They have repeatedly been caught intentionally lying to prop up and protect this hoax (see exhaustive compilations here, here, and here). CNN even banned its own fellow Democrats for reaching different conclusions…even as their own staff were caught admitting that CNN knew the Russia hoax was a manufactured fraud from the beginning.

They all knew it was a massive, outrageous lie. They simply didn’t care. And the more the hoax unraveled, the more unmistakable their bias and hypocrisy became.

18) An Utterly Sabotaged Presidency

This manufactured scandal directly hijacked and derailed Trump’s entire presidency. For example, Special Counsel Robert Mueller admitted that he knew there was no collusion within the first few months of the investigation, but waited more than a year to announce this conclusion. This sleazy tactic helped Democrats take back the House in 2018, thereby enabling the impeachment hoax…which severely distracted the nation during the first few critical months of COVID-19.

19) Studies Show No Impact

Studies confirm that Russia’s wildly exaggerated attempt to interfere in Election 2016 to help Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump (and Hillary…CIA Director John Brennan suppressed intelligence showing Russia wanted her to win more than anyone) had zero impact. Russian hackers targeted both parties. The goal was to divide the country, which useful Democrat idiots helped them accomplish.

20) They Framed Trump While Lying To Protect Hillary

This hoax was launched by the same people who simultaneously conspired to falsely exonerate Hillary “Bleachbit and Hammers” Clinton. Despite being briefed and signing multiple legal documents in advance acknowledging that it would be a felony to utilize a non-government computer for classified emails, Hillary used a private server registered under a someone else’s identity to conduct all her official business as Secretary of State.

This deliberate violation of multiple federal laws, including the Federal Records Act and the Espionage Act, resulted in 30 separate security incidents and thousands of classified and top secret documents being exposed to Chinese and Russian hackers. It immeasurably compromised national security.

FBI Director James Comey even acknowledged that Hillary committed more than a hundred separate felonies during his announcement that she would face zero consequences for all of it. And this was after Comey had to be dragged kicking and screaming into pretending to seriously investigate her numerous already proven crimes.

She should have been charged with violating these laws, as well as with conspiracy (since she plotted with others to commit these crimes), perjury (for repeatedly changing her story as facts continuously proved her to be lying), theft of government property, and obstruction of justice for knowingly destroying evidence under subpoena.

But as Lisa Page admitted when she texted that Attorney General Loretta Lynch “knows no charges will be brought” (which she sent before Hillary was ever even interviewed), the fix was in. Any other person would spend the rest of their life in prison.

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News of the Times;
If you ever feel like your job is pointless...

Just remember that someone out there is in charge of installing turn signals on a BMW.


My grandpa always told me that statistics are like skirts.

They show some stuff that you are interested in but not the actual thing.


I was in a long McDonald’s drive-through this morning and the young lady behind me leaned on her horn because I was taking too long to place my order.

“Take the high road,” I thought to myself. So when I got to the first window I paid for her order along with my own.

The cashier must have told her what I'd done because as we moved up she leaned out her window and waved to me and mouthed "Thank you.", obviously embarrassed that I had repaid her rudeness with kindness.

When I got to the second window I showed them both receipts and took her food too.

Now she has to go back to the end of the line to start all over.

Don't honk your horn at old people.



It may be a small victory, but I'm hoping that whatever those looters grabbed during the rioting, that it's the wrong size.

This is the most rioting in our country that's ever occurred at one time without involving an NBA Championship.

Did we skip the murder hornets? It feels like we skipped the murder hornets.

Starting tomorrow, whatever life throws at me, I'm ducking so it hits someone else.

Cops should spray cannabis smoke instead of tear gas. Couldn't hurt.

Due to the coronavirus, we need everyone to stay at home, riot and destroy their own stuff.

Do you think common sense will ever make a comeback?

Do you think people are born with photographic memories? Or do they take time to develop?

Just a reminder-only three more months until pumpkin-spiced flavored everything!

I started telling people about the benefits of eating dried grapes. It's all about raisin awareness.

I just heard that the King of Spain has been quarantined on his private aircraft. So, for now, the reign of Spain is mainly on the plane.

Has anyone tried giving 2020 a Snickers?

A new study confirms that cats can't spread the coronavirus, but would if they could.


How much does it cost for a pirate to have his ears pierced?

About a buccaneer.

Quote of the Times;
Goal-oriented people exist in a state of continuous pre-success failure at best, and permanent failure at worst if things never work out. Systems people succeed every time they apply their systems, in the sense that they did what they intended to do. The goals people are fighting the feeling of discouragement at each turn. The systems people are feeling good every time they apply their system. That’s a big difference in terms of maintaining your personal energy in the right direction. – Adams

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Issue of the Times;
Medal of Honor recipient attacks left's 'lies about race' by Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady

Editor's note: Maj. Gen. Patrick Henry Brady was awarded the United States military's highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, and is former president of the Medal of Honor Society.

I recently lost three dear friends. All served their country honorably, even spectacularly, before and after their service. They had beautiful families and died normal deaths. Despite the fact that all three were Medal of Honor recipients, none received the adulation and elaborate funeral recently gifted to ex-convict George Floyd. There will be no streets renamed for them.

Why the disparity? The simple answer is that the three Medal of Honor heroes represented only three votes. George Floyd, by no measure a hero, represented a minority voting population whose overwhelming support is absolutely essential to the left in order to win any presidential election. Losing that vote threatens the abortion industry, the swamp, the media – indeed the entire socialist/communist agenda of the left.

President Trump has done more in three years for minorities than the left has done ever. Trump may already have more than 20% support among blacks, and therefore, to the left, he must be portrayed as a racist and destroyed – never mind the damage it does to minorities or America itself.

The left's greatest nightmare is that blacks come to realize the root cause of the problems they face in today's America is the Democratic Party, a party founded on slavery, bigotry and exploitation.

Tragically, too much of America is not "woke" to the truth about their nation. As is so often the case, the left-wing media have flooded our people with lies. But the truth is: There is no such thing as "institutional racism" in America, period. The police are not racists, and widespread police brutality is a myth. Of course there are police who are racists, black and white; and of course there are police who are brutal, black and white. But I would bet that in both cases, percentage-wise, it's less than exists in the general population.

Too many of the "protesters" could not care less about George Floyd. They are in it for the loot or a selfie. Those in the media who glamorize the looters and rioters are simply after Trump. How dare he tell America that a dishonest media is the enemy of the people. After all, they believe, their job is not to tell us the truth about ourselves; it is to tell us what to say and how to think – and threaten us if we do not comply.

Why the uproar, even on the right? The simple answer is cowardice – cowardly politicians, pundits and corporations. A typical opening comment by a political or media coward is to go on and on endlessly glamorizing George Floyd and demonizing the bad cop who killed him. This cowering before the radicals, especially by corporations, is simply the latest form of the old protection racket. They know it is dangerous to upset the radical left. We saw the same conduct with the radical Muslims – be sure not to criticize or offend anyone. Say the "wrong" thing – or fail to endlessly repeat the "right" thing – and the media will try to destroy you as racist.

Journalism is not only long dead on the left, but it is dying among the cowards on the right, where we see conservatives preening their legal acumen by agonizing over the degree of murder the cop is guilty of. Yet these same people were recently screaming for a presumption of innocence in other cases. How about we let the jury decide?

So, what should we do about the tragic death of Mr. Floyd? Ensure that justice is served – and get on with the real tragedy of the disintegrating black family and black-on-black deaths, in Chicago for example. We should not celebrate or enrich Black Lives Matter, which has openly advocated killing cops. Black Lives Matter may be the most racist, bigoted and fascist cabal in America. The real problem hurting blacks in America is that the Democratic Party has been a chain around their communities for years. Democrats' lack of leadership during the pandemic and the subsequent riots is astonishing, and it has harmed minorities.

Although George Floyd did not deserve to die as he did, neither does he deserve to be held up as an example for black youth as to how to live their lives. If anything, he is an example of how not to live your life. He may have turned a life of crime and imprisonment around, as has been said, but if he was indeed on drugs when he died, that turnaround is unlikely. We pray for the repose of his soul, and that young people, once told the truth about Floyd, will be inspired not to live as he did.

We are told the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome. The one sure way for minority communities in America to get a better outcome is to unshackle themselves from the Democrats and vote Republican.

News of the Times;
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