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Worrying works.

90% of the things I worry about never happen!


Russia's President Putin says he's pretty upset about what Germany and the U.S. are providing to Ukraine.

A U.S. spokesman asked, "What are you talking about?"

Putin replied, "Tanks."

The U.S. spokesman, unable to resist, said, "You're welcome."


According to sources, Cain has killed his brother Abel to become the first murderer. In his defense, he claims white supremacy is actually to blame.

"You can't really hold me responsible for this, God," Cain said to The Almighty. "I was brought up under an oppressive system of white supremacy that was designed to protect its own power by generating hostility between me and my brother Abel."

According to Cain, crimes like this could have been prevented if more people were aware of the need to dismantle the structures of oppression that are really to blame for the murder.

The cold-blooded killer then invited God to check his privilege and be a part of the solution to the violence, rather than perpetuating the oppressive system by simply holding Cain responsible.

God responded by banishing him.


For his birthday, Little Johnny's parents gave him a bowl of goldfish. His mother carefully explains to him how much responsibility comes with owning a pet and tells him to make sure he remembers to give the fish the care they need every day.

Johnny is responsible with the fish for about one week, after which he begins forgetting to look after them, leaving his parents to feed the fish and clean the tank. After a couple of days, Johnny's mom and dad bring the issue up to him.

"Now Johnny," says his mother. "You have to be more responsible."

"Do you know how many times those fish would have died if we hadn't been there?" his father adds.

"Uhmmm, I don't know," Johnny replies. "Once?"


Punxsutawney Phil is predicting six more weeks of winter.

Of course, he's also got the 49ers winning the Super Bowl.

Quote of the Times;

Link of the Times;
Hollywood Actor James Woods’ Wisdom to Upset Communists:

Issue of the Times;
Anarchy, American-Style by Victor Davis Hanson

The 1960s revolution was both anarchic and nihilist. But it was waged against—not from—the establishment. Hippies and the Left either attacked institutions or, in Timothy Leary fashion, chose to “turn on, tune in, drop out” from them.

The current revolution is much different—and far more dangerous—for at least three reasons.

The Establishment Is the Revolution

The current Left has no intention of “dropping out.” Why would it?

It now controls the very institutions of America that it once mocked and attacked—corporate boardrooms, Wall Street, state and local prosecuting attorneys, most big-city governments, the media, the Pentagon, network and most of cable news, professional sports, Hollywood, music, television, K-12 education, and academia.

In other words, the greatest levers of influence and power—money, education, entertainment, government, the news, and popular culture—are in the hands of the Left. They have transformed legitimate debate over gay marriage into a hate crime. Transgenderism went from a modern manifestation of ancient transvestism or gender dysphoria to a veritable litmus test of whether one was good or evil.

Students have no need to jam administrators’ offices because the latter, themselves, are as radical as the protestors and often lead them on in a top-down fashion. Had they not long ago demonstrated they were perfectly willing to subvert meritocracy, free expression, and equality under the law, they would not be occupying their present positions.

Apple, Google, Facebook, and other tech companies are not 1980s and 1990s “alternative” media geeks and hipsters creating neat gadgets for the people. They are not Steve Jobs and his pugnacious Apple battling the evil Microsoft or IBM, or the Macintosh commercial of 1984 depicting a maverick throwing a hammer into Big Brother’s screen. They are the Orwellian screen.

The current generation of techies is effectively Stalinist. Big Tech now colludes with the FBI, the Democratic Party, and the bureaucratic state to suppress free expression, warp balloting, and serve as contractors of government surveillance. Currently, the most totalitarian people in America are likely to wear flip flops, have a nose ring or pink hair, and disguise their fascism with ’60s-retread costumes.

There are no “armies of the night” marching on the Pentagon. Would-be demonstrators see no need, since radical identity politics, and gay, woke, and transgendered agendas are fast-tracked by the Department of Defense.

There are no protests against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau or the “La Migra” anymore by advocates of illegal immigration, because the Left owns the border. And it has utterly destroyed it. There is no border, no border enforcement, and no meaningful immigration law. As many as 6 million illegal entries during the first two years of the Biden Administration are proof enough of that.

There are no cutting-edge Lenny Bruces or Mort Sahls fighting state censorship because entertainers accept that 1) there are no impediments to vulgarity or pornographic expression, but 2) no comic or commentator dares to take on the diversity, equity, and inclusion woke industry because he assumes he would be crushed, and his career ruined.

Question the woke status quo, and one is not canonized in Vanity Fair or Rolling Stone as a fighter against the “uptight establishment” or “the man” as in the past, but now demonized as a racist purveyor of “hate speech” and enemy of the people.

The Left does not despise the FBI. It lauds it. And the bureau is no longer consumed with tracking down violent criminals and terrorists. Instead, it has become an enemy of parents worried about school indoctrination, or a retrieval service for lost first-family classified papers, laptops and diaries, or a Washington, D.C., cadre knee-deep in big money politics.

FBI agents are praised on left–wing media—given they have been activist conspirators who sought to destroy conservative candidates, deleted subpoenaed data, lied to federal investigators or committees while under oath, colluded with Russian oligarchs, doctored court evidence, and paid foreign nationals to compile campaign dirt on American citizens.

There are no longer calls for a “three strikes” solution to violent crime as in the past, or talk of adopting the successful, time-tried “broken windows” theories of law enforcement, because there is no enforcement to modulate. The debate is no longer over enforcing the law, because de facto there is no law.

The new legal establishment has replaced the old by simply nuking centuries of jurisprudence. Violent repeat criminal offenders injure and maim innocents in the morning and are released by noon to prey again—themselves baffled that the state is even crazier than they are.

Note in the 2020-2021 riots, almost no one temporarily arrested was tried, despite $2 billion in damages, upwards of 40 violent deaths, the 1,500 injured law enforcement officers, and the torching of a courthouse, police precinct, and historic Washington, D.C., church. Instead, they were lauded by a mayor as participants in a “summer of love.” Seattle and Washington simply ceded city property to the violent protestors as if they occupied it by right of their superior morality.

The summation of the entire sordid summer was the CNN chyron assuring America that the protests on their screens were “mostly peaceful” as flames shot up to the sky in the background. In the 1960s, rioters forced social welfare concessions—or else!—on the establishment. Today the establishment welcomes urban unrest as an excuse to implement agendas that in normal times would be unpalatable.

In sum, we are living in anarchy, as institutions themselves have become nihilistic and weapons of the revolution. The Left, in viral fashion, took over the DNA of America’s institutions, and used them to help destroy their creators.

If we are bewildered why Harvard law-graduate prosecutors let out violent criminals just hours after their arrests; or why hyper-rich, pampered athletes who live in near-apartheid enclaves insult the flag, ignore the National Anthem, and sloganeer woke platitudes, it is because they were taught to undermine the status quo by fundamentally becoming it.

In our present anarchy, $7 a dozen eggs are affordable. Unaffordable gas prices become merely necessary “transitions” to fossil fuels. A “secure” border means there is none. Natural gas must be banned because it supposedly causes asthma. Tens of thousands of homeless defecate, urinate, inject, and fornicate in the increasingly vacant downtowns of Los Angeles and San Francisco, as the Golden Bear state, California, discusses reintroducing Grizzly bears.

Cars and yards are evil, elevators, high-rises, and buses sacred. There are 81 genders (and counting), with even more names for them. “Racist” is our exclamation point, fillip, a mere add-on emphatic. Everything from SAT tests to obesity to working out is racist. When little is racist, then everything must become racist.

Batter someone to a pulp and you are out of jail in six hours; claim an election was suspicious and you can be in there for six months or more. Proven merit is a pejorative. Grades are deemed useless by those who could never earn As. Boilerplate equity oaths are the best guide to hiring, retention, and admission. The ACLU or the Anti-Defamation League exist only to spot the incorrect kind of censorship and the wrong kind of antisemitism.

Macintosh Becomes MacBeth

The second contribution to the present anarchy is big tech, which speeds up the revolution and spreads it broadly. Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four was predicated not just on the Sovietization of the state, but the electronically ubiquitous and near instantaneous means by which the apparat ensures its dominance. One of the strangest things about the Left is that it no longer warns of 1984 but emulates it.

How the Left became synonymous with the Internet, social media, mobile phones, pads, and laptops is a long story. But let it be said the Left, and not conservatives, have mastered them all. It has manipulated high tech to change the way we vote, access information, communicate, consume the news, buy, and sell, and express ourselves. In sum, they run Oceania and we work for their various bureaus.

Our tech complex has combined the ethos of the 19th-century monopoly with the Chinese Communist system of mass ideological manipulation. The result is that the old Twitter or Facebook mob can ruin a career in a nanosecond. Google can manipulate the order of search results to render you a clueless Winston Smith bewildered by the alternate “reality” that pops up on your computer screen.

Wikipedia is pseudo-official falsification. Trotskization relied on scissors and paste; cancel culture can end you by a split-second use of the delete button—and erase you to 7 billion on the planet.

Big Money, Big Woke

Globalization hollowed out the red-state interior and enriched the blue bicoastal elite. Wealth in mining, farming, construction, manufacturing, and assembly became dwarfed by riches of investment, high tech, social media, law, insurance, and real estate. The former were the up-by-the boot straps conservatives, the latter one day rich and the next moment through hype, investment, and venture capital, richer than anyone in the history of civilization.

The wealthiest ZIP codes and congressional districts are blue, not red. Most of the Fortune 400 billionaires are left-wing. So, there is no ’60s-style talk about the evils of corporations and the supposedly idle rich, none of the old conspiracy theories about Anaconda Copper, ITT, or the Rockefellers.

The corporations are the Left and in service to it. Disney, American Airlines, and Nike are revolutionary icons, always ready to divest, cancel, fire, hire, and propagandize in service to woke commissars. That they are terrified by tiny bullies who have no constituencies is true, but then a Robespierre, Lenin, and Mao had initially no broad support either—at least before each mastered the use of terror and fright.

In our anarchy, “dark money” like Mark Zuckerberg’s $419 million cash infusion into the 2020 balloting processes is now suddenly good, given it is almost all leftwing. Democrats outraise Republicans in campaign contributions by anywhere from three- to five-to-one. Bundling is noble.

Netflix can buy the brand name of the Obamas for $100 million; George Soros can spend his pocket change of $40 million to elect district attorneys to destroy the law and empower criminals. Jimmy Carter used to be the poor-man idol of the old Democratic Party. Today, there is hardly a Democratic president, ex-president, or presidential candidate who is not a multi-multimillionaire—most by leveraging their heightened political profile.

What anarchy we live in when the richest among us are the most radical and wish to destroy for all others what they enjoy.

John Kerry lectures us on climate change from his private jet. Your leaf blower, not his Gulfstream GIV-SP, is the global threat. Al Gore screams about the evils of carbon emissions—after pocketing $100 million by selling his failed and worthless cable station to smoky and sooty Qatar, fronting for the antisemitic Al Jazeera.

The Clintons feel the pain of the poor all the way to their $100 million fortune from shakedown lectures, Wall Street, “consulting,” and “foundation” contributions. Van Jones, CNN expert, the object of Valerie Jarrett’s oohing and awing, famous for his “whitelash” exegeses, and recipient of a $100 million Bezos award, now lectures us that the five rogue black policemen in Memphis, who beat to death a black suspect, are still proof of white racism that accounts for blacks belittling the lives of blacks.

In our present anarchy, we take seriously the lectures on microaggressions from the Duchess of Montecito. The Obamas weigh in on the dangers of climate change and rising seas from their seaside, multimillion-dollar Martha’s Vineyard estate, or Hawaii beachfront mansion that apparently has an invisible climate-change barrier on its beach. Kamala Harris is our border czar who assures us it is “secure,” defined by 5 million illegal entries since she took office.

Nancy Pelosi works for the “children” and, after a life in politics, that selflessness ends up worth $100 million from her husband’s insider real estate deals and stock tips. It is almost as if socialist Bernie Sanders owned three homes, or anti-capitalist Elizabeth Warren was once a house flipper.

So, the current revolution is anarchy, utter confusion, pure chaos.

Every time one turns on a computer, there will be someone or something somewhere ideologically warping its use. Your vote means nothing when California cannot account for 10 million automatically, computer-guided mailed-out ballots. That state is still in a drought, defined by releasing most of the water to the ocean that the wettest winter in memory produced.

Stanford students talk revolution, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter, and want to forbid the use of “American.” But from the look of their parking lots, they cannot decide whether Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes should be the most preferred campus car. Oprah and Whoopi suffer terribly from white supremacy. Jussie the foot soldier heroically took on one MAGA thug for each of his foot kicks.

“Don’t take off your mask” at a California McDonald’s means the man who ordered that edict is maskless at the French Laundry. “Don’t get your hair done during the lockdown” means the architect of that fiat sneaks around her salon, which she has all to herself.

The common denominator to the anarchy? The hardcore Left is your FBI, CIA, and Justice Department all in one. It is Nineteen Eighty-Four. It is our era’s J. P. Morgan.

No wonder we are confused by the establishment anarchists and the anarchy they produce.

News of the Times;
Whistleblower reveals U.S. government behind attacks on America’s food infrastructure:

Soaring Food Prices Prompt Eurasian Nations To Ban Food Exports:

European Union Approves Cricket Powder As Component Of Flour-Based Foods Despite ‘Inconclusive’ Allergy Data:

NYC Courthouse Erects Demonic Statue With Horns Paying Tribute To RBG and Abortion:

Democrats in State of Washington releasing ‘worst of the worst’ inmates from sex offender prison island:

Here’s What Happens to Society When the System Fails:

Connecticut Parents Arrested for Letting Kids, Ages 7 and 9, Walk to Dunkin' Donuts:

43 charged in drug ring run by SC inmates, connected to Mexican cartels:

CIA Infiltrated Watergate Break-in as Nixon Threatened to Leak CIA Involvement in JFK Murder:

NYT is totally fair! I swear:

Former Abortion Clinic Owner: We Pushed Sex Ed on Kids to Create a Market for Abortion:

500 ATMs blown up by migrant gangs in Germany in 2022, setting a new record:

Doctor is convicted of fraud after she was caught re-using single-use tools for sinus surgeries HUNDREDS of times:

Florida delivery driver robbed by convicted felons with dozens of charges caught on terrifying video:

More Employees Than Students at Stanford: Give Each Student a Concierge:
I'm in a great place right now.

Maybe not emotionally, financially, mentally or physically, but the place I'm at serves coffee.

So, I'm good.


An asteroid the size of a truck passed by the earth last Thursday just 2,200 miles above the planet's surface in one of the closest approaches ever recorded.

We didn't tell you ahead of time so you wouldn't worry.


It’s Not Just You:

Hairanoia: The suspicion that everybody is just saying they love your new haircut.

Kinsomnia: The inability to fall asleep once one starts thinking about one’s family.

Rexhibitionism: Childhood compulsion to show dinosaur figurines to everyone, even strangers on the street.

Seasonings affective disorder: Manifested by the need to glop Sriracha on things that taste just fine the way they are.

Dementionate: Compulsively nice behavior — the lending of money, sharing of fries, remembering of birthdays — sparking waves of unworthiness on the part of the recipient.

Socialism Anxiety: Inability to converse with anyone who voted for Bernie Sanders.

Hippochondria: The conviction that one’s hips look about a mile wide in the outfit one idiotically chose to wear today.

Angoraphobia: The fear of being way too hot in a sweater.

Delusions of Grandes: Compulsive fantasizing about one’s next Starbucks, even while sipping a Frappuccino right now.

Schleptomania: Going from store to store even though you don’t really know what you want and are maxed out on your credit cards.

Obsessive-Complainer Disorder: Manifests itself in singsong statements of fatigue, boredom and the wish to do, eat or be something else. Also see: whines, whining, whiners, children.

ATMnesia: The inability to remember where you put your bank card moments after you have completed a cash machine transaction.

Post-Traumatic Dress Disorder: Rage and guilt focused on a bride after she has ordered mauve poufy dresses for her bridesmaids, and you are one of them.

Psyintology: To feel wildly conflicting emotions about Tom Cruise. On the one hand, he’s a cult member. On the other hand, my GOD he is STILL gorgeous. And “Maverick” — wow! All is forgiven, Tom! Or is it? No. Yes! No. Yes!

Bi-Stroller Disorder: To experience violent fantasies while being stuck behind someone with a double stroller hogging the whole sidewalk, especially if that someone is on her phone.

Post-Cardum Depression: Feeling sad looking at old postcards from when you used to bother to write them.

Dysmexia: Confusing tacos and burritos.

Sharkolepsy: Inability to stay awake during shows featuring would-be entrepreneurs.

Clinical Cynical Syndrome: To reply to any idea proposed by a thoughtful adult with “Yeah, right” or “OK already!” Technically known as “adolescence.”

Mallucination: Often triggered by Cinnabon inhalation.

Duhlirium: The inability to stop responding with the word “duh” when someone is trying to explain something.

Lawyerism: Compulsive bingeing on anything starring Sam Waterston.



The Lunar New Year means that it's now the ‘Year of the Rabbit', although some pronounce it ‘Wabbit' and you know who you are.

My bank balance is a constant reminder that I'm safe from identity theft.

I don't think girls realize how handsome my mom says I am.

I could be a morning person if morning happened after 11.

I really hate negativity.

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.

Facebook should really have a "no one cares about" option too.

Running is the best way to remind yourself how much you love sitting.

A large group of Karens is called a Homeowners Association.

Love is like Wi-Fi: You can't see it, but you know when you've lost it.


Amazon is ending its "Amazon Smile" program on February 20th.

Apparently, charities have received enough.

Quote of the Times;
"Why is corporate journalism rushing to defend the state instead of the people?" – Musk

Link of the Times;
Google Is Doing Its Best to Censor Project Veritas Bombshell Sting on Pfizer Executive:

Issue of the Times;
Conservative Inc. And The Deal With The Daily Wire Devil by Andrew Torba

This week Steven Crowder made headlines for turning down a 50 million dollar term sheet offered by The Daily Wire. The term sheet, which would have forced Steven to sign over his email list, social media accounts, and revenue streams from his Mug Club, among other things from his life’s work, raised concerns about censorship and the gatekeeping of content creators by large conservative media companies and their owners.

The point of this article is to open your eyes to why your favorite conservative media outlets are not on our side and help you understand that they exist to keep you from discussing ideas that threaten the power of the Regime. These types of exploitative gatekeeping deals are not the outlier; they are the norm. Unlike most of the talking heads I have no gatekeeping contracts and thus can speak freely on these matters and tell you the unfortunate truth that you need to hear.

The Daily Wire is currently trying to gaslight Crowder and make this issue about money or greed when anyone paying attention knows that is not the case. This is a projection on their part because money is indeed what they care about here and in general. They can’t imagine that someone would reject that much money, and it “offends” them. They cry out in pain as they strike Crowder with a terrible one-sided deal for his soul.

Clearly, money is not an issue for a man willing to turn down $50 million and go public to dispute the predatory practices of a very large conservative media company. It’s also noteworthy that Steven claims to have been friends with everyone involved for the past decade, so this likely wasn’t an easy decision on his part from any angle. He’s burning bridges here in a big way.

It’s difficult for many people to wrap their heads around what appears on the surface to be a large sum of money. Most of us could never imagine turning down that sum to make Youtube videos. Still, for a creator as big as Crowder with an already established large audience and revenue-generating business, that amount of money over a multi-year period isn’t all that large. Likely, Crowder is already generating millions of dollars annually with his business.

Crowder’s business is worth a significant amount of money between his successful Mug Club monetization strategy, his established audience, and the potential for advertiser deals. Remember, the Daily Wire deal is not just for Steven himself, but for the entire operation he has built up over the past decade, including his library of content, the talent of his team, and the various revenue-generating business models he built. The money would be used to continue funding and expand the operational costs of his business.

The bigger picture here is that some things are worth more than any amount of money—things like dignity, principles, and the ability to speak freely without asking permission from Ben Shapiro.

One of the main issues with the term sheet was that it would have required Steven to censor himself to avoid being banned by Big Tech platforms or face steep financial penalties from The Daily Wire. In other words, Steven would have had to compromise his principles in order to maintain his operational income and continue to reach his audience. He would be beholden to the gatekeeping whims of Ben Shapiro and Big Tech.

He would be, as Jeremey Boring said in a recorded call with him, a “wage slave.”

Crowder made the right choice in rejecting the deal with The Daily Wire. He has set an important example for other content creators and media figures and exposed the dark underbelly of exploitative contracts in media companies like the Daily Wire, who put on a facade of “fighting back against the Regime,” when in reality, they are the controlled opposition that operates on behalf of it. Still, there is much more to this story.

We live in a time when the Friend/Enemy Distinction is essential to understand. This may be difficult for many of you to accept, but Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire are not our friends. Nor are Fox News, Prager U, The Blaze, Charlie Kirk, and many others in the “conservative” media landscape. Not even Crowder himself, for that matter, but hopefully, that is about to change.

These people are working on behalf of our enemies. They aim to keep you within a tightly controlled narrative box of what the Regime deems “acceptable oppositional discourse.” Anyone who steps outside that line is blacklisted, smeared, and banned by these “conservative” media outlets for daring to speak the Truth.

Ask yourself why in a culture of censorship unlike anything ever seen before in this country, has Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire, and all of the other “popular” conservative media outlets I mentioned never faced any modicum of censorship over the past seven years? Why is Ben Shapiro “shadow-boosted” into Facebook and YouTube feeds while the rest of us are banned, demonetized, and shadowbanned?

You may think that it’s because he is paying Facebook millions of dollars, and that would be a very logical assumption, but what is going on here is much bigger than that. Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire, and the rest of Conservative Inc. exist for one reason and one reason only: to keep you from entertaining forbidden opinions. They are a release valve that herds those who would otherwise be genuinely right-wing (and thus a threat to the Regime) into bland, “acceptable” conservatism that threatens nothing.

That’s why they are not only allowed on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter by our enemies but also boosted and promoted by them. They pose no real threat to those in power; instead, they are an asset to them. They give the illusion of opposition to the totality of the Regime’s grasp on government, media, entertainment, banking, and technology.

Shapiro is boosted artificially so much by Big Tech that he consistently appears in the top shared links on Facebook, not because his content is novel, interesting, or talented, but rather because our enemies are inflating him on purpose. That purpose is to corral the conversation and prevent you from listening to anyone with ideas that legitimately threaten the existing power structure. For the life of me, I can’t understand how people could possibly listen to his annoying nasally speed talking for hours, but I digress.

The Daily Wire and Conservative Inc aren’t interested in free speech. They are interested in Controlled Speech. That’s their job. They rope you in by giving off the appearance of cultural resistance, and when it really matters, they sideswipe their conservative Christian audience with Regime-approved narratives. There are many examples of this – too many to count. Christians need to wise up to what is going on here.

Ben Shapiro was notoriously anti-Trump in 2016 when it mattered. He called the January 6th political prisoners’ evil’ and said they should “end up rotting in prison.” He made a case in front of his audience for “mandatory vaccinations” when people were losing their jobs and businesses for refusing to be lab rats. He has repeatedly shilled for endless foreign wars on behalf of Israel. The list goes on and on.

Conservative Inc lures you in with culture war distractions, convincing you that they share your values and are fighting back against the Regime. The reality is they exist to pull a bait and switch on you and force Regime-approved narratives about critical issues down your throat from a “right-wing” perspective. Big Con is conning you, and many of you don’t realize it yet, but hopefully, with what Crowder is exposing here, you are starting to get the picture. Conservative Inc is not your friend.

Let’s look at what happens when someone signs on the dotted line with a Conservative Inc company like The Daily Wire. Jordan Peterson did just that several months ago. The first videos Peterson released after joining The Daily Wire chastised Muslims and Christians with criticism and scolding. Noticeably he provided none of the same complaints and scolding to people of the Jewish faith. Instead, he is now making trips to Israel, crying on stage, praising them, and doing glowing interviews with Benjamin Netanyahu. This is what it looks like to sell your soul for money and become a dancing clown for Ben Shapiro and Israel.

Last fall, Ye came under scrutiny from the media for expressing similar concerns to Crowder with certain music industry contracts that were equally exploitative. Ye was then promptly banned from social media, bank accounts, and much more for criticizing the group of people behind these contracts.

As it turns out, the same group of people are behind Steven Crowder’s exploitative term sheet offer from The Daily Wire. So, it appears Ye indeed had a point about exploitative contracts from Jewish media moguls. These are the facts, and the gatekeepers at Conservative Inc don’t want you to discuss these uncomfortable truths. It’s not Christians running these companies and making these deals. Ye told you who is running them, and they destroyed him for it.

When Ye’s friend Candace Owens, who works for The Daily Wire, went to bat to defend him, Ben Shapiro quickly put her in her place to stop it. Signing on the dotted line with The Daily Wire means you are forbidden from discussing topics that make Ben Shapiro uncomfortable. Topics that are essential to breaking down the problems in our society and that are culturally, spiritually, and politically relevant. Taking the deal with the Devil means you must shut your mouth about these topics and must leave your friends and principles hanging under the bus.

Money can be a powerful motivator for many people, but there are some things that no money can buy. You cannot serve God and money (Matthew 6:24). The Bible tells us:

“A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked. For the arms of the wicked shall be broken: but the Lord upholdeth the righteous.”
- Psalms 37:16-17

It’s easy to see the appeal of making a deal like this for Crowder, Jordan Peterson, Candace Owens, and others. Many on the right are making a point about the “large sum of money,” but are missing the bigger picture about this deal: no amount of money is worth being a “wage slave” and selling your life’s work to Ben Shapiro. None. Not $50 million.

Big Tech companies have a huge influence over the distribution of information and content. We must support and protect the rights of creators to produce content freely and without censorship. That’s what we have been doing here at Gab for over six years now, and it’s what we will continue to do going forward. Why do you think none of the Conservative Inc personalities and media companies are on Gab? They can’t control the narrative here. It’s that simple.

Last summer, I said that to be a leader or influencer on the right, you need to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and be a Christian. I said in no uncertain terms that people like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson have no place in any serious right-wing movement and resistance to the Regime unless they become Christians. I got a lot of flack for this from the media and many people on the right, but I stand by it, and now you see why.

This Daily Wire situation with Crowder is a great example. Christians don’t act the way Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing act. They don’t refer to themselves as “god-kings.” They don’t write soul-buying exploitative contracts. They don’t refer to employees as “wage slaves.” They don’t force people to throw their friends under the bus. These people don’t act like Christians because they aren’t Christians, and the Christians who do work for them and have made a deal with the Devil–people like Matt Walsh–should be ashamed of themselves. If they had any self-respect and cared about the truth and fighting the Regime, they would move on to bigger and better things.

When you support The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, and Conservative Inc, this is the behavior you are endorsing and making possible. This is why we need to explicitly support Christian businesses, creators, media companies, and leaders only. Period.

I wish Crowder all the best with whatever comes next and pray that he starts speaking a little more boldly, stops punching right, and remains independent from the Conservative Inc machine.

Andrew Torba
Jesus Christ is the King of kings

News of the Times;
U.S. trade deficit shrinks 21% to 26-month low as imports tumble:

Another Wave of Joe Biden J-O-B-S Losses:

The Mainstream Media admits that we are facing “the worst food crisis in history”:

Chicken farmers report hens are not laying eggs, tainted feed possible culprit:

Massive Fire Destroys Commercial Egg Farm Belonging To Top US Supplier:

Here it is: The Smoking Gun:

Biden Admin to Scientists: If You Want Grants, You MUST Promote Inclusion and Equity:

Secret Pope Benedict book is published blasting progressive Pope Francis, reveals US Catholic seminaries are havens of 'gay clubs':

These Jews are defending Drag Story Hour against far-right protestors:

Bearded Drag Queen Toasts To “Those Who L*ck Us Where We Pee” In Front Of Young Children At Texas Drag Show:

Local Official Indicted on Voter Fraud Charges Connected to Both Primary and General Elections:

Uncovered Email Names Joe Biden in Oil Deal with China:

Memphis cops charged in Tyre Nichols murder hired after PD relaxed job requirements:

Memphis police chief previously fired by Atlanta police for covering up child sex crime:

I Left the Gunman Unhindered to Continue Killing the Children He Held Hostage:
Someone asked me what I would like from the 1970s to be brought back.

I said, "My hair."


Remember how Park Rangers in Australia found the world's largest toad last week, weighing just under six pounds?

Shortly after its discovery, it was put down because it's part of an invasive species.

Either that, or the world's second largest toad paid them off.

It's competitive out there.


Little Johnny ran into the room sobbing as through his heart would break.

"Whats the problem Johnny?" asked his mother.

"Oh, daddy was hanging a picture and he dropped it on his toe," replied Johnny.

"Why, that's nothing to cry about. You should be laughing at that," said his mother.

"I did," Johnny replied.


Archeologists in Norway say they have found the world's oldest runestone, over 2,000 years old.

Just a reminder, runestones aren't as old as Rolling Stones, but they're close.


I'm not a complete idiot.

Some parts are still missing!

Quote of the Times;
"Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out." - horowitz

Link of the Times;
FBI Agent Behind Trump-Russia Hoax Arrested For Illegal Russian Bribes, Money Laundering:

Issue of the Times;
Ending the Stranglehold of Public Employee Unions by Mark Pulliam

The threat of faction - a “mortal disease,” James Madison warned in Federalist 10 - has plagued popular government since time immemorial. The eternal desire to improve one’s economic position at the expense of others without the benefit of consensual exchange has long tempted mankind into (again, using Madison’s words) “mutual animosities” that eventually found voice in Karl Marx’s toxic class consciousness. In the pre-industrial era, the “dangerous vice” of rent-seeking often consisted of debtors seeking to avoid their repayment obligations through the use of worthless paper money. During the 20th century, the New Deal institutionalized economic warfare between employers (capital) and employees (labor) in the guise of collective bargaining.

In the 1960s, the private-sector model of unionization was imprudently extended to government employees, and in the ensuing decades - coinciding with the meteoric growth of local, state, and federal employment - public employee unions have become one of the most powerful factions in America. James Madison would be astonished and chagrined. The number of unionized government employees now rivals that of their private sector counterparts, forming a special interest group that in many cases controls the dynamics of representative self-government. Unions representing government workers plunder public treasuries, hamstring elected officials, hinder efficiency and reform, and aggressively lobby to benefit the narrow interests of their members over those of the taxpaying public.

The baleful effects of public-sector unionism are particularly evident in the field of K-12 education, where unionized teachers dictate a self-serving agenda. In America’s major cities, government employee unions such as SEIU and AFSCME have replaced Boss Tweed as political power brokers.

Yet, despite the dysfunction resulting from the indefensible extension of collective bargaining to government workers - something that both FDR and George Meany opposed - the topic of public-sector unionism has largely been ignored by the legal academy as if self-interested public employees tilting the playing field of democracy in their favor is no different than the influence of K Street lobbyists or climate change activists. The Supreme Court’s 2018 decision in Janus v. AFSCME drew fresh attention to the subject of public-sector unionism, but the focus was generally limited to agency fees and compelled speech. Unlike, say, the administrative state or campaign finance regulation, there is a dearth of current legal scholarship on public-sector unionism.

Into that vacuum steps well-respected lawyer and veteran public policy analyst Philip K. Howard in his latest book, Not Accountable: Rethinking the Constitutionality of Public Employee Unions. Howard, Chair of the nonpartisan reform group Common Good, is a serial best-selling author with a knack for explaining complex problems in simple terms and identifying common-sense solutions. In Not Accountable, Howard boldly takes on the juggernaut of public-sector unions and concludes that collective bargaining by government workers is an unconstitutional subversion of sovereign power.

Not Accountable explains the problem in a nutshell:

Union power in government happened almost by accident in the 1960s, ostensibly to give public unions the same bargaining rights as trade unions. But government bargaining is not about dividing profits, but making political choices about public priorities. Moreover, the political nature of decision-making allowed unions to provide campaign support to friendly officials. Public bargaining became collusive. The unions brag about it: “We elect our own bosses.”

Sitting on both sides of the bargaining table has allowed public unions to turn the democratic hierarchy upside down. Elected officials answer to public employees. Basic tools of good government have been eliminated. There’s no accountability, detailed union entitlements make government largely unmanageable and unaffordable, and public policies are driven by what is good for public employees, not what is good for the public. Public unions keep it that way by brute political force - harnessing the huge cohort of public employees into a political force dedicated to preventing the reform of government.

This critique echoes the work of public-sector union critics such as Daniel DiSalvo, Manhattan Institute senior fellow, CUNY professor, and author of Government against Itself: Public Union Power and Its Consequences. The only solution, Howard argues, is to declare public-sector collective bargaining unconstitutional: “America’s republican form of government requires an executive branch that is empowered to implement public policies, not one shackled to union controls. Public employees have a fiduciary duty to serve the public and should not be allowed to organize politically to harm the public.”

Not Accountable is not a dense treatise or a legal brief. In 200 pages of text, including a Foreword by Mitch Daniels, former Governor of Indiana and President of Purdue University, Howard ably distills the issues into a five-point indictment. He argues that public employee unions have:

1. Severed the links of accountability;
2. Rendered government substantially unmanageable with detailed rules and veto powers;
3. Made government unaffordable with opaque benefit packages and compensation manipulations;
4. Changed public policies to the harm of the public good; and,
5. Entrenched these abuses, and made reform practically impossible, through organized political power.

Howard elaborates on each of these points in a series of concise, elegant chapters, with anecdotes drawn from current events, references to classical political theory, and supporting end notes for readers wishing to dig deeper. For the most part, a 30,000-foot overview is enough to convince the reader that we face a serious problem - loss of sovereignty coupled with what Howard aptly calls “bureaucratic kleptocracy” via a “union spoils system.” The more difficult issue is crafting a solution. Political reform is stymied by unions’ pervasive rent-seeking and institutional capture of state and local government.

Howard’s constitutional objections, while - to my mind - compelling, are not particularly original; he mainly cites scholars who made similar arguments decades ago, including the prolific Sylvester Petro (who unsuccessfully argued Abood v. Detroit Board of Education [1977] before the U.S. Supreme Court, only to be posthumously vindicated when the decision was overturned 41 years later in Janus) and Edwin Vieira, Jr. However, the legal case against public-sector unionism (other than Abood, Janus, and similar agency fee challenges) was never fully litigated, has been all-but-forgotten, and unfortunately vanished from the public conversation - until now. Howard has resurrected formidable but neglected legal arguments so that they may, hopefully, gain the overdue airing they deserve.

One of the reasons public-sector unionism has not attracted the attention of many legal scholars is that the subject is governed by a patchwork quilt of state laws and regulations. The federal National Labor Relations Act applies only to private-sector employees. Nationally-prominent scholars tend to be drawn to uniform schemes of law, such as the NLRA. Collective-bargaining rights for federal government employees, first conferred (via Executive Order 10988) by President Kennedy in 1962, were later expanded by Congress in the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978.

Although seldom noticed, government employee unions are a major issue at the federal level. Howard notes that “All told, the executive branch must bargain with a dozen different unions, each focused on specific cohorts. Together 25 percent of federal employees belong to unions, with total coverage somewhat higher.” These unions contribute to the Beltway morass.

Unlike some critics of public-sector unionism, Howard does not overlook congressionally-mandated collective bargaining by federal government employees, which he contends usurps the executive branch’s authority under Article II of the Constitution. Moreover, Howard ingeniously argues that the states’ surrender of sovereignty to unions representing government employees violates the Guarantee Clause of Article IV, which guarantees “to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.” Stripping elected officials of their authority, and conferring it instead on self-interested representatives of government employees, robs the voters (“we the people”) of control over state and local government. The Founders would surely object to a collective-bargaining scheme that structurally empowered union officials at the expense of governors, mayors, and other public executives. Therefore, Howard maintains that the issue should not be deemed a non-justiciable “political question.”

Whether these - and other - constitutional objections to public-sector unionism will find a sympathetic hearing in court remains to be seen, but this much is clear: Absent a constitutional challenge, the dysfunctional status quo will continue or even worsen. Howard ends Not Accountable with these words:

No one elected unions to co-run American government. No democratic principle gave legislators and other officials the right to surrender governing powers to unions. No ethical value allows public employees, having taken an oath to protect the public, to organize politically to harm the public. Democracy under union restraints can’t work as the framers intended. That’s why union controls on the operating machinery of government should be ruled unconstitutional.

Judging from the enormous impact of Howard’s numerous prior books, including the critically-acclaimed national bestseller The Death of Common Sense (1995), and The Collapse of the Common Good (2002), Not Accountable will be widely read and find a large and receptive audience on both sides of the partisan aisle. (His 2010 Ted Talk entitled “Four ways to fix a broken legal system” has been viewed over 770,000 times.)

Howard’s thoughtful perspective and well-deserved reputation for dispensing non-wonkish common sense make it likely that his message and proposed reforms will not be ignored. A half-century ago, when America began the failed experiment of public-sector unionism, a small group of perceptive scholars predicted doom, in heavily-footnoted jeremiads that were largely ignored. It turns out they were prophetically correct. One hopes that Philip Howard’s Not Accountable will motivate Americans to pay closer attention and heed his sensible recommendations.

It is not often that public policy disasters offer a second chance at correction. Getting it wrong a second time would be unpardonable - and tragic.

News of the Times;
The Missing Babies of Europe:

We’re in the midst of a coup. Who the hell’s behind it:

Ukraine Rocked By Corruption Scandal, Wave Of Top Officials Resign:

American Airlines cuts flights due to covid jab-induced pilot shortage:

More than ONE MILLION children sought NHS treatment for depression, anxiety and eating disorders last year:

Migrants Living for Free in NYC Hotels are Fighting Staff, Drinking All Day, Having Sex in Public:

Boulder’s Main Library Closes Due to Meth:

Creep tries to abduct boy from NYC synagogue, thwarted by mom:

“Rape the White Girls” Poet Included in Florida’s Black AP Course:

A Mad Rush to Build More EV Factories, But Where are the Minerals?:

Chinese Communist Party Aggression against America:

Why Was Hunter Paying Joe Biden $50k Per Month To Rent House Where Classified Documents Found?:

Inspector Report Found Hundreds Of Chicago Teachers Allegedly Sexually Groomed, Raped Students:

Jamie Lee Curtis Deletes Instagram Post Showing Photo of Naked Child Stuffed in a Box:

How White and American SLAVES Were Treated In Africa:
My going out clothes missed me so much.

I put them on and they hugged me so tightly, I could barely breathe.


SHE: Why don't your socks match?

ME: Why don't your kid's last names match?



Hello darkness, my old friend, I just stood too fast again.

As you get older, you begin to suffer a series of increasingly humiliating micro-injuries, including: I slept wrong, while I was driving, I happened to yawn while checking my blind spot and the classic, I drank water too hard.

The best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on Facebook.

Pretending to be a functioning adult is exhausting.

I just saw a TikTok video that claims the reason Millennials love Charcuterie boards and Mimosas so much is because they grew up on Lunchables and Sunny D!

It was a lot more fun being 20 in the 70s, than being 70 in the 20s.

I hope when I'm gone, they'll say, "Well, at least he was committed or should have been."

Our town is so small, we don't have a town drunk, so we all take turns.

I feel like getting something done today, so I'm just going to sit here until that feeling passes.

Remember, you can't be late until you show up.


Top ways high egg prices are changing the world:

Only the wealthy can now afford to walk on eggshells.

Eggs are now considered too good to scramble.

"Laying an egg" is now a compliment.

People are starting to ask for a cost-of-mayo raise.

You can have a steak. Or, for $2 more, an egg salad sandwich.


HELP WANTED at a Wisconsin dairy farm.

Must work well with udders.

Quote of the Times;
Those who assign to either stupidity or pecuniary interest the actions of the wicked simply fail to understand either the objectives or the nature of evil. This may sound like a criticism, but it is actually a testimony to the fundamental decency that makes it difficult for them to give credence to the true depths of human depravity. - Vox Day

Link of the Times;
Illegal Alien Gang Member Arrested For The Rape And Murder Of 20-Year-Old Maryland Woman With Autism:

Issue of the Times;
Destroying Monsters by Helmholtz Smith

A lot of the people who comment on this blog seem to me to be patriotic Americans. And, it’s clear, if you read the comments, that many of them – probably the majority – want Russia to win the war. This is not because they like Putin or Russia particularly, and certainly not because they’re on the “Putin payroll”. Not at all. These people understand what is really at stake.

These are people who know that the American war party (one of many names – deep state, borg, neocons, one percent, MICIMAC) is responsible for pushing Russia to the decision that it made last February. That it is the war party that expanded NATO despite the promises, that arms Ukraine, that encourages the fanatics driving that country, that blocks all routes to a peaceful settlement, that encourages Kiev to squander the lives of its people. But what really concerns these patriotic Americans is the damage the war party has done to their country.

An America of war all the time everywhere, of tent cities and full jails, of open borders, disappeared manufacturing, opiates, misery, poverty, corruption. An America with endless money to spend abroad but none to spend at home. (The hundred billion dollars dumped into Ukraine would give a $200,000 house to every one of the estimated half million homeless in the USA!) An America failing, no longer the American they loved, served and believed in. The Twitter revelations show some of the activities of this enemy embedded in the American polity. It’s very late and many fear that it is too late.

How to get this leech off America’s back? Voting can’t make much difference if both parties are manipulated. Is the voting system itself corrupted? Can the judicial system be trusted? Special counsels who report when it’s too late to matter? The managed media? Some may still believe in these things but the people I’m talking about don’t any more.

They can only see one way that the power of this internal enemy can be broken – complete and utter defeat. Defeat that cannot be ignored, cannot be explained away, defeat too big and too obvious for the obedient mass media to bury.

And that is why these people want Russia to win. They don’t necessarily like Russia or Putin or dislike Ukraine – it has little to do with either. It’s because they see this as the opportunity for the humiliating defeat that will shatter the power of the internal enemy. The war party assumed that Russia was weak and sanctions would crash its economy and bring down Putin. When this didn’t happen, they doubled down on their failed bet arrogantly certain they were right because everybody they allowed to speak agreed with them. If (when) Russia scores a decisive and undeniable victory, the perpetrators of the disaster will be revealed as corrupt fools wasting your money on their worthless fantasy.

Russia is also fighting a bigger war against the so-called rules-based international order. This shiny label covers the assertion that whatever America and its allies/subordinates do is right and whatever its opponents do is wrong and is the war party’s license to interfere everywhere. The hope is that the defeat – following on the Afghanistan debacle – will so weaken the war party that it will fall.

This far I have talked of patriotic Americans wanting Russia to win but I believe that every country in the West has people who also want Russia to win because utter, obvious and undeniable defeat is the only way that they can see to get their leeches off their backs.

The West is ruled by corrupt fools who are sending it to disaster – it is circling the drain of history. The hope is that Russian victory will burst the bubble, the internal enemy will be got rid of and these countries will start to mind their own business, care for their own populations and forget about the (mostly imaginary) monsters out there.

News of the Times;
Comedian Leaves Oxford Union SPEECHLESS:

Roomba Robot Vacuum Testers Find "Intimate" Photos Of Themselves On The Web:

MIT Adopts Free Speech Resolution: “We Cannot Prohibit Speech as Offensive or Injurious.”:

Jihadi Who Murdered Eight People in NYC Was In the U.S. on a Diversity Visa:

Pipe bomb found in Seattle underground garage, suspect Osman Ibrahim in custody:

Mexican president thanks Biden for not securing American border with 'even one meter of wall':

Biden Covering up: More Americans Killed During Afghan Withdrawal Than Reported:

Tracking CIA-Backed ‘Zero Units’ in Afghanistan:

US Navy SEAL killed in Ukraine:

Echoes from the first Neocon war in Europe and some music:

Hundreds of UK police face sack as part of clean-up - top officer:

Ukrainian Refugees In Britain Are Going Home For Medical Treatment Rather Than Endure NHS Waiting-Times:

Radio stars criticize George Soros-backed move to ‘silence conservative Hispanic voices’:

Southern Poverty Law Center Got Busted Again Sending Millions To Offshore Accounts:

The matrix is malfunctioning:
My boss told me this is the fifth time this week that I'm late.

I smiled and thought to myself, it's Friday!


To avoid straining your eyes at work, use the 30-30 rule.

After 30 minutes of work, quit your job and buy a 30 acre farm in the middle of nowhere.


While at the World Economic Forum, rightful President Al Gore delivered a stern warning on climate change, saying the world will not make it past the year 2012 if something isn't done immediately.

"The situation has never been more dire," said Gore while wiping the lipstick of a Swiss hooker off his face. "It's more dire than it was yesterday, and more dire than it was the day before and even more dire than the day before that."

Sources say the crowd began to fall asleep as he continued.

"By 2012, we will have reached the point of no return, and trillions of people will die painful deaths and the polar bears will have to grow gills and live in the water because there will be no more ice and Kevin Costner and his friends will have to help us escape from artificial islands in the ocean and lead us to the mythical 'Dryland' unless someone builds a time machine back to the year 2000 to warn the world of its impending doom! Trust the experts!"

The consensus of climate scientists voiced their agreement with Gore by accepting his funding and then booking CNN to warn of the imminent disaster 11 years ago.



Records had a side A and a side B, so it only makes sense that their successor would be the CD.

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance, the five stages of waking up.

For a song called, "Piano Man", the guy with the harmonica won't shut the hell up!

Okay, I just found out a dry red wine doesn't count when you're doing a Dry January.

Another update: Dry Martinis are also not allowed during Dry January.

I got so drunk last night, I walked across the floor to get another drink and won the dance contest.

I want to start juicing, but I'm not exactly sure how to juice tacos.

In my defense, I was left unsupervised.

In my day, we played family-friendly board games with questions like, "Who murdered this guy with a pipe?"

My favorite childhood memory is having energy.


That winning $1.35-billion lottery ticket was sold in Lebanon, Maine.

Which means there's now one person in the state richer than Stephen King.

Quote of the Times;
“Look at what they’ve done over the past few years and ask yourself: If they hated us, what would they do differently?” - Reynolds

Link of the Times;
Abraham Lincoln: American Dictator:

Issue of the Times;
What I saw in Occam's Mirror by Martin Geddes

I have discovered in the last year or so that my most popular essays are not those on philosophical discernment, analysis of geopolitics, or the minutiae of information warfare. What resonates most is when I speak from the heart, and my own experience echoes that of the reader. It is cathartic to have our hopes and hurts acknowledged, and for someone to bear witness to our shared struggle.

In a sense the title of this essay is odd, given that introduction. Occam’s Razor is a tool of pure logical thinking: a heuristic that directs us towards the explanation with the fewest assumptions. This divides the more plausible answer from the less plausible one, encouraging us to keep our cosmology simple and not invent magical interventions to justify our beliefs. It is imperfect, can be misused, and the problem misframed: that is why it is only a helpful heuristic, and not a hard law.

My view is that the struggle of the past few years has been a kind of “Occam’s Mirror”, which has shown us the world more clearly, including ourselves and those around us. One part of humanity has sunk deep into a hypnotic psychosis, and performed the most absurd and dangerous rituals on themselves and their children. The other part of humanity has looked on in horror at the engineered fear, trashing of human rights, and mass participation in a death cult.

This mirror has helped us to see far more clearly who we are, and what we stand for. I sometimes wonder what those who come after us will make of this bizarre period in history. Just as Occam’s Razor divides the likely true from the likely false, “Occam’s Mirror” separates the real from the unreal, and helps us to tell that story. A spiritual war depends on you substituting a false reality for the observed one, and dedicating your energy to wickedness. So what have I observed gazing into this reflected horror show of deceit and dissidence, and what have I learned?

The easiest place to begin is with myself. A (now former) friend once observed that I am very “values-driven”, as if it were a charming defect in a world of realpolitik. What I have learned is that nothing will make me sell out to lies or wickedness, or sacrifice a fellow human for my own selfish interests. I have many faults and failings, and make endless mistakes that are a cause for embarrassment. Just none of that really matters; those are issues of personal morality, and not an ethical failure in dealing with the innocent, notably children.

The refusal to budge is extremely painful in a context where the masses have been brainwashed and hoodwinked into supporting downright evil authority. I have lost sleep many nights churning over the personal betrayals, the stunning self-justified wrongdoing, and the absence of love and care in my direction. Those who have adopted collectivist ideals and communist methods are willing to try to break my will for my apostasy from their depraved mania.

They have tried to force me into subjugation to sustain their own delusions. It saddens me, but I have found that I can live with persistent sadness. I have discovered that I cannot be broken by ostracism, false witness, denouncement, hijacking of my parental role, loss of normal family joys, neglect, or lack of resources. Quite the opposite: the more they try to control me, the more determined I become not to let it happen. The quiet and sensitive person I am in private has located a warrior inside, and unleashed him. Circumstances have forced me to fight, and I have come to rather relish it.

The same former friend taught me in any upheaval to pay attention to what isn’t changing. I tend to avoid writing about my own spiritual beliefs in public, especially as there is little agreement over terminology, and easy misunderstanding. Occam’s Mirror has, however, greatly clarified where I stand. What you worship — i.e. hold in such esteem that you are willing to die for — is your invariant “pole star”. I do not worship temporal institutions, and do not accept them as arbiters of morality or reality. The distress of the last few years has forced me to look inside and grasp my spiritual core, and acknowledge its unchanging relationship to the cosmos.

When I survey those around me, what do I see in the mirror? On the one hand, there are the egotistical ones, whose surface veneer of good manners and civil discourse hides a ruthless dedication to lazy selfishness and cowardly unaccountability. I now understand why pride is the worst of the sins, since it triggers an endless doubling down; the person who was conned cannot admit to it, so they magnify their error until the cost becomes catastrophic. Looking back, I can now see the origins of their own downfall, in a mix of wicked spirit, and early life trauma.

The people who we thought were friends turned out to be merely acquaintances with a shared context and past. They didn’t understand who we really are in terms of our values, and neither did we see them clearly for who they are. The scamdemic in particular has resolved such misconceptions, as you cannot hide whether you are a colluder or resister. Those with whom we share a blood relationship may have notionally been family, but many have belatedly realized there was no true love there, and that duty was one-way.

We are having to build new families of choice, as our families of origin have abandoned our delight in life for an adulation of death. Once someone starts to suffocate and imprison children, indoctrinate them into premature and perverse sexualisation, and inject them with poisons, there is no going back to how we used to relate. Occam’s Mirror has shown the stark divide between those willing to engage in human sacrifice, and those who will resist it with all their might - and make sacrifices to do so.

To discover that your parents or siblings will maim and sterilize their own children for group approval is disturbing, but at least we now know. No matter how difficult things have been, there is no way I would want to go back to the world we had 5, 15, or 25 years ago. I have looked in the mirror, and seen both the beauty and ugliness in far starker terms than ever before. I am no longer confused by claims that prettiness is putrid or vice versa. The transvestigated false idols in the mass media look hollow and pathetic. In contrast, fluffy clouds and fruity bushes have become magical wonders of everyday living.

I have found who my true friends are, and it is those who will not compromise when it comes to harming children. Each of us faces personal strife, life setbacks, and the occasional sagging morale. There has been a toll extracted by this psychological warfare, social division, and barbaric genocide. Yet none of these loyal friends ever discusses with me whether we should switch from the narrow to the broad path. The protection of the young from predation is literally the issue we are willing to die for. This clarity of purpose engenders a deep mutual trust; there is no cheap virtue signaling.

Whether it is photographic art, doggie rescue, shoe making, protest meetings, or vegetable gardening, there is always some kind of activity that we can turn to in order to generate routines, order, and stability among the chaos. When I look in the mirror at me and my collective, we have jettisoned a lot of the baggage of “successful professional progress”, and narrowed our lives down to a few things that really bring us joy through care and creativity. There has been a shift in what generates meaning, and the leisure pursuits of those still “in the matrix” seem bizarre and irrelevant.

For many of us, the dominant theme of The Great Awakening so far is “The Grating Waiting”. We know that the election fraud in America is being exposed; we know that the demon jabs will bring untold woe; we know that the mass media’s lies will collapse; we know that we’ve been subjected to biocide and poisoning; we know that everything hidden is being brought into the light for cleansing. Eventually…

The timelines are long because the alternative is civil war or relapse into tyranny; only the slow attrition of mind control can spring us from this prison of degraded consciousness. I have had to reframe patience from being a form of existential punishment into an achievement, in order for it to appeal more to my own attainment-seeking and impatient character. The waiting has become such an embedded feature of life one almost wonders how we will cope when the final torrent of shocking events hits us.

What I see in the mirror is how I and those close to me have found a (sufficient) place of inner peace and calm. We have been forced into radical acceptance of what is, and that all events, however awful, may have a higher purpose. From necessity we have had to learn forgiveness and detachment, while not abandoning unconditional love. The attacks upon us have made us police our boundaries vigorously, and let go of those relationships which no longer serve us. We may not be happy on any particular day, but we can always choose to be grateful and aim for a more realistic contentment.

If anyone from the future wishes they could have been here to experience these events, I urge you not to get into that time travel machine for a temporal vacation in the early 2020s. It is a mess, and not a particularly endearing one. We have had to go through this difficult process of seeing ourselves, those close to us, and our society in the mirror, and it is not a pleasant picture. The paradox of change says we only transform when we fully identify with what is, so this “vision of the vile” was a mandatory preparation for the storm to come.

We are about to be called upon to comfort those whose illusions are shattered, bodies wrecked, and children poisoned. This process of uncomfortably staring at our own reflection has given us the grounding to know what is real and what is not, and what is “our personal nonsense” to own versus the madness of others. We have learned how to navigate ethical labyrinths by refusing to take the dead ends that lead us into harming others for our own interest. I trust future generations benefit from our critical self-examination in the mirror, but please - don’t regret having missed out.

News of the Times;
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Declaration of North America (DNA):

Musk rips 'Satanic' ESG as World Economic Forum meets and discusses controversial investment regime:

CSX condemns alleged anti-Semitic display on building Saturday night:

USDA Reveals US Corn-Harvested Acres At 2008 Levels Amid Megadrought:

We Investigated a Suburban LGBTQ Pedophile Ring. Here's What We Found:

Catholic diocese lays down the law in Iowa:

Woke Fail: Disney Lost $123 Billion in Market Value in 2022 as Shares Drop 44 Percent:

MLK in Oslo: It was the Blondes:

Newlywed brutally hacked to death with a machete:

Black Career Criminal Murders White Baby And His Father:

NYC trans and HIV activist, 39, is arrested for 'soliciting pedophile hunter posing as a 14-year-old boy on Grindr':

Migrant Muslims on the Prowl: 'These Men Act in Groups and Start Hunting:

Illegal immigration into Europe soared by 64% in 2022 to reach six-year high:
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