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I once bought a dog off a blacksmith.

As soon as I got him home, he made a bolt for the door.


I lost three fingers on my right hand, so l asked my doctor if I would still be able to write with it.

The doctor said, "Maybe, but I wouldn't count on it."


I waited for a very long time for my number to be called at the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my driver's license. As I approached the window, the clerk asked how she could help me.

I replied, "I need to get a haircut, can you save me my spot?"

She said, "Why didn't you get a haircut before your came here?"

I replied, "I didn't need one before I got here!"


Maytag has developed a new washer-dryer combo, designed specifically to get rid of pet hair.

Now, if they could just get one to not eat socks.


I missed the MTV Music Video Awards this year...

Just as I planned.

Quote of the Times;
“The USA is rapidly becoming a Third World Nation. Crooked Elections, No Borders, a Weaponized Justice Department & FBI, record setting INFLATION, highest ever Energy Prices (and everything else), and all, including our Military, is WOKE, WOKE, WOKE. Most dangerous time in the history of our Country!!!” - Donald J. Trump

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Issue of the Times;
A Killer On Every Block And Two Rapists In Every Backyard by Ann Coulter

The country is experiencing an historic surge in violent crime, and the link between Democratic policies and the crime wave is more firmly established than the law of gravity.

Republicans—are you guys awake?

This week, the Democrats and their auxiliary staff in the media gave less attention to the grisly kidnapping and murder of Eliza Fletcher than they did to two black girls allegedly snubbed by a performer in a Muppet costume a couple of months ago.

Fletcher, a 34-year-old hardware heiress, kindergarten teacher and married mother of two, was out for an early morning run near the University of Memphis campus on Friday when a 38-year-old career criminal, Cleotha Abston, leapt out of his SUV and dragged her, kicking and screaming, into the passenger side of his vehicle.

Based on copious evidence, including video and DNA, police arrested Abston almost immediately. His career highlights include a lengthy juvenile record: theft, aggravated assault, aggravated assault with a weapon and rape—as well as the violent kidnapping of a prominent attorney, whom he drove around in the trunk of his car for hours, looking for ATMs.

But Abston refused to tell police what he had done with Fletcher.

On Tuesday, police announced they’d found her body. Big story, right? MSNBC cut away from the press conference on this abduction-murder about four minutes in. The New York Times put the story on page A-20.

The old media motto “If it bleeds, it leads” has been replaced with “No stories that would make black people—or more to the point, white liberals—feel uncomfortable.” Fletcher, you see, was white, and Abston—well, as the black police officer said to my friend reporting a violent assault, “Black, right?”

Given that Memphis has recently elected a Soros-style Democratic district attorney, the kidnapper will probably be back on the street before the hapless Muppet impersonator is employable again.

But aren’t you glad Democrats have a zillion “crime” proposals that will take guns away from the law-abiding? Just think of what might have happened if we introduced guns into this situation! Under Biden’s “Safer America Plan,” attempted kidnappings will be fought mano a mano: a delicate 130-pound woman vs. a 6-foot, 175-pound man.

Yeah, you can definitely trust Democrats on crime, America.

Democrats enthusiastically supported the 2020 BLM riots that did more than a billion dollars’ worth of damage just in the first two weeks and left at least 25 people dead.

In the midst of this Democrat-encouraged destruction, candidate Biden, ol’ lunch-bucket Joe—the police have never had a truer friend!—took a knee at a BLM protest. You couldn’t get him out of his basement to campaign, but BLM was too important!

His running mate, Kamala Harris—as well as loads of his campaign staff—openly bragged about contributing money to bail out antifa and BLM rioters. Democrats—and only Democrats—supported “Defund the Police!” and actually did manage to defund the police in cities around the country.

As president, nearly a year after George Floyd’s death—giving Biden plenty of time for sober reflection—he issued an official White House statement bemoaning the fact that black people have to fear “interactions with law enforcement,” and blaming the “systemic racism” of the police for “the exhaustion that Black and brown Americans experience every single day.”

They “wake up,” Biden said, “knowing that they can lose their very life...after a grocery store run or just walking down the street or driving their car or playing in the park or just sleeping at home.” (Or after robbing a store, ingesting a massive quantity of fentanyl, then resisting arrest; threatening police with a knife; or standing next to a guy who’s shooting at the police from your hallway.)

Days before the 2020 election, Philadelphia police officers shot a career criminal, Walter Wallace Jr., as he was coming at them with a knife. Bodycam video shows the officers backing up while yelling at Wallace to drop the knife. But he wouldn’t do it. When the cops finally had a clear shot that wouldn’t endanger civilians, they fired. Wallace died. (Don’t believe Wikipedia; watch the video.)

In just the first five days of the ensuing riots, 57 Philadelphia police officers were injured, some seriously, and 19 law enforcement vehicles damaged. (In addition to fighting injustice, the protesters were doing some much-needed shopping: More than 10 miles from the protest site, stores such as Walmart, Lowe’s and Five Below were looted.)

As rocks and bricks rained down on Philly police, candidate Biden tweeted about the beloved Walter Wallace Jr. (prior convictions: robbery, assault, possessing an instrument of crime after kicking down a woman’s door and putting a gun to her head, and another assault charge for punching a police officer in the face):

Our hearts are broken for the family of Walter Wallace Jr., and for all those suffering the emotional weight of learning about another Black life in America lost.
Walter’s life mattered.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) October 27, 2020

We’re still waiting for Biden’s tweet on Eliza Fletcher’s life. He’s probably too busy, ensuring that you won’t be able to get a gun in a country where criminals run amok because we can’t put another “black body” in prison.

News of the Times;
I asked my North Korean friend how it was there.

He said he couldn’t complain.


What do you get if you cross Islam and Capitalism?

No more jokes about the profit.


RIYADH — As in most countries around the world on September 11, a moment of silence was held in the Middle Eastern country of Saudi Arabia on Sunday. Theirs was 15 seconds long, one second for each Saudi national lost in the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001.

“21 years ago, we lost a lot of good pilots,” King Salman reflected during a remembrance ceremony carried live on all major networks from Riyadh. “Sure, we didn’t expect them to return, but I knew some of them quite well. Though Egyptian, Mohammed Atta’s dedication to the cause isn’t to be overlooked, and we grant him the title of ‘Honorary Saudi.’ The man was razor-focused, and I think his body of work speaks for itself.”

The King reflected on sending some of his dear friends to pilot training in San Diego.

“We all thought my brother, the late King Abdullah, would buy us all new Gulfstreams and needed more pilots. It wasn’t until later we learned that a friend of the family was cashing in some favors over construction contracts.” King Salman then chuckled lightly and exclaimed, “Imagine our surprise when a month after 9/11, it was Afghanistan that was being invaded! We really dodged a bullet there.”

The Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Faisal, was quick to point out that many nations lost citizens on 9/11.

“Today, the King shares the world’s grief. Be it a firefighter going back up the stairs to save one more person, a traffic cop shielding innocent bystanders from debris, or the pilot who cost thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours to qualify as a pilot on the 737. From Mecca to Medina, we remember these heroes today.”


Lady (to her doctor): "What l am worried about is my height and not my weight."

Doctor: "How come?"

Lady: "According to my weight, my height should be 7 feet, 8 inches.”


It was my wedding day, and no one was happier than my 78-year-old mother.

But as she approached the church doors, an usher asked, “Which side are you on?”

“Oh, no,” she said. “Are they fighting already?”

Quote of the Times;
"What are the chances that Leon Trotsky (one of the masterminds behind the Bolshevik Revolution and head of the Red Army) had a great granddaughter who happens to be the director of the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse (under Fauci's NIH)? Meet Dr. Nora Volkow. It makes you want to dig deep into the CDC (which operates as an independent entity just like the Federal Reserve). How many people have died of drug overdose (Fentanyl) on her watch? Question everything." - Mel Hostalrich

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Researcher Alleges FBI Seriously Undercounts Armed Citizen Responses to Active Shootings, Real Number 3x Higher by Warner Todd Huston

Firearm statistics expert John R. Lott Jr. recently exposed the FBI’s gross underestimation of the number of times armed citizens have stopped a mass shooting event and suggested that the agency is purposefully muffing the numbers for political reasons.

In his review of the FBI data published by Real Clear Investigations, Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, attributed the discrepancies to errors on the FBI’s part, including misidentifying and overlooking incidents.

The FBI insists that only 4.4 percent of active shooter incidents between 2014 and 2021 were interrupted or stopped by an armed citizen. But according to Lott, the number is actually 14.6 percent.

The FBI defines an active shooter as “an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area.” The bureau excludes incidents it deems “related to other criminal activity, such as a robbery or fighting over drug turf,” according to Lott.

Lott notes that the FBI’s narrow criteria necessarily eliminate many incidents that should be included.

For instance, between 2014 and 2021, the bureau counted 252 active shooter incidents, but Lott found 281. The FBI reported only 11 shootings stopped by an armed citizen, while Lott found 41.

Lott finds the discrepancies glaring. As do others.

“So much of our public understanding of this issue is malformed by this single agency,” said Theo Wold, former acting assistant U.S. attorney general, according to Lott’s report.

“When the bureau gets it so systematically — and persistently — wrong, the cascading effect is incredibly deleterious. The FBI exerts considerable influence over state and local law enforcement and policymakers at all levels of government.”

“Although collecting such data is fraught with challenges,” Lott wrote, “some see a pattern of distortion in the FBI numbers because the numbers almost exclusively go one way, minimizing the life-saving actions of armed citizens.”

Wold and Lott are right. When the FBI purposely lowballs statistics like this, the left uses the fake numbers in a direct attack on our Second Amendment rights.

Indeed, the media sits like a vulture just waiting for data that can be used to destroy the “good guy with a gun” narrative. Lott pointed out that The Washington Post, The Associated Press and The New York Times went all-in to blast the pro-gun position after armed citizen Elisjsha Dicken ended a mall shooting in Greenwood, Indiana, in July.

After the shooting, Indiana University law professor Jody Madeira told the Post that armed citizens are “particularly dangerous.” Madeira added, “You’ll get this idea that these people are needed out there to help protect citizens, when in reality that’s the job of the police.”

Unfortunately, the FBI isn’t merely fudging data. It is also putting Americans in danger. By putting out misleading statistics that are used to discount the benefits of a legally armed citizenry, the FBI is necessarily putting lives at risk.

After all, if the FBI’s data is successfully used to thwart gun ownership, mass shooters will be given a free hand to take out as many people as they can until police intercede.

The FBI should be faithfully serving Americans, not cooking its books to help liberals try to take guns away from legally armed citizens.

News of the Times;
Yes, the Artemis flight was canceled.

Like so many other flights this summer.


In Pennsylvania, a man was arrested after trying to sell human body parts on Facebook.

Must not be a normal person.

I mean, a normal person would have used Ebay.


A man was contesting his speeding ticket in front of the judge.

Judge: Sir, it says here that you were speeding 20 miles over the speed limit.

Man: Impossible, your Honor. There’s NO WAY I could have been going that fast!

Judge: Really! Why is that?

Man: Well, my wife was away visiting her parents and after a week of partying, I was on my way to pick her up. The house was a mess, I hadn’t done any dishes, the bed wasn’t made in a week and there were pizza boxes all over the house. Now let me ask you, your Honor, do you think I’d be speeding to go pick her up?

Judge: Case dismissed!


Signs your Prime Minister may be Partying Too Much:

That new cabinet post she just created: Secretary of Booze.
The phrase "Party like a Prime Minister" is really catching on.
Only Prime Minister ever to have a "First Bartender".
Those paper clip and pen holders sure look a lot like shot glasses.
Will only meet with parliament during Happy Hour.


At the end of the physics lecture, I asked my professor, “What happened before The Big Bang?”

“Sorry, no time.”, he said.

Quote of the Times;
“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” - Henry Kissinger

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Issue of the Times;
'Unscientific nonsense': Nobel-winning biologist shreds trans 'madness' by Bob Unruh

'All mammals have two sexes, and man is a mammal'

Many politicians these days, mostly Democrats and other leftists, are enamored with the transgender ideology: that boys can be turned into girls and girls into boys with life-altering chemicals and body-mutilating surgeries.

But it's "madness."

That's the opinion of Christiane Nusslein-Volhard, a Nobel Price-winning German developmental biologist.

It's also "unscientific" and "nonsense."

The New American reported on the comments which originally came in an interview with the German magazine EMMA, and were translated.

"All mammals have two sexes, and man is a mammal," she said. "There’s the one sex that produces the eggs, has two X chromosomes. That’s called female. And there’s the other one that makes the sperm, has an X and a Y chromosome. That’s called male."

The scientist, 79, won the Nobel in 1995 in Physiology or Medicine, and has some expertise in this area.

The report said she explained, "While there are animals that produce both sperm and eggs, such as snails, and thus can create offspring without having to mate, this 'does not change the fact that there are two germ cells, eggs and sperm, and therefore two sexes.'"

She noted Sven Lehmann, Germany's "Commissioner for the Acceptance of Sexual and Gender Diversity," claimed believing in two genders is "unscientific" but in that opinion, he's "unscientific."

"Perhaps Herr Lehmann missed the basic course in biology," the report said she responded.

There is variation within sexes, she confirms, as there are "very 'feminine" men and very 'masculine' women." That that has to do with culture, hormone levels and other things.

But she confirmed gender is "built into every single chromosome in the human body" and cannot be changed.

She explained, "How you feel can be changed by social and psychological circumstances. But not biological sex. Wherever science is really practiced, this is also completely indisputable."

"Interventions," including surgeries, are serious and irreversible, she noted.

"But the hormones also add something to the body that is not intended there," she said, citing both physical and psychological changes.

"The body cannot handle it well in the long run. Every hormone you take has side effects. Taking hormones is inherently dangerous," she said in the report.

And her government's agenda of letting children as young as 14 choose their gender?

"Madness," she said.

News of the Times;
What does Lady Di and Pink Floyd have in common?

Their last hit was The Wall.


What do you call a wife that knows where her husband is all the time?

A widow.


One day during cooking class, the teacher, Mrs. Jones, was extolling her secrets for preparing perfect sauces. When she ordered us to the stoves to prepare our assignments, she said, "Don't forget to use wooden spoons."

As I stirred my sauce, I contemplated the physics behind the mystery of the wooden spoon, and decided it must have something to do with heat conduction. I approached Mrs. Jones to test my theory.

"Why wooden spoons?" I asked.

"Because," she replied, "if I have to sit here listening to twenty-three metal spoons banging against metal pots, I'll go nuts."


A little three-year-old boy is sitting on the toilet. His mother thinks he has been in there too long, so she goes in to see what's up. The little boy is sitting on the toilet reading a book. But about every 10 seconds or so he puts the book down, grips onto to the toilet seat with his left hand and hits himself on top of the head with his right hand.

His mother says: "Billy, are you all right? You've been in here for a while.

Billy says: "I'm fine, mommy... just haven't gone 'doody' yet."

Mother says: "OK, you can stay here a few more minutes. But Billy, why are you hitting yourself on the head?"

Billy says: "Works for ketchup!"


Will Smith posted on Instagram that he got quite a scare this week when he found a tarantula crawling around in his home.

I'm sure the spider never knew what slapped him.

Quote of the Times;
“[Biden’s] refusal to secure the border is a direct threat to our national security.” - Texas Gov. Abbott sharing data showing that 66 terrorists on the Terrorist Watchlist have been encountered along the border so far in FY 2022, compared to 15 in FY 2021 and 3 in FY 2020.

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Issue of the Times;
The Fake History of the 20th Century

It’s one of the most famous moments in sports history, or 20th Century American history, period. Jackie Robinson, the first player to break the pro baseball color barrier, took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers on the road against the Cincinnati Reds. A hostile racist crowd poured abuse down onto him. But then, Robinson’s teammate Harold “Pee Wee” Reese shamed and quieted the crowd by walking over to Robinson and putting his arm around him in a gesture of support. It’s a moment immortalized in film, in children’s books, and even in bronze.

But as the Wall Street Journal revealed in a recent article, the whole episode never happened:

No newspapers reported the event at the time. In fact, the New York Post said Robinson had been “the toast of the town” in Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Post reported the day after the game: “If anyone had any objection to Jackie’s presence on the field, he failed to make himself heard.” Writing in his weekly newspaper column, Robinson called his visit to Crosley Field “a nice experience.”

The story of the Cincinnati embrace surfaced decades later in an interview with one of Robinson’s teammates, pitcher Rex Barney. But Barney got one of the key details wrong. He said he was warming up to pitch in the first inning of the game when Reese shut down the hecklers. The fact is, Barney didn’t pitch that day until the seventh inning.

In interviews I conducted with Robinson’s wife, Rachel, for my book on his breakthrough season, she insisted that no such hug occurred in 1947.


This wasn’t just a harmless myth. For decades, ordinary people in Cincinnati were tarred as hateful racists in order to further a specific narrative about America. They weren’t the only victims of myths related to Robinson. Enos Slaughter of the St. Louis Cardinals has been villainized for decades for slashing Robinson with his spiked cleats during a play at first base. But Slaughter always insisted the injury was accidental, and sportswriters at the game from both St. Louis and New York City agreed, saying that nothing appeared deliberate about the incident. Similarly, in the 2013 film about Robinson, Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Fritz Ostermueller is portrayed intentionally hitting Robinson in the head with a pitch before insulting him with a racist comment. In reality, the pitch hit Robinson on the wrist and there is no evidence of such an insult at all.

But all three myths will live on, because they are useful. They promote a certain story about America: That until very recently the country was overwhelmingly bigoted and hateful, and good for very little else. In fact, America’s entire 20th-century history, as it is taught in schools and portrayed on screen, is essentially “fake.” It is a sequence of myths atop myths, created to make Americans hate their ancestors and their history.

A full list of these myths could fill several books. For now, we will illustrate the point with some central examples.

The Tulsa Riot

As America steadily replaces pride in its achievements with a new white guilt national ideology, the nation has craved greater atrocities to further fuel a deep sense of shame. Lynchings and segregation were bad, but they lack the electric spark of a Kristallnacht.

For Americans desperate to hate their grandparents, then, the Tulsa Riot of 1921 has become the perfect symbol. Over the past few years, the riot has been promoted with a strange amount of glee. It was used to open HBO’s awful “Watchmen” adaptation, and both the press and President Biden made a major show of the riot’s 100th anniversary last year. Biden’s remarks on that anniversary repeat what is, essentially, the mainstream understanding of events:

[T]he mob terrorized Greenwood [the black neighborhood affected by the riot] with torches and guns shooting at will. A mob tied a Black man, by the waist, to the back of their truck, with his head banging along the pavement as they drove off. A murdered Black family draped over the fence of their home outside. An elderly couple knelt by their bed, praying to God with their heart and their soul, when they were shot in the back of their heads. Private planes dropping explosives, the first and only domestic air assault of its kind on an American city here in Tulsa.

10,000 people were left destitute and homeless, placed in interment camps. As I was told today, they were told, “Don’t you mention you were ever in a camp or we’ll come and get you.” That’s a survivor story. … The death toll records by local officials said there were 36 people. That’s all, 36 people. Based on studies records and accounts, the likely number is much more than the multiple of hundreds. Untold bodies dumped into mass graves.


But as Scott Greer wrote for Revolver last year, every part of Biden’s statement is a gross factual distortion. Even the most exhaustive investigation of the event could only confirm 39 deaths (13 of them white), with the supposed “hundreds” of other victims lacking bodies, causes of death, or even names. There is little evidence of any aerial bombing happening. The “internment camps” were temporary housing for those displaced by the massive fire (apparently they were supposed to just be left without shelter?). Lurid tales of elderly couples executed while praying have remained just that, lurid tales, a kind of racist pornography passed down through the years without any serious effort to verify them.

Emmett Till

We don’t need to narrate to you the story of Emmett Till. You’ve heard it, your kids have heard it, everyone has heard it. Publications like the New York Times provide breaking Emmett Till news every few months. The constant drumbeat regarding the case has, ironically, fueled lynch mobs which have burst into nursing homes on the hunt for Carolyn Bryant, who accused Till of making sexual advances on her while she worked at a general store in Drew, Mississippi.

Emmett Till’s story isn’t a myth in the sense that it didn’t happen, or that Till deserved to die (he certainly did not). Rather, the myth of Emmett Till lies in how it is treated as a symbol of “typical” behavior in the Deep South shortly before desegregation. Till’s death, and the acquittal of his killers by an all-white jury, supposedly represent what was still normal behavior in the South even in the 1950s. But in fact, nothing about the case was typical, which was precisely why it generated so much attention. Mississippi’s governor, Hugh White, put enormous pressure on authorities to find the culprit. The largest law firm in Tallahatchie County, where the murder occurred, refused to represent Till’s killers. Mississippi’s white newspapers unanimously condemned the slaying and demanded justice:

The Greenwood Commonwealth, in a front-page editorial, stated, “The citizens of this area are determined that the guilty parties shall be punished to the full extent of the law.” The Vicksburg Post said, “The ghastly and wholly unprovoked murder . . . cannot be condoned, nor should there be anything less than swift and determined prosecution of those guilty of the heinous crime.” … The Clarksdale Press Register said, “Those who kidnapped and murdered Till have dealt the reputation of the South and Mississippi a savage blow. It is a blow from which we can recover only by accepting this violent and insane challenge to our laws and by prosecuting vigorously the individuals responsible for this crime.”

[A Case Study in Southern Justice: The Murder and Trial of Emmett Till]

Even the label of “lynching” is a misnomer. Till’s death wasn’t ad hoc mob justice, carried out in public. It was just a normal murder, carried out in secret and denied afterwards. When Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam went on trial for the murder, they didn’t proudly defend their actions, but instead denied them. Only after being acquitted did they admit the truth to “Look” magazine, at which point whatever support remained for the pair evaporated completely. The Bryants and Milams were essentially “canceled,” not by Northeastern elites but by their own Mississippi peers. Neighbors who had supported them during the trial were disgusted, and the hatred was so intense that both families had to leave the state.

Matthew Shepard

What Emmett Till has been for black activists, Matthew Shepard has become for the gay rights movement: the martyr whose violent death is supposedly emblematic of routine, homicidal violence that gays supposedly suffered routinely before the arrival of gay rights.

The traditional story is as simple as it gets: Matthew Shepard was a vivacious gay college student in conservative Wyoming, a budding activist with a lifetime of potential ahead of him, when he was brutally murdered for his sexuality by two men who later claimed in court that they killed Matthew in a state of “gay panic,” disturbed by his sexual advances.

Virtually overnight, gay activists made Shepard a national martyr. A play about his life and death, “The Laramie Project”, became one of the most-performed productions in America. Elton John even wrote a terrible song about him.

But it was all based on nothing.

Stephen Jimenez, himself a gay man, spent more than a decade reporting on the Shepard case, and in 2013 he published the definitive book on the case, “The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths About the Murder of Matthew Shepard”.

After some 13 years of digging, including interviews with more than 100 sources, including Shepard’s killers, Jimenez makes a radioactive suggestion: The grisly murder, 15 years ago this month, was no hate crime.

Shepard’s tragic and untimely demise may not have been fueled by his sexual orientation, but by drugs. For Shepard had likely agreed to trade methamphetamines for sex. And it killed him.

Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson, now doing life for murder, were not homophobes, writes Jimenez. Shepard was lured from a bar, then driven to the outskirts of Laramie, Wyo., where he was robbed. McKinney savagely pistol-whipped Shepard with the barrel of a .357 Magnum. The men then hung him, barefoot, freezing and barely alive, on a fence, in a pose resembling a crucifixion. He died six days later.

But McKinney was no stranger. Strung out on meth for a week before the slaying, writes Jimenez, McKinney likely had been Shepard’s gay or bisexual lover.

[New York Post]

The full story came out nearly a decade ago. It even got coverage in mainstream and even progressive outlets, such as The Daily Beast and The Nation.

But then the Southern Poverty Law Center, always a relentless enforcer of narrative orthodoxy, trashed Jimenez on its “Hatewatch” blog. Media Matters did its part as well. America still has a federal hate crime law named after Shepard. “The Laramie Project” continues to be one of the most-staged plays in America, ensuring that Americans from Fullerton, CA to Chestertown, MD continue to learn the Myth of Matt.

Central Park Five

As the media struggle to frame America’s tough-on-crime era as a mistake rather than an achievement, they have settled on the Central Park Five as their preferred case to indict America’s “racist” criminal justice system. For one, it offers a chance to not only attack all of America, but also President Trump:

President Trump said on Tuesday that he would not apologize for his harsh comments in 1989 about the Central Park Five, the five black and Latino men who as teenagers were wrongly convicted of the brutal rape of a jogger in New York City.

In 1989, Mr. Trump placed full-page advertisements in four New York City newspapers, including The New York Times, calling for the state to adopt the death penalty for killers. He made clear that he was voicing this opinion because of the rape and assault of Trisha Meili, a woman who had been jogging in Central Park.

The five teenagers were wrongfully convicted and sentenced to prison for gang-raping and nearly killing Ms. Meili.

They said the police had coerced them into confessing to a crime they did not commit. Their convictions were vacated in 2002, and the city paid $41 million in 2014 to settle their civil rights lawsuit.

[New York Times]

On an April night in 1989, a mob of “youths”, went “wilding” through Central Park, robbing and assaulting anybody they came across in an orgy of mayhem. The climax of the crime spree was the horrifying assault on 28-year-old investment banker Trisha Meili, who was unwisely jogging through the park that evening. After the “youths” raped and sodomized her, Meili lost 75 percent of the blood in her body and spent 12 days in a coma before emerging with significant brain damage.

Five teenagers — Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, Yusef Salaam and Korey Wise — were convicted of participating in the rape. In 2002, the convictions were vacated after convicted murderer Matias Reyes claimed to be the sole perpetrator. Reyes received a transfer to a nicer prison for his trouble. In 2014 Bill De Blasio awarded the five with a $40 million settlement. In 2019, Netflix dramatized the saga of the Central Park Five with its miniseries “When They See Us”. The show’s release prompted the cancellation of the case’s prosecutor Elizabeth Lederer, who resigned from her post as a lecturer at Columbia Law, and former Manhattan sex crimes unit chief Linda Fairstein, who was dropped by the publisher of her mystery novels.

But the truth is, the Central Park Five were almost certainly guilty, and in a just world all five would still be in prison (or better yet, executed). Reyes’s confession proves nothing, as it was known from the beginning that many people were involved in the attack. A 2003 NYPD report reaffirmed the group nature of the assault, and found no evidence of police or prosecutorial misconduct. Ann Coulter has been one of the few writers brave enough to tell the truth about the case:

The five accused rapists — Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, Yusef Salaam and Kharey Wise — were duly convicted of the 1989 Central Park rape, as well as other assaults in the park that night; “exonerated” 13 years later; and, more than a decade after that, paid $40 million by the city of New York to settle a malicious prosecution case within months of Bill de Blasio becoming mayor, despite city lawyers’ confidence that they would win at trial.

To his credit, Mayor Michael Bloomberg refused to give the “exonerated” convicts a dime.

Today, they are civil rights heroes to Hollywood airheads and others completely unfamiliar with the facts of the case.

Here is just some of the evidence against them.

Santana was one of the first boys picked up in the park the night of the attacks, April 19, 1989. While being driven to the precinct house, he blurted out: “I had nothing to do with the rape.”

At this point, the jogger hadn’t been found. The police knew nothing about any rape. Richardson rode to the precinct with another boy, who announced to the police that he knew who did “the murder,” naming Antron McCray. Richardson concurred, saying, “Yeah. That’s who did it.”

Salaam confessed to the rape after the detective questioning him said that fingerprints had been found on the jogger’s clothing, and if the prints were his, he was “going down for the rape.” Salaam confessed immediately.

Taken to the scene of the crime by a detective and a prosecutor the following morning, Wise said, “Damn, damn, that’s a lot of blood. … I knew she was bleeding, but I didn’t know how bad she was. It was really dark. I couldn’t see how much blood there was at night.” (She’d lost three-quarters of her blood.)

[Ann Coulter]

The evidence listed by Ann Coulter just goes on and on, you’ll have to click the above link to read it all.

So, in summary, the Central Park Five saga isn’t a case of systemic racism run amok. Instead, it’s a case study of how “exonerated” criminals are often anything but.


In 2016, President Barack Obama designated the site of the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village as a national monument. The statement announcing the designation described the inn as the site of the “Stonewall Uprising”:

On June 28, 1969, the Stonewall Inn, one of the most frequented LGBT bars in the city, was raided by the New York City Police Department to enforce a law that made it illegal to sell alcoholic drinks to “homosexuals.” Customers and their allies resisted the police by refusing to show identification or go into a bathroom so that a police officer could verify their sex, and a crowd gathered outside. As word spread, the gathering grew in size and a riot ultimately ensued. Within days, Stonewall seemed to galvanize LGBT communities across the country, with LGBT activists organizing demonstrations to show support for LGBT rights in several cities. These events, which are now often referred to as the Stonewall Uprising, are widely considered to be a watershed moment when the LGBT community across the nation demonstrated its power to join together and demand equality and respect.

[Obama WH Archives]

In his second inaugural address in 2013, Obama placed Stonewall on par with the Seneca Falls convention and MLK’s Selma march as an epochal moment in American civil rights history. And there, in all likelihood, it will remain, a part of the national mythology, taught to children in schools as part of their now-mandatory “LGBTQ+ history” curriculum.

Missing from the Obama summaries are a few important facts: That the Stonewall Inn was owned by the Mafia, that it was blackmailing its patrons, that it had become the hub of a multimillion-dollar extortion ring the police hoped to break up. The police officer who led the raid, even after being browbeaten into an apology, always said the target of the raid was the mob, not the gays.

A Time To Kill

Okay, this isn’t a literal historical event like the others — but so what? John Grisham’s legal thriller, and its execrable 1996 movie adaptation, are exemplars of American popular culture’s favored approach to racial topics. The plot neatly fits into the preferred tropes of 20th century racial history: two white rednecks savagely rape a young black girl. Fearing the men will be let off the hook by a racist system, the girls’ father guns them both down in broad daylight. Then, despite a terrorist campaign by the local Ku Klux Klan, a local attorney heroically gets the father acquitted for the murders.

No doubt thousands of people who read Grisham’s book, or watched the movie, thought it was based on a true story. Grisham himself repeatedly encouraged that belief, telling fans that the book was inspired by a harrowing case from his early days as a lawyer:

Charlie Rose: When you were practicing law and you’re going to the courtroom and you look around you and the story goes, this is now the Grisham lore. When you weren’t busy with your own trials, you’d sort of sneak over there and you would see fascinating cases. A Time To Kill is based on one of those cases. The story of —

John Grisham: The inspiration came from something I saw in a courtroom one day. I really don’t know — I don’t think I would have ever written a novel had I not sort of ventured into this courtroom one day and seen this horrible drama unfold. A little girl had been raped and she was testifying against the man who did it. She was 11 years old, 10 or 11. Incredible testimony and I felt a great deal of sympathy for her but also caught myself thinking about her dad and what he was going through. I thought society really shouldn’t hold a father responsible for doing what he has to do if this little girl had been raped.

[Charlie Rose]

In interviews, Grisham drove home that he tried to make the book as authentic as possible with respect to “race relations” and the nature of the Deep South.

John Grisham: It’s a different type of story from The Firm or The Pelican Brief. It was written — I’m very biased. This is something I’m very protective of because it was written over a period of time. I never dreamed that I’d get it published. It’s very autobiographical. It was very painful to write. I couldn’t write —

Charlie Rose: It’s autobiographical in what way?

John Grisham: In the young attorney’s — basically me.

Charlie Rose: Painful because you’re trying to be truthful about yourself?

John Grisham: That, truthful about the race relations in the book, truthful about the deep south, the people. I wanted to be fair and accurate. I couldn’t write a book now because I have a daughter now. I didn’t have a daughter then and I go back then, I read the first chapters sometimes of A Time To Kill and wonder how anybody could write something like that because it deals with the rape of a child.

[Charlie Rose]

As it turns out, Grisham’s novel was based on a real case. Specifically, a case with the races reversed, as he finally revealed in 2014.

In an interview with The Clarion-Ledger, Grisham confirmed the case he watched involved the 1984 rapes of two teenage sisters in a remote farmhouse not many miles from his law office then.

Deputies arrested Willie James Harris, who confessed. Days later, Grisham heard the confession on tape, where the man shared details with all the emotion of reading a shopping list.

“It was pretty cold blooded — and also infuriating,” Grisham said. “It made you think revenge. He was really a nasty character.”

On July 11, 1984, the steamy sun beat down on Harris and his 17-year-old accomplice as they drove through a rural area near Southaven, looking for houses to break in.

Although just 21, Harris was newly paroled after spending 2½ years in the state prison — far short of the six-year sentence he received for two different burglaries. Time on the inside, however, hardened him, rather than changed his ways.

Heading down a gravel road, Harris and his accomplice spotted a farmhouse with no cars outside. They made their way to the front porch.

Smashing the front window, Harris entered the house, where two sisters, ages 16 and 12, were alone. The older sister, who had just finished taking a shower, spotted him and screamed. She attempted to lock herself in the bathroom, but Harris rammed his shoulder into the door.

The younger sister tried to hide in her bedroom, only to be met by Harris.

Over the next hour, Harris raped and beat the girls, leaving them for dead.

[Clarion Ledger]

In other words, Grisham took an authentic (and in America, disturbingly common) crime, and replaced it with a lurid fantasy that in reality almost never happens. According to the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, entire years have passed where there are zero white on black rapes in America.

Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics 1997 Criminal Victimization Tables

Grisham, of course, is free to write novels about whatever made-up crimes he wants. But his claims of “authenticity” are a lie. With his debut novel, he took a real crime, committed against young girls by a man let out of prison early — sound familiar? — and used it as inspiration for a fever dream attacking Southern whites for their racism.

It is truly astonishing to learn how many morality tales from the textbooks of woke indoctrination turn out to be based on blatant falsehoods. Of course, it has long been a staple of political philosophy that every society depends on certain foundational and animating myths. In Plato’s “Republic”, Socrates suggests that even the most perfect imaginary polity requires some kind of “noble lie” to function successfully. What is most nefarious about the myths undergirding the Globalist American Empire is perhaps not so much that they are falsehoods, but they are deeply destructive and malicious falsehoods. The American people must understand not only the falsehood of the myths foisted upon them, but also the maliciousness behind such myths, in order to begin to escape from the spiritual and mental prison created for them by their corrupt and illegitimate ruling class.

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I’m so tired of Millennials and their attitudes.

Always walking around like they rent the place.


I got my wife a metal detector as a present, however she didn't like it.

Strange, as she always likes to dig up things from the past.


In the kids bedroom:

3 year old: I can't sleep

Father: Why not?

3 year old: There are scary monsters under my bed.

Father: Scarier than your mother?



Diary of a Shipwreck...

Week 1: Alone, doing well. Mentally Sound. Met a crab.

Week 2: I have married the crab.

Week 3: I have eaten my wife.


Wife: John, what becomes of a ballplayer when his eyesight starts to fail?

John: They make him an umpire.

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"One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato

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Over 1,000 Scientists and Professionals Sign Formal Declaration: “There is No Climate Emergency” by Leslie Eastman

There is no cause for panic and alarm. We strongly oppose the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy proposed for 2050.

Legal Insurrection readers may recall that relatively early on in the covid pandemic cycle, leading infectious disease experts created the Great Barrington Declaration.

The formal declaration stressed that lockdowns were destructive and “focused protection” of vulnerable individuals was the way to properly address the highly infectious, novel virus. Over 4,000 scientists, including a good number of epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists, signed the document.

It turns out these scientists were correct.

The effects of lockdown may now be killing more people than are dying of covid, official statistics suggest.

Figures for excess deaths from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that around 1,000 more people than usual are currently dying each week from conditions other than the virus.

The Telegraph understands that the Department of Health has ordered an investigation into the figures amid concern that the deaths are linked to delays to and deferment of treatment for conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Perhaps it is time to consider if the World Climate Declaration, which has been signed by 1,200 climate scientists and related professionals, may be something to seriously consider, promote, and act on. In the document, these scientists affirm that there is “no climate emergency.”

The political fiction that humans cause most or all climate change and the claim that the science behind this notion is ‘settled’, has been dealt a savage blow by the publication of a ‘World Climate Declaration (WCD)’. There is no climate emergency, say the authors, who are drawn from across the world and led by the Norwegian physics Nobel Prize laureate Professor Ivar Giaever. Climate science is said to have degenerated into a discussion based on beliefs, not on sound self-critical science.

The scale of the opposition to modern day ‘settled’ climate science is remarkable, given how difficult it is in academia to raise grants for any climate research that departs from the political orthodoxy.

Another lead author of the declaration, Professor Richard Lindzen, has called the current climate narrative “absurd”, but acknowledged that trillions of dollars and the relentless propaganda from grant-dependent academics and agenda-driven journalists currently says it is not absurd.

Particular ire in the WCD is reserved for climate models. To believe in the outcome of a climate model is to believe what the model makers have put in. Climate models are now central to today’s climate discussion and the scientists see this as a problem. “We should free ourselves from the naïve belief in immature climate models,” says the WCD. “In future, climate research must give significantly more emphasis to empirical science.”

The declaration is being promoted by the CLINTEL Group, which plans to give “solicited and unsolicited” advice on climate change and energy transition to governments and companies worldwide.

I am thinking that most of the advice they will give will be unsolicited. Here is hoping that policy makers, teachers, and everyone else listen to the group’s many points:

• Natural causes contribute to climate changes.
• Warming has been slower than predicted.
• Climate policy is being based on inadequate models.
• Carbon dioxide is plant food, and the basis for life on Earth.
• Global warming has not increased natural disasters.

Perhaps the last point the CLINTEL Group makes is the most critical: Climate policy must respect scientific and economic realities.

There is no climate emergency. Therefore, there is no cause for panic and alarm. We strongly oppose the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy proposed for 2050. If better approaches emerge, and they certainly will, we have ample time to reflect and re-adapt. The aim of global policy should be ‘prosperity for all’ by providing reliable and affordable energy at all times. In a prosperous society men and women are well educated, birthrates are low and people care about their environment.

For those of you with a background in the climate sciences, and who would like to sign, information:

If “Green New Deal” polices are allowed to continue, they will be even more destructive on this nation and the world than the covid policies have been.

News of the Times;
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